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Home Learning Week 7

Monday 22nd February 2021

Just a reminder that you can lift your learning packs from school today between 10am and 11am.

Hello everyone. 

Welcome back to week 7 of home learning.  I hope you had a great week off for half term and that you got to do some nice things at home with your family.  It's great to be back and I'm looking forward to hearing from you all this week.   Last week we got the great news that we can return to school.  I am excited for 8th March when we can be back in school together.  We are going to have fun learning in class again and I'm really excited to get back outside to outdoor learning.

In your learning pack this week you will find some work on our new letter sound and our maths topic for this week.  Our new class topic is toys for the next few weeks and it is always a fun topic for everyone.


The Letter J Song - Learn the Alphabet

Our new letter sound this week is j. Look out for the letter j in your reading books and in the environment around you. Can you find it on any signs or posters. A lot of names begin with J, can you think of some of them?

Days of the Week Lesson for Kids | The Singing Walrus

This week our story is about the days of the week. That makes it a good time to think about the days of the week and their order.

Mrs Honey's Hat by Pam Adams

This week our story is Mrs Honey's Hat by Pam Adams.

Chloe enjoyed her half term holidays and got up to lots of exciting things like building an igloo and cooking.

Chloe wanted to show everyone how she enjoyed her 'hug in a mug' This looks great Chloe, I wish I was with you but maybe we'll make some hot chocolate when we get back into school for a treat!

Grace had the right idea to enjoy her hug in a mug. She got cosy in her pajamas and watched a movie with her dolly enjoying her hot chocolate.

Lydia has been working hard at home and enjoying her activities. Great work Lydia I'm glad you are enjoying your Busy Bee learning pack.

Grace has enjoyed the story of Mrs Honey's hat and she wanted to show us some of her finished work on the story. Wow Grace that is a really fabulous hat you have designed for Mrs Honey. That would be a great hat for a wedding!

Congratulations to our certificate winners this week. Everyone is working really hard and you are all winners!!

The weather is going to be lovely this weekend so get outside and enjoy the good weather. I’d love to see you having fun this weekend as I miss you all so much. Don’t forget to send in some pictures of you having fun with your family. We all love to see your happy faces and we want to stay connected while we aren’t at school. Have a great weekend everyone.☀️😀