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Home Learning 1st Feb



A huge well done boys and girls, we have completed another week of home learning and everyone is doing really well! Mrs Hughes and I are looking forward to getting your packs in today so we can see how you are getting on. Your last packs were completed to a really high standard and we were super impressed! 

This week the Primary 3 children pulled out all the stops and gave me a very difficult job! I found it very hard to decide who should get the certificate, so I have decided to give two certificates. 

This week was ‘Children’s Mental Health ‘ week as you know, and everyone’s mental health is very important. It is as important as our physical health! The first certificate is going to Caleb Hughes because he is going to do the ‘Walk 100 miles in February challenge ‘for Mental Health Ireland. I think this is a great thing to do and he has been working very hard on his pack as well. It is important to get a balance of work and exercise. Well done Caleb! 

The second certificate is going to Jack Marshall. Jack has been trying very hard this week to do his pack, he has been practising reading the clock, reading his AR books and he got outside to check on the farm animals. Well done Jack! 

The P2 certificate this week goes to Grace, not only has she been working very hard with her Home Learning pack but she has also been busy on the farm helping her dad with the cows and learning some baking skills in the kitchen and produced some delicious looking lemon drizzle cake! Yum!

Good morning boys and girls,


I hope you all had a good weekend and got outside to play lots.  Did you do the 'Big Bird Watch'? We love photos, so please keep sending us them, it helps us stay in touch.


I really enjoyed the PE lesson Chris did on Friday afternoon. It was really nice seeing you and having the chance to say hello. If you didn't get to join on zoom, don't worry Chris will be back this Friday at the same time. I will email the zoom link to your mum or dad on Thursday.


This month Primary 2 you will be working on number bonds for 8.

8+0=8            7+1=8

6+2=8            5+3=8

4+4=8            3+5=8

2+6=8            1+7=8



Primary 3 you will be working on number bonds for 16.

16+0=16       15+1=16

14+2=16       13+3=16

12+4=16       11+5=16

10+6=16       9+7=16

8+8=16         7+9=16

6+10=16       5+11=16

4+12=16       3+13=16

2+14=16       1+15=16


Primary 2 you are working on 'og' words this week or the sound 'h'.

Over the last few weeks you have been working on subtraction and I have attached a link to a very good subtraction video below, please watch it. I know you don't have any numicon at home but it will still help.

This week our number work is revision and it has lots of adding words, like 'plus' and 'add together' and 'more than'. Remember when we add, the answer is bigger, when we subtract the answer gets smaller.



Primary 3 you are working on 'ip' words.

Your maths work this week is on time. Revise over o'clock and half past, make the times and draw the hands on the clocks. Remember it is important to have a long hand pointing at the number and the short hand points past the number. You also have some work using a calendar. I have some Study Ladder activities using a calendar as well. I think you will enjoy it!


On Friday between 10am and 11am, we will be collecting in your packs and giving you out a new pack for next week. If this time doesn't suit just let us know and we can arrange an alternative time.


If Mrs Hughes or I can help with anything please send us a wee email.


Have a good week everyone.


From Mrs Hughes and Mrs McKee

This week is 'Children's Mental Health Week'  Feb 1-7.


It is time to remember that each one of us is unique and that we all have something to celebrate about ourselves.

This week, Mrs Hughes and I want you to be as positive as you can be  and to think about things that make you happy. 


Everyday this week we are going to set you a challenge to take a 10-minute timeout from your work. Get others in your family involved too.


We have all had to face tough times and make some difficult choices and I am sure you have had times where you have been sad and are missing somethings you would normally do. No matter how hard things get we all have to realise that we can get though this if we work together and we are doing well. 


Keep positive, try to keep smiling and remember that you are amazing!



Today is the start of your week and your mission.


Monday- What is your favourite song that you like to listen to and why do you like it?


Look the song up and play it to yourself. Maybe you could send me a picture or a message telling me your favourite song and how it makes you feel.

Tuesday -Where is the place you like to visit that makes you feel happy? 

Maybe you could draw me a picture of your favorite place that you like to go visit and write about why you like it.


Wednesday - Tell me a funny story which makes you laugh and smile when you think about it.Maybe you could send me a 30 sec video telling me of your funny story. 

Thursday- You all have so many skills and talents. Today  I would like you to write down three things you are good at.


Friday - Today I would like you to make a poster of all the things in your life that makes you happy and help you to smile. Use lots of bright colours! 

Relax Kids- Calm exercises


Both P2 and P3 are learning how to tell time using analogue and digital methods.

P2 should be able to tell o'clock and half past times.

P3 should also be able to tell o'clock, half past and we have just started to learn about quarter past time. 

Sometimes recognising and writing these times digitally can be difficult, don't worry this will come with practice.

There are some videos below which hopefully will helpsmiley.

Telling the Time for Kids: O'Clock Times

With all these 'Telling Time' videos, use your own clock to follow and make the times yourself.
Learn how to read analog and digital clocks with this video! You will learn where the minute hand goes and how to tell what time it is by looking at the hour...

Telling the Time for Kids: Half Past Times

P2 this video is for you and it is also revision for P3 too.
This video will help you to understand and tell half past times.

Telling time -quarter past

P3 - This video will help you understand and practice telling Quarter past time. Use your own individual clock to follow along and make the times.

The Gruffalo's Child - Read by Alan Mandel

We are continuing with our Julia Donaldson stories, this time it’s ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’.
The mouse is very clever and tricked the Gruffalo’s Child who was quite brave in the snow at night all alone!
I love the snowy scene in this book, could you draw or paint a lovely snowy picture for me this week?

Daily Mile at Home Week 3 challenges!

Parenting NI session - 'Top Tips for Speech and Language' Book in now!

Blue Peter have launched a YouTube channel at CBBC. Blue Peter is the longest running kids TV show in the world and they are uploading videos that are suitable for 5-11 year olds. They have world record breaking challenges, arts and crafts, environmental videos, cooking and baking how tos, inspirational films, gaming, celebrity appearances, dance routines and music performances. They also feature ways of getting a Blue Peter badge, behind the scenes footage and extra content about their incredible presenters Adam, Lindsey, Mwaksy, Richie and Henry the Blue Peter dog. If you are interested you may subscribe to - ( completely free to subscribe!) and don’t forget to watch the live programme on CBBC at 5.00pm every Thursday, or on BBC iPlayer.

Isaac and his little brother Charlie had great fun making top hats at the weekend! Those look delicious Isaac, well done!

Isaac has written a brilliant book review of his favourite story 'Foxes in the Snow'. A perfect story for this time of the year. Well done Isaac!

Caleb has sent us some photos of his beautiful farm all set up ready for action. Caleb and Abbigail are doing a walking challenge with their mum. They have to walk a total of 100 miles in February for Mental Health Ireland- what a great thing to do! Caleb has also been working on a lego project and driving the tractor with his dad 🚜! Caleb you are a very busy boy! Well done!

Mina was up very early this morning, she got her pet lamb fed and her school work completed before she did some baking. Great work on half past Mina, you have the hands on your clock exactly perfect and those buns do look delicious, I can just imagine the lovely smell of baking in your kitchen! Well done Mina!

Sam was very busy this morning as well. He did his reading and got all his school work completed before he went to the farm to meet two new arrivals! These two little calves were only two hours old when Sam's mummy took these photos. Sam you look so excited, I think you love living on a farm!

This week Louis has been working on telling the time. He drew his favourite loading shovel from his reading book, it is a JCB. He also made a lovely chocolate cake for his brother Tom's second birthday. It looks delicious Louis. Well done!

Grace has been super busy this week, as always she has been working hard on her Home Learning pack! She has also been practising her cookery skills and baked some yummy lemon drizzle cake, my favourite! She has also been helping her dad out on the farm, so many talents Grace!!!

Jack has been working very hard on his Home Learning pack this week especially learning how to tell the time. He has also been out walking and looking at his Uncle David's ducks. Jack, Annie and Sam dressed up to celebrate their Granda's birthday, Happy Birthday Granda!

Harry has been working really hard with his maths this week, he has been practicing telling the time and using a bun tray in a clever way to count out correct amounts of money. He has also been practicing his baking skills by baking some delicious brownies. He then enjoyed a brownie with some ice-cream! That's the only way to eat a brownie!!