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Week 2 Home Learning!

It's Friday!! Well done to all the P2's for working so hard this week. I know you have been so busy completing activities in your Home Learning Pack, on Studyladder, on Bug Club and RM easimaths. I'm am really impressed by you all, so give yourselves a round of applause! I'm delighted that Jack got his Bronze certificate on Studyladder, Amelia, Harry, Isaac J, Isaac R, Jessica and Matthew got their Silver certificates and Joanna got her Gold certificate! Many of you have been sending pictures to share with everyone, so keep doing that as we continue with this new way of learning, even though we are in different places we can still feel we are learning together.


So this week the P2 certificate goes to JOANNA, she has been so busy achieving her Gold certificate, creating masterpieces in art, growing cress and reading lots on Bug Club as well as working on her home learning pack! Well done!

Home Learning Week 2 - Friday 3rd April 2020

Lois outside enjoying herself on the swing and concentrating hard on a 'Frozen'jigsaw, that looks like a lot of pieces Lois! Love to see it when you're finished!

Harry has a good balance- some work and some football! Well done Harry on getting your Study Ladder certificate! That is brilliant!

Amelia has been very busy this week! She looks very happy!

Great to see Jack working so hard! What a lovely rainbow for Great Granny and Granda!

Matthew and Victoria labelling the parts of a plant, looking very neat kids!

It's great to see Isaac hard at work, he has been working hard on studyladder, Bug Club and on the work in his pack. Looks like Isaac is also taking part in the 30 day lego challenge!

Having fun in the garden and showing great engineering skills building a den!

Joanna has been busy creating more beautiful artwork, she has been planting cress with Rebecca and William and she has achieved her Gold certificate on Studyladder! Well done! It is great to see so many of you doing such a variety of activities.

Isaac and Jemimah working hard! What super smiles you two!

Week 2 Home Learning for Primary 3! 

30th March 2020.

We are ready to start another week!


Spelling unit this week is Unit 23.1


We are also learning the Number Facts for 17.


17+ 0 = 17               16 + 1 = 17              13 + 4 = 17   

10 + 7 = 17              15 + 2 = 17              12 + 5 = 17   

9 + 8 = 17                14 + 3 = 17              11 + 6 = 17   

8 + 9 = 17

This week's Study Ladder activities have been uploaded and we are ready to go!


Bug Club

Please only use 1 or 2 books a week and complete online activities to go with them. You also have a photocopy of a worksheet to go with some of the books and they have ideas on the inside covers. Great reading everyone!



Boys and girls, we miss you all so much! Keep the photos coming, they make us smile!smiley
Riley worked out with Joe this morning in his 'Cat in the Hat' costume, then he made some delicious pancakes and did a fantastic Friday Test! Well done Riley, you definitely deserve a good rest at Easter!

P3 Friday Special Awards Time!

Well Primary 3, it was a very difficult decision this week deciding who to award our P3 certificate to. I know that lots of work is being done that we can't see, so that made it even more difficult.


Today is the final day for reaching our Accelerated Reader Targets and normally we have a big AR assembly to celebrate your success, we can't do that today so I am going to post certificates below and I am sure everyone will give you a big clap! So a huge well done to: Thomas, Riley, Emily, Jake, Sofia and Victoria. You have read so many books and reached your targets, I am so proud of you!


On Study Ladder this week Thomas, Sam and Jake were awarded their Silver Certificates and Zoe and Kris achieved their Bronze Certificates! Well done.


Thomas, Jenson, Sam, Emily, Jake and Victoria have been working really hard on RMEasymaths and Jenson, Thomas, Zoe, Sam, Emily, Victoria and Kris have been busy reading and completing their activities on Bug Club!


I have decided that this week I have to award 2 certificates:


 The first certificate is awarded to Victoria!

Victoria had a very high AR target and she has really worked hard to achieve it. She has worked on Study Ladder on areas she knows she needs to improve on and she has completed her Bug Club activities, following the advice in the little messages she got about how to make her answers better. Victoria has a great attitude and does not give up easily! Well done Victoria!


The second certificate this week is going to Riley.

Riley has a great attitude and love for life. He finds fun in everything he does and I love to see his photos coming and the little messages he sends. Riley has worked really hard this week on all his activities, from achieving his AR target, his excellent Friday test score, to his daily workouts with Joe Wicks! Riley knows that it is good to have a balance, some work, some baking and lots of fun! Well done Riley!

P2 Week 2 Home Learning

Number facts for P2

We are learning number facts for 7

7+0=7      3+4=7

6+1=7      2+5=7

5+2=7      1+6=7

4+3=7      0+7=7


Spellings - only do one unit per week, practice writing them and using them in sentences. Can you find your spelling words in some of your reading books?


Everyone has made a great start to Home Learning, keep it up!

You have lots to do in your pack, there are many activities on Study ladder, RM easymaths and Bug Club (read 1 or 2 books each week and read them over more than once to make sure you understand and can read them fluently and with expression)

Please keep sending me photos and let me know what you've enjoyed.



Joanna, the artist! My favourite flower, the Bluebell! That flower is absolutely beautiful, I can't wait to see them blooming very soon!

Caleb has been enjoying the fresh air in Castleblayney. What a fabulous smile!

Helping mum to make pancakes, looks yummy Caleb!

Looks like Jack has been really busy with his learning and in the garden with his brother and sister!

Jack and Annie hard at work!

Jessica is not going to forget about her hockey skills! CR Coaching will be delighted!

Fabulous artwork by Jessica, Harry and Ella! Great message - STAY AT HOME!!