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22nd June Week 12

Thursday 25th June

This week our awards are a bit early because tomorrow all the teachers are going to attend the online P7 awards final assembly.  I know the Busy Bees and Primary 1 class will be sad to see the Primary 7's leave our school.  They are always a great support to the younger children in our school especially in the early days of starting school.  

To all the P7's - We will miss you but we will remember all the fun times we shared at Cortamlet with you.  All the best for your new school P7's!


Well done to all the Primary 1's who completed work on Study ladder over the last 12 weeks.  We have achieved a lot of awards and we finished on the following:

Grace - Silver Trophy

Jamie - Bronze Certificate

Louis - Platinum Trophy

Mina - Silver Ribbon

Sam - Gold Ribbon

Zoe - Silver Certificate


Everyone will receive their own certificate special certificate along with their report tomorrow.

Mrs McBride and Mrs Preston want to say a big thankyou to all the Primary 1's and Busy Bees for working so hard over the past 12 weeks.  You have made us so proud with how you have coped with home learning and by keeping up updated with everything you have been getting up to.  

We hope you have a lovely summer break at home with your families and we are looking forward to seeing you all back in school in September.  Have fun and stay safe!



Monday 22nd June

Good morning boys and girls and welcome to our last week of home learning! You along with your mums and dads have worked so hard over the past 11 weeks of home learning.  You are all little stars!


There are some tasks for you to complete on Study Ladder.  Most importantly keep going over your sounds, words, number facts to 5 and keep up the good reading.  


As you have worked so hard, now it is time to sit back and relax while you watch this little video (scroll down to bottom of page). Your task this week is to tell someone at home about your memories of being in P1 or Busy Bees- What did you enjoy most?!  This slideshow will help to remind you of all the fun and exciting things we got up to!


We are also going to have a Talent Show this week! We will showcase your hobbies or talents. You could send us a picture you have drawn (perhaps of your favourite memory of Cortamlet) or a short video of you dribbling a ball, skipping, dancing, looking after a pet or maybe you have been helping in the garden. It's up to you! We do love to see and share your photos and videos with the rest of the class. 


We would like to collect in all reading books and school equipment e.g. clocks and scissors, this week. A box labelled for each class will be placed at the back gates on Wednesday 24th June from 10am to 11am. 

Cortamlet Memories.mp4

Still image for this video

Watching this made us realise just how much we miss you all! 

Mrs Preston and Mrs McBridesmiley

Chloe singing as Lisa McHugh

Still image for this video
Here we have Chloe opening the talent show with a little number from Lisa McHugh. That is brilliant Chloe, I think you might just be the next big country artist. #keephercountry

Sam has been writing about his memories in school. He says that he liked playing in the house and he really enjoyed making the Gingerbread houses at Christmas. Yes Sam that was a brilliant memory, I loved that too.

Sams brand new lockdown talent

Still image for this video
Sam is very proud of this lock down achievement and rightly so Sam. Look at him go on his bicycle without stabilisers. Great work Sam!