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Home Learning 25th Jan


It's Friday again and you have all been super busy so well done.

We have marked your work from the first pack and we are really impressed with the standard of your work. It is obvious that you are engaged in learning at home with your parents. We want to thank all your parents for doing a great job, we know many of you are balancing home learning and working either in the home or away and the task is not an easy one! We really appreciate the work that you are doing and the feedback and photographs that you send.

The P2 certificate this week goes to Mina for excellent work and enthusiasm!

The Primary 3 certificate is awarded to Isaac Anderson this week for working very hard on his leaning pack and for getting outside to learn and play! Well done Isaac!

25th January 2021

Good morning boys and girls,

First of all Mrs Hughes and I would like to thank you all for the super work you left in on Friday. You really have been working extremely hard. We are very impressed! What brilliant pupils you are! 

You now have two new packs to work from with some new things to learn and some old things to revise! Keep reading lots, reading is very important. 

This Friday Chris will be taking you for PE on zoom. I will email you the zoom code and instructions on Thursday. Make sure you are organised and ready to go at your time. Remember you will need to wear PE gear and setup in your kitchen or living room. Somewhere with lots of space. 

1pm to 1:30pm: P1- P2


1:40pm to 2:10pm: P3-P4


2:15pm to 2:45pm: P5-P7


Christine has also a hockey lesson for you on YouTube which you can do any time! Follow the link. 

You also have new daily mile challenges this week, so it’s going to be a busy, energetic and active week.

Please keep sending us photos, we love to see your smiles! 

From Mrs Hughes and Mrs McKee

Zoom guidance- get ready for Friday PE with Chris.

Daily mile challenges!

Boys and girls, I am sure you have had great fun outside playing in the snow. Here are some ideas to make your own snowflakes and some snowman ideas that you could make inside!

Construction Topic

Here is a video of some famous buildings from around the world. I have seen some of them in real life, maybe you will visit some of them one day! Have a look, which ones would you like to see? Can you find where they are in a world map or a globe or even google earth?

Think about  -
What materials were used to build them?

How are they different from the buildings we see all around us?

Could you create one of them? You could use Lego, junk art, colouring pencils or paint.

Famous Buildings around the World

Still image for this video

Story Time

This week I thought we’d keep going with another Julia Donaldson story. This time it’s Room on the Broom!

This is a great story with a scary dragon and some very clever animals.

This week I would love you to draw your favourite part of the story and tell me why it’s your favourite.


Room on the Broom

Still image for this video

UK Coins Explained for Kids - Maths Money Learning Video

Boys and girls this video above revises over the different coins we have been using. The video below explains about all the different money notes we can use.


Primary 3 you have lots of money activities this week.  These videos will revise the coins and notes. 

UK Notes Explained for Kids - Maths Money Learning Video

KS1 Maths: Recognising and Counting UK Coins

Zoe is working hard on her taking away!

Mina has drawn a beautiful illustration of Mrs Hughes' story 'Room on the Broom' and she wrote a brilliant sentence. Then she made a play park for her wee animals. It has a slide, seesaw, ball pit and a swimming pool and a 2 seater blue car. After all that Mina went out to play in the snow and made a huge snowman all by herself. Well done Mina you are learning so many things.

Harry has been busy making delicious top hats, and he has written out the recipe so he can make them again ! Those do look good Harry! Well done! Harry also took his Granny's dog for a walk in the snow. I am sure you and the little dog enjoyed the snow Harry.

Joanna has illustrated her favorite part of 'Room on the Broom' and she recreated the scene in 3-d. I am sure you had great fun doing that Joanna. Well done!

Joanna has been busy making delicious top hats! Well done Joanna!

Louis, has sent us a wee message. Today I have been learning about London. I would like to go there sometime because Paddington Bear lives in London. I have been looking at Buckingham Palace, The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and Tower Bridge. I have made Tower Bridge out of Lego. This is a special bridge because it opens and closes to let the boats pass through. I have attached a photograph of the snowman I built at the weekend. I also have two sheep and four lambs which I feed every day. I have to count them as well to make sure none are missing. That is lovely Louis, thank you.

Mina has created the Eiffel Tower with Duplo bricks, amazing! She says she would like to visit it but thinks her legs would get tired climbing all those steps to the top!

Joanna, Rebecca and William watched BBC Bitesize and had a go at one of their experiments. Magic Milk!

Still image for this video

Matthew made some yummy Top Hats today! They look delicious Matthew.

Jack has had a very busy week! He has went on his daily mile everyday, he has been using his clock to tell the time, he wrote a book review about his favorite book and he has been playing on the ice! What great learning.

Issac has been getting ready for the 'Great Bird Watch' this weekend, he had great fun in the snow, he made some delicious looking top hats and he has been reading lots on Bug Club and AR. Great learning Isaac.

Sam has been busy writing a fantastic book review on Room on the Broom. He also did his daily mile around Carnagh.

Matthew has worked very hard writing a book review of his favourite story. Great sentences and lovely neat handwriting!