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Newtownhamilton Football Tournament- Wed 13th June

Congratulations to our football team on winning the Newtownhamilton Tournament.  The boys played fantastic as a team and as a result got through to the final against Lisnadill!

We are so proud of your achievement!

Orienteering in Gosford


On 11th June P7, along with the P7 from Newtownhamilton PS, went orienteering in Gosford.   Thankfully no one got lost!  We got to grips learning how to use a compass and read a map properly.  After lunch we split into 5 teams and Joel, Ryan Johnston and Charlie came first with a world record time of 23 minutes, well a time no other school has managed to beat.  Next - we made hot chocolate and played in the playpark.  We loved it!

Forensic Chemistry


This term we concentrated on STEM topics.  We investigated the 'uniqueness' of our fingerprints; considered the hypothesis that our height is 6 times the length of our feet and chromatography.  We invited a STEM ambassador, former pupil, Elizabeth Blackwood who led the sessions. 

Our School Science Trip to the Waterfront.


On the 7th June P6/7 travelled to the Waterfront for the annual RDS Science Fair.  We really enjoyed lots of scientific shows and got to interact with lots of new scientific resources.  It was a brilliant and fun day.

Extracting our DNA


Today we had great fun looking at our DNA.  We swilled salty water, added clear fairy liquid, pineapple juice and ethanol.  Matthew's DNA structure looked amazing.  We are loving our science at the minute.



Manchester Day 1


Wow! What an amazing day. We left Newtownhamilton Commons at 5am.  It was mixed emotions from the kids.  They were sad to leave their parents but excited about the trip ahead.  The boat was exciting and we were very well fed. The weather was gorgeous as we drove through Scotland and, finally, we had our lunch at Gretna Green Outlet. Next stop was the "Lakes Aquarium" at Lake Windermere. The kids loved it, especially, Joel. Finally we reached our hotel and had our evening meal. At 8pm Mr. Savage took us out for a game of football. Men of the Match were Joseph Preston and Ryan Johnston. At 10 the kids headed back to their rooms, tired but happy. Oh, I forgot to say, Cortamlet got the prize at meal time for the best table manners. I was very proud!

Manchester Day 2


We were up early for breakfast.  Everyone had slept really well as we were tired from the day before.  Today we went to Lego Land in the Trafford Centre.  It was really good fun.  I loved the miniature cities such as London and Blackpool completely built out of Lego.  We saw a 4D lego film and when you're wearing those 4D glasses, the characters are literally jumping out of the screen at you.  It was strange!  Unfortunately the weather wasn't kind to us today; rain and lots of it!  However it didn't dampen our spirits and off we went to Chester Zoo.  It's a fantastic zoo but my least favourite has to be the Bat Cave.  The bats are allowed to fly freely and the room is pitch dark.  Joel led from the front and we all cowered behind as the bats hovered close to our heads.  After tea we went bowling and I have finally found what I am good at...10 Pin bowling!  At 10.30 we arrived back at our hotel!



Manchester Day 3


Up early, once again, to travel to Blackpool and thankfully we got our sun back.  First of all we visited Madame Tussards.  The kids enjoyed it and my favourite section was definitely "Summer Festival Season" because it reminded me that our Summer Hols is just around the corner.  Next we walked up to the Pleasure Beach and it was packed full of rides and people queueing to get on the rides.  I did go on one roller coaster - "The Avalanche"  - a scary experience not to be repeated as I nearly lost my brand new sunglasses!  Some of the P7s experienced "The Big One" - this was an exceptionally brave feat as it stands at 230 feet high, one of the highest, if not the highest in Europe.  I watched, mouth agog, as they sailed into the air and then dropped down vertically on the other side.  However I am glad  to report that all eight P7s are still in one piece.  We finished our night by walking down to McDonalds and having an alfresco tea.

Manchester day 4


finally it was time to say goodbye to the hotel staff before leaving for Old Trafford football stadium. We visited its football museum and headed off to the Mega shop. Our trip to Gretna Green was long but the weather remained pleasant. At around 3 we got an hour at the outlet village to purchase a final few pressies. On the ferry, the children had gained a second wind, having great fun with children from the other schools and thinking ahead- seeing loved ones in a few hours time. I have to say; all my kids were exceptionally well behaved, courteous and an utter pleasure to take away. 

Welcome to P6 and P7 2017 / 2018!


We are a hard working, busy and happy class.  We love to learn and have fun.  This page will give you a flavour of what we get up to ...