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Primary 6/7

Monday 29th June


Morning P6/7.  Final 2 days of term.  I had a brilliant morning with the P7s on Friday.  It was lovely watching pupils having the opportunity to re-connect when they collected their rewards at school.  I think we have all missed face to face contact instead of relying on technology, which I have to say, has served us really well during school closure.  I wish P7s all the best, I will be thinking of them over the holidays and on their first day of school.  I know you will all do your very best and have a brilliant five or seven years at school.  To the P6s - I look forward to you coming back to Mrs Whyte and myself in August.  It will be lovely just being able to talk to you, teach you face to face and know how we can best help and support you. I checked studyladder on Friday evening and I need to give Grace Johnston a special mention - she has reached the elite 3 award - over 7000 correct answers.  That is an amazing achievement.   P6, we will have lots to do, lots of topics to cover but I am so confident that we will do it!!  Anyway, have a brilliant summer holiday and whatever you do, be safe and come back to me.

Mrs Miskelly and Mrs Whyte

P7 Memories at Cortamlet

Still image for this video

What wonderful memories! Thank you P7 for a brilliant day today (Friday 26th June)

Thursday 25th June

This week is very different this year for a few reasons, tomorrow will be our last day of home schooling (something I never thought I would be saying) and tomorrow is P7's virtual prize giving. It will be an emotional day as the teachers say good bye to our P7's and I know that the P6's would wish them all well as they move on to their next schools.

As much as it has been lovely to be at home and spend time with family there is no doubt that we have all missed school in our own ways!

The sun is shining today and it fills me with hope that everything can soon go back to normal and we will see each other again very soon. 

I hope that you all enjoy your summer holidays, have fun, relax and make memories. We can't wait to see all the P6's again at the start of the new school year which by then you will be our new P7's!

So we are presenting our class prizes today and there is a special class certificate for P6 and P7. You will all also receive a special certificate by email for completing your school year.

Finally P6 and P7, can we just say that it has been an absolute pleasure teaching you all this school year, we have had fun and plenty of laughs and you all have made our jobs the best in the world! Thank you!


With love from Mrs Miskelly and Mrs Whyte


Accelerated Reading Certificates- Well done everybody!

Primary 6- Dylan, Grace, Lauren, William, Jack and Sophie

Primary 7- Jemimah, Ieva, Amy, James, Alfie and Sam W


Studyladder Certificates-

Bronze Ribbon- Aaron

Platinum Medal- Lucy McKee

Silver Ribbon- Sam W, Jack

Silver Medal- Sam G

Gold Medal - Sophie

Elite 1- James

Elite 2- Ieva and Seth



These are lovely memories, Amy! Hopefully you won't ever forget Cortamlet.

Sam's memories of Cortamlet

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Katie’s memories from school 
My favourite memory at Cortamlet primary school was when we went on the hockey tournament to Portadown and when we did the play Cinderella and  Rockafella and I will miss all the teachers and staff assistances and all the staff so much I loved my time in Cortamlet. 


Lovely memories, Katie and you all played so well in Portadown, against very strong competition.  You never let the side down!!

Ieva's drawing and actual picture of her first day at school! What a talented girl!

Lottie's favourite memories of school!

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James' memories of Cortamlet - what a brilliant slide show!!

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Monday 22nd June


Hi P6/7.  This is the last full week of school and the last week of study ladder.  You have all done really well and worked very hard!!  I definitely think that you deserve your summer break after all this learning.  Keep reading, two of you are so close to reaching your target literally 1 and 2% away.  Remember the summer reading scheme will be operating during the summer holidays which is a great way to maintain the progress you have made throughout this funny old school year.


I have a very special task for P7s.  I want you to record, write, type, draw favourite memories from your time at Cortamlet.  heart


Finally a reminder for P7s that there will be a virtual assembly at 10am.  Please join, details will come later.



Mrs Miskelly

Fantastic playing from Grace, practicing for her upcoming music exam!

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Here's another skill from Lottie - tie dying a t shirt and modelling it with fierce attitude!

Look at James' amazing lego creation - James has definitely got talent with lego construction!

Grace has created a wonderful farm safety poster with a very important message!

Grace has baked a lovely cake - it looks delicious!

The P6 certificate goes to Jack for his brilliant horsemanship skills! Well done Jack!!

The P7 certificate goes to Sam Gibson. He has achieved 5 levels on study ladder this week!! Amazing!! Also, he beat his dad in a running race!

Friday 19th June


Hi P6/7.  I hope you are all well.  I have absolutely loved pictures and videos sent to me this week.  It made me feel a little sad because I miss speaking with you, teaching you and laughing with you all.  However, overall, they made me feel happy, you all have such an eclectic mixture of skills and talents!


Next Friday there will be a virtual P7 assembly using 'zoom'.  I know that some of you are familiar with this app or programme.  I have found zoom easier to operate as an app on a phone or a tablet / ipad.  However the downside is, we won't see everybody.  The app only allows up to 9 screens (9 people) and I would love it, if all of us could be seen together.  Therefore it would be best to use zoom on the computer.  I will issue out more information, including zoom codes next week.  However, don't worry if you use your phone, tablet etc... I don't want to put anybody off.  Technology can be difficult at the best of times!  So, I'm wondering, P7, could you send me in your favourite memories of your school experience.  You could write them down, type it or send me in a video of you telling me them.  I can't wait to hear from you!


You have worked so hard this week and if you're not on studyladder, I am sure you have been working on other things and learning valuable life lessons.  Indeed, I was so impressed with Sam G's skill of growing vegetables - I would love to be able to do that.


I have handed out, virtually, loads of certificates.  They were to:

Gold certificate: Luke

Gold Trophy award:  Sam W

Platinum Trophy award:  Sam G, Aaron and Sam W

Bronze Ribbon award:  Sam G

Silver Ribbon award: Sam G

Gold Ribbon award: Sam G

Platinum Ribbon award:  Sam G

Bronze Medal award: Sophie

Silver Medal award: Sophie

Gold Medal award: James and Lucy M

Platinum Medal award: James

Elite 1 award: Selina

Elite 2 award: Grace, Amy, Dylan, William, Lauren, Jemimah and Alfie


NI Libraries are beginning a summer scheme to promote reading over the summer months.  I would recommend that you look into it.  It's really obvious who has read, even just a little, through your initial classwork in September.  I know reading isn't everybody's thing but a little is better than nothing and the library has good books, ebooks and audio books.  Here is the website for you to check out:




What a ray of sunshine and those pictures are just beautiful. Lauren certainly has artistic talent!

I am so impressed! Sam completed the Maths Factor challenge, that's a big deal!

Sam's big talent is cooking a lasagne - delicious!

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Jemimah playing her violin, what a musical girl!

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Lottie's Got Talent!

Still image for this video

Lucy playing the piano, what a musical talent! I'm very impressed!

Still image for this video
Below are photos of Sam has been very busy in his polytunnel.  He planted some peas from seed and they are growing extremely well.  He is learning a lot about conservation; the environment and growing vegetables and thankfully enjoying seeing his work being productive.  Now that's what I consider important life lessons!

This is a talent of Sam's I didn't know about - a keen vegetable grower!

Sam Gibson's Home Sports Day. He definitely has talent in sport!

Still image for this video

Look at Jack's talent!! He couldn't have shown us his equine skills if we were in school! Well done Jack

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Monday 15th June


Hi P6/7. I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Only two full weeks to go.  Wow, time has flown.  I came across a great website with mini maths videos which clearly instruct you how to do certain maths questions.  I urge you to watch them, especially the P7s,

because I want you to enter high school as confident as possible!  The link for the site is below

If we were in school, we would have been holding a talent show.  Therefore it would be great if you could picture your talent, write about your talent or even video your talent and send it to me.  We could have a virtual talent show.  Your talent can be anything - 'keepy uppies', hockey skills, reciting a poem, something you have made, a new skill you have learned during lock down.  Anything!

Have a great week everybody!

Friday 12th June


Hi P6/7.  We hope you are well and had a great week.  Mrs Whyte and I have been getting the classroom ready for when we get back to school.  We really miss all of you and the classroom is not the same without you lot!!


You have been working so hard this week and lots of certificates have been awarded this week.  They go to:

Silver Award:  Katie

Gold Award: Rebecca and Alanna

Bronze Trophy Award: Tilly

Gold Trophy Award: Sam Gibson

Platinum Ribbon Award: Sophie

Bronze Medal: James and Lucy McKee

Silver Medal: James and Lucy McKee

Gold Medal: Selina

Platinum Medal: Ieva, Seth, Dylan, Jemimah and Selina

Elite 1 Award:  Alfie, Lauren, Amy, William, Dylan, Seth, Ieva and Jemimah


The certificates go to :

P7 - Rebecca for working on study ladder and sending in some great photos

P6 - Sophie for working so hard even when her internet signal has been inconsistent and doing really well on A R

Lottie feeding the horse!

Sophie looks like she's training for the Northern Irish swimming team!

Still image for this video

Look at the delicious cake which Lucy McKee has baked!

Monday 8th June


Good morning P6/7.  I hope you all had a lovely weekend and ready for another week of home learning.  I know how tough it is on everyone, including parents.  I miss the instant contact and it makes me appreciate that we rely on connectivity of people.  I have been watching the news and the events in America have made me sad.  I am reminded of words written by:

"This planet is for everyone, borders are for no one.  It's all about freedom."

Benjamin Zephaniah, Refugee Boy


and in War Horse, Michael Morpurgo wrote:

"Any problem can be solved between people if only they can trust each other."


Kindness matters.


Sam on a nature walk

Tilly and Sophia having fun out of school!

The P6 certificate goes to Tilly Park for continually working on study ladder, on her home park and sending in photos!

The P7 certificate goes to Sam Watson for learning new skills such as cooking during school closure!

Grace's Water Sports Day

Still image for this video

Grace and Harry holding their own Sports Day!

"Just like that (they're) gone.

Things can change so quickly,

One second you're in the present,

The next you're remembering the past."


- Janet Gurtler

Hi P6/7.  I hope you all had a lovely week.   Big congratulations to the P7s who all got their first choice secondary schools!  I'm sure high school is becoming a little bit more real now.


 Thank you so much for your dedication to your home learning and any photos or contact made with me this week.  It is very much appreciated! Quite a few of you achieved Study Ladder certificates.  They are:

Bronze Trophy award: Sam W

Silver Trophy award:  Sam G

Gold Trophy award: Aaron

Platinum Trophy award: Jack

Gold Ribbon award:  Lucy M and Sophie

Platinum Ribbon award:  James and Lucy M

Bronze Medal award: Selina

Silver Medal award: Dylan, Ieva, Selina and William

Gold Medal award:  Amy, Lauren, Jemimah, Dylan, Seth, Ieva and William

Platinum Medal award: Amy, Grace, Alfie and Lauren

Elite 1 award: Grace

Well done to everyone in the above list and to those who are working towards a certificate.

We are nearly approaching the end of session 5 of A R and I would love a few more of you to reach your target.



Lauren, Emily and Lucas take part in their Home Sports Day!

Mrs Miskelly is in training mode!

Still image for this video

Running the "don't spill a drop of coffee, the bell has rung and class is starting" race!

Still image for this video

Selina doing R.E. Great work!!

A little message from the Road  Safety Education - DfI

Dear Parent,


During the month of June, there will be a weekly task designed for you to work alongside and complete with your child/children in relation to a key road safety issue:


Road Safety Education - Week 1 Task (Child Cycle Safety)

This week the focus is on cycle helmets – please ensure your child wears a cycle helmet every time they are riding their bicycle and that it is properly fitted and adjusted to reduce the impact of a fall or collision at slow speed.  The attached document has been supplied by Department for Infrastructure ‘Safe and Accessible Travel’ as a guide for you and your child to use.


For further information on cycle safety:

To view the road safety calendars issued to schools:

The saying goes if you can't beat them, join them! Although apparently I lost! Poor Ella was left bringing up the rear!


Still image for this video

Lauren having fun on her water slide!

Alfie and Evie getting into the spirit of Home Sports Day

Cooling Off in the Sun - The Olivers and Johnstons style!!! Looks brilliant, Aaron

Still image for this video

Monday 1st June


Hi P6/7.  Can you believe that we've made it to June?!!!  And the weather is gorgeous!  I hope you are all slapping on your suncream and getting your vitamin D outside.  This week the whole school is holding not just Sports' Day but a Sports' Week!  The event will take place in your garden.  It will be a little different than usual but hopefully and with this weather, good fun.  All classes have been asked to send in photos of a variety of events - running, long jump, skipping, welly throwing, running an obstacle course.  You can run against members of your family, including your dog or run on your own - which is my tip if you always want to win.


I've been interested in growing vegetables and here is a great website:

This will give you a month by month guide of what and when to plant also when to harvest.  There are also tips to protect your crops, videos, to do lists...loads of information!


Finally Ulster Teachers' Union are holding an International Relations Competition.  For your age group, if you want to participate, you need to write and illustrate a short story or a poem based on "What I am looking forward to after lockdown."  Any medium can be used.  There will be cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  Please email your entries to


Rebecca practising for her Design and Technology class next year!

Friday 29th May


Hi P6/7.  I hope you are all well!  Hasn't the weather been gorgeous and I really hope you have been making the most of it, going for walks, bike rides or even getting the paddling pool out!!  However you have been working really hard and, again, I want to thank you for that.  This week, quite a few of you earned study ladder certificates:

Silver award:  Lottie

Platinum award:  Tilly

Bronze Trophy award:  Sam Gibson

Silver Trophy award:  Aaron

Gold Trophy award: Jack

Bronze Ribbon award: Sophie

Silver Ribbon award: James and Sophie

Gold Ribbon award:  James

Platinum Ribbon award:  Ieva, Seth, Sylan, William and Selina

Bronze Medal award: Jemimah, Amy, Lauren, Seth, Ieva, Dylan and William

Silver Medal award: Alfie, Jemimah, Grace, Amy, Lauren and Seth

Gold Medal award: Alfie


Special mention for reaching their A R targets go to Ieva, Amy and Dylan.  Well done!

The P7 certificate goes to Ieva who is consistently working away and has reached her A R target this week!

The P6 certificate goes to Dylan for working so hard this week and he, also, has reached his A R target!

Lottie and Oakley having fun in the pool!

This is Lottie's guide of what dog I should get! Great work!

Isn't Lottie's dog, Oakley, gorgeous?

Still image for this video

Sam sent in great photos! He's getting really good at the cooking!

Lucy McKee designed a beautiful rainbow using Mindcraft! Creative, thoughtful and mathematical!

Tuesday 26th May


Hi P6/7.  I hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.  We don't have too many weeks to go until the end of term so please keep up the momentum of home learning.  This week, I would like to see as many people participating in an AR quiz and I wonder who could reach their target by Friday, although you do have a few weeks to do this.  Like always, if you are doing something fun and interesting, take a picture of it and send it to me as it is lovely to put up on the website.

Below is a link to the Royal Society Website which contain home science experiments which you could try out!  If you do, please take photographs and send them to me.

Look who came to see me at the weekend and baked delicious raspberry and white chocolate muffins!

Grace, Harry and Alfie collecting rubbish along the road - a great ecological task. Grace walking her Granny and Granda's dog and achieving her Bronze Medal award on Study Ladder

Friday 22nd May


Good morning P6/7.  I hope you are all well and thank you, again, for the photos that you have sent me.  Did anyone watch the video on knitting that Mrs Whyte posted?  It looked good fun but beyond my capabilities!!laugh  Who loved the gorgeous rabbit that Mrs Whyte knitted?  I thought it was fantastic.  Mrs Whyte is obviously very talented, unlike me!


Remember that Monday is a bank holiday so you can all have a little break from your learning and hopefully the weather will recover again to what it has been.


I am posting up a poster competition aimed at "Protecting the Planet"  You have to create a picture which displays ways in which we can do our bit to help our planet.  These changes can be massive or very small.  You decide.  Check out the page.


You are all working so hard on study ladder and doing quizzes.  I want to thank you and your parents for keeping going - so say a big thank you from me to them.  The following people earned study ladder certificates.


Silver certificate:  Luke Armstrong

Gold certificate: Tilly Park

Platinum certificate: Sam Watson

Bronze Trophy:  Aaron Oliver

Gold Trophy:  Sophie Warnock and Olivia Preston

Bronze Ribbon:  Lucy McKee and James McBride

Silver Ribbon:  Dylan Hill, William McNiece, Seth Warmington, Selina Nicholson and Lucy McKee

Gold Ribbon: William McNiece, Amy Hill, Ieva Bukyte, Seth Warmington and Dylan Hill

Platinum Ribbon: Lauren McMurdie, Alfie Miskelly, Jemimah Anderson, Grace Johnston and Amy Hill

Bronze Medal:  Alfie Miskelly and Grace Johnston


!!Update!!  Gold Trophy Award:  Sophie Warnock

Gold Ribbon:  Selina Nicolson


Well done everyone!!!


A special mention to Grace Johnston and Lauren McMurdie for reaching their reading target!


The Pupil of the Week certificates are awarded to:


Alfie watering the plants using the water from the tumble dryer, one thing we do, not just for eco week.

Well done to Amy who has worked so consisently since lock down began, completing all of her tasks!

Well done to Luke who created a fabulous picture for the Bamoral Virtual Show!

Grace achieving her Bronze Medal, doing a great ecologocal task by collecting rubbish along the sides of the road and walking her Granny and Granda's dog!

Alanna practising her typing

Lauren has been busy - here she is practising her typing, doing art and helping out with the gardening!


Are your kids missing hockey ?
Do you want them getting outside for more activity?
CR HOCKEY can now come to you!!!
Whilst adhering to the NI executive restrictions where 4-6 people can meet outdoors I can offer private family sessions in the comfort of your own outdoor area whilst ensuring social distancing where appropriate.
If you think your kids would LOVE this, get in touch with me for; 🏑Availability 
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Tuesday 19th May

Good morning everyone! So as you all know this week is Eco week so yesterday I had a go at turning an old t-shirt into yarn to knit with. It did actually work but it was a slow process and was very effective. I have included a YouTube video below of how it can be done if anyone would like to try it. If you don't have an old t shirt perhaps you have old bits of wool lying around that you could recycle and turn into a scarf etc.

When I was in primary school the one after school club I loved to attend was the knitting club and still have my bunny I knitted in primary 6! Perhaps when we are all back at school we can set up an after school knitting club!

If you don't want to knit perhaps you could use your old wool to make a Pom Pom which is what I have Jessica trying this week. 

If you try something, remember to send your photos of your work in progress and your finished project, Mrs MisKelly and I would love to see what you decide to try.

My bunny I knitted in P6

Alanna and Rebecca practising their fantastic art skills! I just love the coffee mug that Rebecca has drawn!

Well done to Lottie for entering the " 2 Minute Story" Competition!

Lovely photographs of Tilly and Sophia in the woods.

Monday 18th May

(There seems to be a few issues with Study Ladder today - Mon 18 May so bear with it.  I think you can access a few of the activities)

Good morning P6/7.  I hope you all had a lovely weekend. This week I would like you all to take a look at the Oxford Owl website - google "Oxford Owl".  This is an online guided reading book scheme.  You will need to login.  Your username is cortamlet 2 and your password is owl67 (no spaces).  You can scroll down to find your age group and if you notice, there is a 'level' key.  When you click on it, you will see colours and they match with your reading scheme in school.  Most of you are either on blue or red.  I think "dark red" must be the red plus books we use in school.  Don't feel compelled to use these colours.  If you click on a grey book, level behind blue and you like it - read it.  Please don't feel pressurised to use this resource.  I know a lot of you have loads of books at home or you are using libraries NI.  This is just an additional reading resource and I am signposting it out to you because I believe it contains books of good reading quality.  I was looking at a book called "Air Raid" by Jean May.  Its in the 9 - 11 age range.  As you know I love Michael Morpurgo's "Friend or Foe" and this book remind me of it.  Above the book, it states "Other Good Reads".  If you click on this, books on similar themes will come up.  Take note of the page number you finish reading on and you can type it in next time you open up the book.  The other good thing is - some of these books are on the accelerated reading scheme.  Air Raid is but not all of them are so you can check this out using the     A R bookfinder website.


Audible books also provide some free children's audio books.  However to access this, I had to change my browser to google chrome.  I listened to one of my all time favourite childhood books - "Anne of Green Gables".


This week is Eco week and if we were in school, we would be doing some eco activities designed by our eco council.  Instead watch out for an Eco task which Mrs Whyte will post up for our class.  Please send me some photos of you participating in this task or any eco activity which you would normally do as part of your daily lives.


I know you are all working hard and 'lockdown' seems to be going on for a long time.  I think of you all everyday and I am amazed how motivated and dedicated you are to complete tasks, keep up your learning and parents staying in contact with me.  Don't fret if you have an 'off' day or even an 'off' week.  During these 'off' times just cover the basics - take one set of tables to learn really well but challenge yourselves - try the 7s or the 12s and read for enjoyment.  Hopefully you will feel refreshed to continue your online learning the next day.

Aaron doing an amazing job cutting the grass! He looks so grown up. I need your expertise!

Still image for this video

Sophie helping her dad do the gardening! Brilliant job.

Sophie with her Carol Vorderman Maths factor 30 day Challenge Certificate! Well done you!

Friday 15th May


Hi P6/7.  How are you all?  Thank you for the photographs that you are sending me.  I love keeping the contact up.  Please keep sending them and let me know how things are going.


Here's a lovely maths story that you could read.  It's written in the form of a narrative poem and its all about financial capability - being clever with your money.  A skill that will be useful to you, particularly in the next few years.

Thank you for working so hard this week and I have been able to give out some study ladder certificates:


Bronze certificate goes to Theo

Platinum certificate goes to Sam Gibson

Bronze Trophy awards go to Sophie and Jack

Silver Trophy awards go to Olivia, Sophie and Jack

Platinum Trophy awards go to Dylan, Selina, Seth, Lucy M and James

Bronze Ribbon awards go to Amy, Dylan, William, Ieva and Selina

Silver Ribbon awards go to Lauren, Alfie, Amy, Jemimah, Grace and Ieva

Gold Ribbon awards go to Jemimah, Alfie, Lauren and Grace.  Well done everyone!

Also I would like to give a special mention to Jemimah, James and Alfie for reaching their Accelerated Reading targets.  Well done!

Also BBC Bitesize have added great Britannica encyclopaedia information.  Look up BBC Bitesize and see if you can find anything which interests you or is useful to your learning.  But back to business.  The certificates this week go to: 

Lottie Jones in P7 for creating a very informative "Corona Cast". I'm very impressed!

Lucy McKee for showing her many 'hidden' talents and consistently working hard!

Grace at Balmoral Show 3 years ago! She has grown since then.

A lovely photograph of Grace at last years Balmoral Show!

A brilliant presentation by Grace on V E day!

It's great to see Grace practising her touch typing skills!

Look at what Lucy McKee found this morning!

Look at James at Balmoral Show in 2015!

Lauren practising for Sports Day!

Look at Luke's amazing pencil drawing for the virtual Balmoral Show! A winner in my eyes

Sam having fun outside and he made a pizza from scratch! Impressive!

Having fun in the garden - practising for the high jump, maybe?

Well done Sam! I can see that you are working hard!

Lauren creating some art work and, with Emily, making fifteens, my favourite traybake!

Some of last year's P7s meeing Donkey from the Grassmen

Alfie enjoying Balmoral Show in 2017

Alfie enjoying the Balmoral Show in 2015

Lucy working away at her spellings and look at her beautiful art work! She could have entered that at Balmoral Show!

Aaron and Leah wearing the red spar hats!

Tuesday 12th May


Tomorrow would have been the first day of Balmoral Show.  I'm sure loads of you are missing this big event.  Therefore why don't you send me some photos of you and your family at previous shows.  Let's remind ourselves how great it is and then we can really look forward to going again! 

Lovely photographs of Grace celebrating our National Heroes - the NHS and our War Veterans

Brilliant photograph of Grace milking the cows!

Monday 11th May


Good morning P6/7.  My weekend was great but it was made even better when I listened to Lottie on Radio Ulster.  She spoke so articulately about what she has been doing during these weeks outside of the classroom.  She has been broadcasting the facts of Covid 19 from her house and to lighten the mood, she suggests a craft activity to keep ourselves busy and to stop us from thinking too much about the situation.  In addition, the Ulster Gazette also wrote an article about Lottie's "Corona Cast".  Well done Lottie!


When we were at school, we enjoyed PE with Chris every Monday.  Also some of us stayed behind for Healthy Kidz Club.  I'm sure you miss this so Healthy Kidz has created a virtual Sports Day which you can do in your own garden!  Below is a booklet which will explain everything you need to do!

Inside the booklet, it lists all of the events

- sprint

- long jump

- high jump

- egg and spoon race

- well toss

- creating your own obstacle race

There are coaching tips, what you need and how to prepare for your event.  To get involved you need to register via the healthy kidz app.  Don't worry there is a Frequently Asked Questions section at the back if you have any difficulties.  Please get involved!


I didn't receive very many photographs last week so I'm wondering if you could send photos of your virtual sports day.  What equipment are you using? - You might have to be creative if you don't have any markers.  Also some of you would have been training with Mrs Whyte for your cycling proficiency award.  I would love some photos of you on your bike, obviously with a helmet on. 

Look at Grace's amazing V.E. buns and that window is a fantastic celebration of the NHS and V. E. Day!

Thursday 7th May


Hi P6/7.  I have really enjoyed your photos and contributions this week.  I have particularly enjoyed Aaron's fact file on V E day.  Here is a link to Winston Churchill's famous speech  Have a listen!  Are any of you doing anything special for

V E day tomorrow?


You have been working hard and the following people achieved their study ladder certificates: 


Tilly earned her Silver certificate.

Sam Watson and Sam Gibson earned their Gold certificates.

Dylan and Olivia earned their Bronze trophy awards

Dylan and Seth earned their Silver trophy awards.

William, Amy, Ieva, Seth, Lucy McKee and Selina earned their Gold trophy awards.

Lauren, Alfie, Jemimah and William earned their platinum trophy awards.

And a special mention goes to Grace and Lauren who earned their Bronze Ribbon awards.  Well done!!


Special Update:  Well done to Aaron who achieved his platinum certificate.  Well done to Dylan and James who achieved their Gold Trophy awards.    Well done to Amy and Ieva for earning their Platinum Trophy awards and special mention to Jemimah and Alfie for achieving their Bronze Ribbon awards!


The certificates of the week :

The first certificate goes to Seth for consistently working hard this week!

William receives the second certificate for his hard work!

Lauren playing the guitar and doing art outside!

James mowing the lawn and practising his touch typing skills! Well done James!

Tilly and Sophia enjoying the sunshine

Look at what Aaron's produced! A fact file for V E Day

Monday 4th May


Hi P6/7!  I hope everyone is well and had a lovely weekend.  The weather was better and that made a big difference.  I have week 5 tasks already up on study ladder.  Remember, this Friday is a bank holiday so I don't expect you to work on that day.  You can have an extra long weekend!   However please don't forget the significance of this bank holiday.  We normally have May bank holidays on a Monday, but it's on a Friday to mark the 75th Anniversary of VE day - "Victory Over Europe" when World War 2 officially ended.  Unfortunately, Covid 19 is overshadowing this momentous occasion.  As we see so much bravery in our communities - particularly our NHS battling the virus, we also see bravery in men and women who deliver key services such as postal workers, refuse collectors and those who work in shops.  However men like Captain Tom Moore fought for us so we could live freely and the men and women left behind strived to keep our country going.  Please don't forget! 


As you know, I love Maths and I use a great scheme of work called White Rose Maths.  The maths subjects are clearly laid out and well explained.  The only thing is  - it is a scheme of work from England and therefore our curriculum doesn't always match in with theirs.  Usually, you would have to pay to use it but if you google White Rose Maths home learning there are a wealth of resources all free!  Currently, the scheme is at week 3 of summer term and for year 6 (P7) they are concentrating on fractions - simplifying, comparing and adding and subtracting.  There are colourful child-friendly tutorials, activities and even answers to go along with them.  The scheme is laid out in exactly the way I would teach it so please give it a go this week!  For P6 (year 5) the scheme is concentrating on multiplication and division.  However year 4 resources are also very relevant - introduction of tenths and hundredths, if you need a little reminder or revision.  Thankfully they have left up week 2 and week 1 resources so ratio, angles, decimals and percentages are all covered!  Listen and watch the tutorials if you're a little unsure of these concepts.


Finally today is Star Wars Day. If you have access to facebook, Armagh Observatory and Planetarium is hosting  a star wars day today!  So why not have a look, if you're a fan!  May the fourth be with you!

Look at Tilly's beautiful baking! I would love a slice of this now.

Sam's Factfile on Holland and photos!

Tilly and Sophia working really hard, well done girls!

                                                            Friday 1st May


Good afternoon P6/7.  Sorry for being a little bit later than usual.  I've really enjoyed receiving emails and photographs from you.  There's lots of learning going on inside and out!  Let's  hope the weather picks up, we definitely feel better when we see lots of sunshine.  Next week I'd love to see more photos of you learning how to touch type, using the website  Also remember to quiz on accelerated reader, the targets have been set!  Lots of you have been working hard.  Luke and Katie earned their bronze certificate.  Alanna and Rebecca received their silver certificate.  Aaron earned his gold certificate.  Amy, Selina, Dylan and Jack received their platinum certificates.  Next Selina, Amy, Ieva, James, Lucy McKee, William, Seth, Grace and Jemimah earned their bronze trophy awards.  Silver trophy awards were given to Alfie, Lauren, William, Selina, Jemimah and GraceGrace, Jemimah, Lauren and Alfie received their gold trophy awards and Grace earned her platinum trophy award!  Well done everybody!


An Update!  Since typing this, a couple of hours ago,  more pupils have achieved awards.  Silver trophy awards go to Amy, Ieva, James and Lucy McKee.  Also Sophie earned her platinum certificate.  Well done again!


Mrs Whyte and I have had another difficult week to decide our certificate recipients.  However the certificates are awarded to:

Well done to Jemimah and Lauren!

Here's a new skill that I could never teach! Selina is pairing a cow's foot with her uncle.

What a kind gesture from Selina!

Alfie celebrating his 11th birthday

James researching all about the Nintendo Switch and he also found time to erect a greenhouse with his dad!

Look at Alanna and Rebecca's new teacher!

. Hi parents and pupils!  Scholastic, an educational magazine, have resources and have designed a summer term home learning time table.  Website below:

Look at what Lucy is doing - learning to type! Anymore typing pictures P6/7?

Lucy doing some of her own PE

                                                           Tuesday 28th April


Hi parents and pupils.  The Department of Education have released a link to their website offering additional support for home learning.

                                                          Monday 27th April


Good morning!    I hope you are all well!  I have the tasks for week 4 already set up on study ladder.  I've kept on week 3 but please concentrate on week 4 tasks and if you have any spare time at the end of the week then you can do any task that you missed in week 3.  Remember to keep your reading up, new targets have been set so you can quiz when you are ready.  I'm sure you know about all other resources out there - it's actually quite overwhelming but isn't it great that people believe how important this home learning time actually is!  BBC teach even have celebrities delivering some of the lessons!  It makes sense, as they can't do their normal work either.  The challenge this week - send me in a photo of you doing a  hockey skill or any kind of sporting skills if you don't own your own hockey skill.  Christine, our hockey coach, has been putting up short tutorials on face book.  Also I put up on study ladder the touch typing web site -  Touch typing is a great skill to have and something I was planning to teach in term 3.  Enjoy week 4!

Mrs Miskelly and Mrs Whyte

Tilly and Sophia waving hello!

                                                             Friday 24th April

Good morning P6/7.  As I write this I'm thinking that we would be stuck in the middle of our Friday test.  Some brave person will be sticking a hesitant arm up in the arm to gently remind me that hockey is due to start and we would rush outside and enjoy Christine's lesson.  I miss Fridays in school.  However the weather is great and I really hope that you are all getting outside at some point in the day.  We went to the park since they re-opened them and it has been brilliant!  Strangely, the police were walking around but they were only making sure that no-one is going against the social distancing rules.  We looked at different types of trees and flowers, stuff that we would never do but this was part of our home/school learning day.  Again, you are doing really well on study ladder and new targets have been set for Accelerated Reader.  If you were to ask me my 3 top tips for successful learning, I would say immediate response of times and division tables (of course!), physical exercise (maintain health for optimum learning) and reading!  Reading will improve your spelling, comprehension work and your creative writing.  I want to make a very special mention to Alanna and Rebecca who achieved their bronze certificates.  Aaron, Jack, Sam Watson and Sophie who achieved their silver certificates.  Amy, Dylan, Olivia, Jack and Sophie (again) achieved their gold certificates.  Lauren, Alfie, Grace, Ieva, James, Lucy Mckee and William achieved their platinum certificates.  Finally Lauren and Alfie also achieved their bronze trophy awards.  Well done!  Also don't forget to download the safer schools app, the details on the website. Some really useful information on it, such as great youtube learning sites, an explanation of corona virus and band width advice as many of us are using more broad band than usual.


This week the certificates go to:


Well done to both pupils.  It was very hard to pick just two pupils,

Lucy practising her grade 3! Wow this is amazing. Well done you!

Still image for this video

Alfie acting out his favourite animal - a sloth

Alfie practising his cycling skills

Still image for this video

Aaron is living the 'good life'!

Look who visited Selina, Luke and Victoria! Do you recognise her? Past pupil - Hannah Calvin

Meet Gino - Her Giant African Snail. Gino will grow up to 15 cm long!

Back to (home) school (learning)


Hello P6/7.  It is lovely being back in contact with you all again.  I received some photos over the holidays which I loved and have added on to the website but looking forward to seeing lots more.  Hasn't the weather been great?  Initially, I thought, typical!  When we go into lockdown the sun comes out and we have to go in.  However the kids and I have really enjoyed pottering in the garden and going out for our daily walks. I hope you all feel refreshed and ready to get learning again.  You will notice that I have your tasks back on Study Ladder this week and we are on week 3.  Let me know if you have any problems / issues and I will quickly respond.  Remember to read and use those online resources such as NI Libraries and try out Carol Vorderman's  'Maths Factor'.  There are so many resources out there now so it's important not to get too over whelmed.  If Study Ladder is enough along with reading then great. 

What Grace Did over the Easter Holidays - baking, farming and planting!

Alfie practising his football skills

Rebecca and Alanna doing some gardening! Loving the planters and the window box!

Alanna working hard

Look at what James has made with a little help from his dad! It's an egg stall.

How Lucy spent some of her Easter Holidays!

Selina working hard over the Easter Holidays. Well done!

Lucy with her new baby calf!

Sophie went litter picking with her dad during the holidays

Jack was on an Easter Egg Hunt during the holidays.

Tilly celebrating her 10th birthday!

Lottie having lots of fun outside during the holidays

Sophie winning Mum in draughts!

Easter 2020


Hi P6/7.  Have a fabulous Easter holiday.  Don't eat too many eggs and do something different other than school work.  Sometimes we get our  during the summer weather  Easter holidays and hopefully you will be able to get outside and get some fresh air.  I'm going to get the lawn mower out and think about what I could do with the garden.  I'm also going to learn a new recipe and I am going to enjoy eating my Easter egg.  I won't be adding new tasks to study ladder but you are welcome to finish tasks from the last two weeks. 



Mrs M and Mrs W

Luke taking time out to do a spot of gardening!

Tilly and Sofia looking very happy and working very hard at their home learning packs, Well done girls!

Sophie with her Belgian Blue Heifer, otherwise known as "Wee Cutie"

William has produced an amazing piece of work on Russia! Well done!

This is what I like to see - William is doing a table challenge!

End of Week 2


This would have been the last day of term 2 and I would have been handing out Crème eggs and wishing you a happy Easter.  Well, I can still do that and I'm sure you will be eating chocolate over the next two weeks.  You have been working really well and embracing this new learning experience!  I want to give a very special mention to the following people who achieved over 500 points and therefore attained their gold certificate: Ieva, James, Lucy Mckee, Selina, Alfie and William yes  Also the following people are being awarded their Accelerated Reader Certificates: Sophie, James, Amy, Dylan, Lucy Mckee, Ieva, Grace , Lauren and Alfiesmiley

Just out of interest - is anyone keeping a log or a blog or a vlog of these strange times.  I went to Hunters Supermarket the other day and it was so strange.  We had to queue on a marked 'x' and as one person left, one person went into the shop.  No one dawdled and there were no children in the entire store! 

I am loving your photographs and they make me feel more connected to you and what you like to do outside of school.  Remember - you are a brilliant class and you make my job one of the best jobs in the world.


Keep safe

Kind regards

Mrs Miskelly




The P6 certificate goes to Selina for working very hard in and outside of the classroom

The P7 certificate goes to James for a wonderful newsletter and super Study Ladder and A R results.

I was looking through the photos on my ipad and I came across these photos of our trip to the Robinson Library.  We went on the 14th February and I can remember the stormy, wet weather as we got off the bus and how we dashed furiously towards the Music Room where we did our k-nex constructions.  I really enjoyed that trip but it seems like ages ago instead of just 6 weeks ago.  How things have changed!

Lucy has completed another lego challenge!

Grace's fact file on Italy

Some activities which Grace got up to during week 2

Jack multitasking - farming and reading

Jemimah having a little 'Come Down' time

Lauren Creating her Lego Tower

Lauren Getting Fresh Air

Where do you do Yours Alfie? At his desk in the bedroom.

Where do you do yours, Jemimah? At a desk beside my brother, Isaac.

Lucy's Amazing Lego Tower

Great fact file on Iceland from Selina

Another great fact file from Lauren

Lucy with her gorgeous dog, Ben

Where do you do yours.....?


Ok,laugh who can send me photos of "where do you do yours....?"  Basically, where in the house or even out of the house do you do your learning, this could be reading, mental maths / English, spellings, tables, online learning, other skills that are not even taught in the classroom.enlightened  So far Selina is learning new skills down on the farm, Lauren is doing mental maths from the kitchen table and Aaron's practising for his driving test at the front of his house.  Come on ….. I need more photos! 

Week 2


Here are the lovely photos I have received over the weekend:


James doing a very impressive lung - watch our Joe Wicks! and producing an excellent newsletter of what he has be doing so far!

Selina learning new skills outside of the classroom!

Lauren enjoying her mental maths!

Aaron's Amazing Friday Test

Aaron's Fab report on France - my favourite country!

Aaron taking a well-deserved rest!

Lucy and her lego challenge

Hi everyone, end of week 1.  Hope you are all doing great and maybe, just maybe, missing school? You are all doing great. Some great performances on A R and study ladder.  Even some of you went on to 10 ticks times tables website.  See below for login details if you don't know what I mean by this.  I went on as Alfie and I really liked beat the clock and perfect 10 game.  You know how I pester you to know your times tables really well, this website will help, even if it is 5 minutes a day!  I was also reading an online article about schools during the Corona Virus and it stated that this event will be one of the major events of not just the year or even the decade, but the entire century!!!  What I would love you to do, if it were possible, keep a hand written diary or a blog or vlog using ipad, phone and write, talk about daily things which are happening.  Being told to stay in our houses, not being able to go to public parks, the country in lock down, clapping and cheering our NHS at 8pm on Thursday nights!! I would love to read, watch or listen to your thoughts when we get back to school.  These are unique times and you will be able to recount this period to your children / grandchildren..."I remember the time when all the schools shut down and we were home-schooled....."

Class Certificates Week 1


Mrs Whyte and I discussed who should receive the certificates in P6 and P7.  We awarded them to Jack Shilliday and Sam Gibson for brilliant work.  We wonder who will get the certificates next week?



Hi Class


Here's a fun website for Mental Maths.


I have signed you all up and you all have a user name and password.  Your user name is your name and your password is: homelearning   (homelearning is all lower case and no spaces.)


For example:  Alfie Miskelly's is 

User name: Alfie

password: homelearning.


However there are 2 exceptions to this rule:  Sam Watson and Lucy Whyte.  This is because I have 2 Sams and 2 Lucys in the class.  So their user names are as follows:



Their passwords are the same as everybody else!


Please please please try it out!  I can see who uses it and who doesn't and it'll be a nice change from study ladder or RM easi maths.


Mrs M




School Closure


Hi everyone!  What strange times?!  However hope you are enjoying a new learning experience at home and above all - keeping safe!


In case you're getting bored with the learning packs or have completed them, here are a few ideas:

  • Look up "The Maths Factor" this is a programme devised my Carol Vorderman and is now free for the duration of the school closure period.  Great programme, pupil, parent and teacher friendly
  • "Iseemaths" by Gareth Metcalfe.  I use his resources in class and he is now doing youtube programmes for year 5 and 6 (P6 and P7) also year 3 and 4 (P4 and P5).  He loves number patterns, place value and all that stuff.  Great reasoning and problem solving resources
  • Check out David Walliams :  He is releasing an audio story every day as part of "Audio Elevenses" for next 30 days.
  • On BBC iplayer they are running Enid Blyton's famous novel "Mallory Towers" as a 13 part series.  This takes me back to my younger days!  I loved Enid Blyton
  • Also some audible (audio books) are now free due to school closures -check it out if you're looking for something different!


It's great to see so many people reaching out to help us to home-educate our children.  This is a tough job but we're not on our own.



I love receiving photos and here they are:

Jack's Topic Work Fact file - Fabulous! and Ieva knows I love a good fact. Great work you two!

Lucy completing her lego challenge

Alfie learning how to make muffins

A mixture and learning and having fun for Grace

Alfie having fun in the evening on the trampoline

Lottie out on her bike accompanied by her super cute dog!

Lauren working on her lego challenge - I'd love to be going on that roller coaster!



The P6/7 Classroom is a very busy place.  We love learning a variety of subjects.  We have two teachers, Mrs Miskelly and Mrs Whyte, we also have one classroom assistant, Mrs Watson.  Apart from Literacy and Numeracy, we learn about the world around us, practise our digital skills, participate in a variety of sports such as football, gymnastics and hockey and study music.  We work hard but we also like to have fun with our learning!  This is just a snap shot of what we do on a daily basis.



This term (Autumn) we have been focusing on our class novel, "Friend or Foe" written by Michael Morpurgo.  We have enjoyed reading it, discussing the characters and writing our own book reviews.



We have been looking at the different properties of water.  We made lava lamps and tried to figure out why the colours of skittles never mix together when you put them in water!



Mrs Miskelly teaches us all about number - sequences, properties, fractions and so on.  Mrs Whyte teaches us about measure, handling information.  Sometimes Mrs Whyte takes us outside to figure out the area of our playing pitch using resources we make ourselves.  In the following pictures, we made a metre square and we used this to measure the area.

Ditch the Dark


Just before our October half term, we held a special day in which we all dressed up in very bright clothing.  We raised money for our school funds but we highlighted the importance of making ourselves visible if we are walking in the evening times after school.

Accelerated Reader


In P6/7 we read a lot!  We read out loud during literacy, maths and other subjects.  However we read silently during independent reading and we read as part of a reading group assigned to us.  We think of the phrase "The more you read, the more you know..."  The Accelerated Reader programme promotes the importance of reading and tracks how well we are doing. These pupils reached their target set in the first six weeks of term.



In Spanish we have been studying names of clothing, parts of our body and adjectives so that we will be able to describe ourselves in Spanish.

Bee Safe Talk


On 31st January P7 enjoyed a very informative and talk covering many relevant health and safety topics.  These included 'cyber safety', ' Stranger Danger', How to prevent fires from occurring in the house, Domestic Safety, Keeping safe on the bus going to and from school and Maintaining Positive Mental Health and Well-being.  There was so much information to take in but the kids really enjoyed themselves.

Drumlin Wind Energy Programme


On Wednesday 12th February, we had a visit from Drumlin Wind Energy. Mr McAlister and Mr Press taught us all about the benefits of wind power as a renewable source of energy. We had to design our own wind turbine towers and make a circuit to allow the propellers to spin. We were provided with lots of materials to build our constructions. To make the task even trickier, our aim was to try and make the motor spin 360 degrees.

We really enjoyed the programme and look forward to finding out who the winning group will be!

Snow Day Like a Snow Day


We had great fun in the snow.


Music Award


We are so proud of James who achieved a distinction in his Grade 1 music exam.

Ulster Hockey Tournament 2020


On March 2nd the boys' hockey team travelled to the Ulster Tournament in Portadown.  We had a great day and the boys played brilliantly.  They really did the school proud!  Well done team.

World Book Day


On Thursday 5th March, it was World Book Day.  This year we celebrated by dressing up as a character from a book.  We watched a live show streamed from the puffin books website which was educational, interactive and great fun.  On top of all that there was another reason to celebrate; it was Selina's birthday!

Healthy Kidz Talk


On Monday 9th March, Gail, from Healthy Kidz talked to the class about keeping healthy.  She talked about keeping our eyes healthy especially when we are looking at our devices.  She taught us the 20: 20: 20 rule.  Every 20 minutes when we are on our devices, take a 20 second break and stare at something 20 metres away.  She talked about the benefits of outdoor play and activites.  She taught us the correct way to brush our teeth and what foods we should eat and what foods we should avoid.