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Week 9 Home Learning!


Another week over and what amazing weather we had at the beginning of the week! There were lots of water slides and paddling pools and sprinklers out in the gardens!

You were all working at your school work even though it was so hot, I'm really impressed! But I always knew that P2 and P3 are the best class in the school!

P2 this week have all gained certificates on Study Ladder, so a big pat on the back to everyone.

Gold Ribbon to Jack

Silver ribbon to Amelia, Harry and Joanna

Bronze Ribbon to Isaac A, Isaac R, Isaac J, Jessica and Lois

Platinum Trophy to Matthew

Silver Trophy to Caleb

I am so proud of how you have all adapted to this new way of learning. Keep on working on your pencil and paper activities as well as online learning like study ladder, Bug Club, RMeasimaths. And also keep learning new skills as I know many of you have, such as gardening, housework, farm work and baking!

I'm delighted to award this week's P2 certificate to Isaac Anderson for a super sandwich procedure with excellent bubble writing!

Primary 3 have been pulling out the stops this week again on Study Ladder!

Emily has been awarded her Bronze Medal! Amazing!

Jake has been awarded his Bronze Ribbon! Well done Jake!

Sam has been awarded his Platinum Trophy! Well done Sam!

Sofia has been awarded her Bronze Trophy! Well done Sofia!

Thomas and Victoria have been awarded their Gold Trophies! Well done to you both!

Zoe has been awarded her Silver Trophy! Well done Zoe!


Thomas, Jenson, Jake, Victoria and Zoe have been working very hard on Bug Club. Zoe read 2 books on Bug club and did the activities for both books. Good girl Zoe.


Thomas, Emily, Zoe and Jake have been busy reading on Accelerated Reader. Jake has read and quizzed on 7 books at a very high level- he really is challenging himself. Jake read for an average of 21 minutes each day this week. That is brilliant!


The Primary 3 certificate is awarded to a girl who has completed all her Study Ladder activities and sent me a copy of her written work, she has completed her Bug Club activities and answered her questions using correct punctuation and information from the story. She has tripled her AR target and organised a brilliant family Sports Day! The P3 certificate is awarded to Emily! A huge well done Emily!



Monday 1st June 2020.

Hello boys and girls, it’s the start of another week and a new month, and the sun is shining! ☀️ You are all working so hard along with your mums and dads, only a few weeks left to go and then you can have a rest. 

This week would normally be really busy in school, planning for our Fun Night on Thursday, a Picnic Lunch and our Sports Day! 

We thought that as we can’t do any of those thing we should hold a virtual Sports Week!  and the weather could not be more perfect for it! So let’s get outside and practise all those different races and have lots of fun. Please send us some photos  and short videos of you and your family competing in some of the races. Maybe if you time yourself we will be able to set some records to break! Primary 3 you are working on length this week, so this is the perfect opportunity to measure distances and put your new knowledge into practice! 

The Healthy Kidz Sports information will help you set up a marathone challenge! That sounds like great fun!


Primary 3, this week you are working on Unit 30 for spellings and the number facts for 20, adding and taking away.


                       Number facts about 20

 0 + 20 =20              2 +18 =20               4 + 16 = 20

 20 + 0 =20              18 + 2 =20               16 + 4 = 20

 1 + 19 =20              3 + 17 =20               5 + 15 = 20

 19 + 1 =20               17 +3 =20               15 + 5 = 20

6 + 14 = 20             14 + 6 = 20               7 + 13 = 20

13 + 7 = 20             8 + 12 = 20               12 + 8 = 20

9 + 11 = 20             11 + 9 = 20               10 +10 = 20


Primary 2  this week you should do the next section in your Prim Ed spelling book and start learning the number facts for 10, adding and taking away.


Set yourself a challenge- how fast can you recall all the number facts? 


Have a great week,

From Mrs Hughes and Mrs McKee


Be competitive in another way!

The UTU International Relations and Global Solidarity Sub-Committee want students from Nursery, Key Stage 1-3 and Special Education to creatively express their feelings on the theme of lockdown.
The closing date for entrants is Friday 12 June at 5pm.
Entries can be emailed to  


A little message from the Road Safety Education office- DfI

Dear Parent,


During the month of June, there will be a weekly task designed for you to work alongside and complete with your child/children in relation to a key road safety issue:


Road Safety Education - Week 1 Task (Child Cycle Safety)

This week the focus is on cycle helmets – please ensure your child wears a cycle helmet every time they are riding their bicycle and that it is properly fitted and adjusted to reduce the impact of a fall or collision at slow speed.  The attached document has been supplied by Department for Infrastructure ‘Safe and Accessible Travel’ as a guide for you and your child to use.


For further information on cycle safety:

To view the road safety calendars issued to schools:

Thomas and Chloe in the egg and spoon race- what amazing balance, not a wobble in sight!

Still image for this video

Thomas and Chloe have had a busy day outside enjoying the brilliant weather and learning new skills. I love your hat and glasses Chloe, very cute!

Emily having brilliant fun on her water slide. Oh that does look good on a hot, hot day!

Jessica had great fun with Harry and Ella for their sports day! Look at how high Jessica can jump!


Still image for this video

Emily made this amazing rainbow town! isn't it just fanstastic!

Amelia had a brilliant sports day with her mum and Nannie and Papi! Well done to you all!

A very competative Sports Day in the McMurdie house! What a brilliant family activity.Well done Emily!

This week P2 were writing a procedure on how to make a sandwich. Caleb sent his instructions on how to make a cheese sandwich, well done Caleb.

Joanna has given us instructions on how to make an egg sandwich, yum!

Harry has been busy making rainbows and rainbow snakes! He and Grace have also been having their sports day, love the welly boot throw! They also had a spud and spoon race!

Isaac has sent in his procedure for making a crisp sandwich, well done and he has also perfected a new skill - Bubble writing! I love a crisp sandwich too Isaac! Yum!