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Week 6 Home Learning!


Well, it's been another very successful week for P2 and P3. We've had rainbow experiments and pictures and some amazing Balmoral Show entries. I hope you had a look at all the class pages, there were some brilliant videos. We have been blown away by how much effort you have put in to this and it made this week really fun for us too.

Everyone is working very hard on Study ladder, Bug Club and RM easimaths, we are so proud of you all.

P2 Study ladder awards this week - 

Bronze Trophy - Isaac J and Matthew

Silver Trophy - Amelia, Isaac R, Jack, Jessica, Joanna, Lois and Harry

Caleb and Isaac A are so close to winning their next award!

(If you want a copy of your award just drop me an email and I'll send it to you.)


And the P2 certificate this week goes to Jessica for achieving her Silver Trophy, making a fabulous bird house, putting great effort into our Balmoral Show themed week and also working away steadily on all her learning. Well done Jessica!yes



A huge well done to Primary 3 as well!


What a week it has been, from learning to ride a bike with no stabilisers, to spraying a bale trailer for Redrock, baking delicious treats, visiting our virtual Balmoral Show to practicing for sports day, it has been a wonderful, fun week for everyone!


We have lots of prize winners on Study Ladder:

A Bronze Ribbon has been awarded to Emily!

A Silver Trophy has been awarded to Jake!

A Bronze Trophy has been awarded to Sam and Thomas!

Platinum Certificates have been awarded to Victoria and Zoe!

Gold Certificates have been awarded to Jenson, Kris and Sofia!


Well done to Thomas, Jenson, Sam, Emily , Jake and Victoria who have been reading lots on Bug Club.

Well done to Thomas, Zoe, Riley, Emily, Jake and Victoria who have been quizzing away on AR!


I am so pleased and delighted with how you are ALL working. I know many of you are working away on your pencil and paper packs as well as online.


The Primary 3 Certificate is going to Jenson this week. Jenson has steadily been building up his skills and talents, doing some practical learning through play and also reading and working on Study Ladder. I am really delighted with how well you are getting on Jenson, well done!

Monday 11th May 2020.


Off we go into another week of home learning boys and girls. You are all doing so well. Remember we can only do our best and that is what counts. 


This week P3 are learning spellings from Unit 27 and continuing with the number  facts for 19.

P2 will continue spellings in the new Prim-ed book and learning number facts for 9


We are going to continue with our Rainbow’ Topic 🌈 and we have included a lovely science activity below and a Rainbow fish craft with toilet roll tubes that you might like to try out!  Have lots of fun!


This week would have normally been the Balmoral Show week and that is a big week in the calendar for most Cortamlet pupils! Rec/ Primary 1 are holding a virtual Cortamlet Show so we though we would gate crash and join the fun! If you a photo of a special animal, a beautiful plant, an amazing cake or a craft project, send us a photo and we will exhibit it below! smiley Join the fun! 


from Mrs Hughes and Mrs McKee



Rainbow Fish craft.

It's great to see Caleb out on his vintage tractor with his Daddy, nice day for a spin! Caleb has also been very creative with his lego, a fab house complete with dining area on the top! Love it Caleb!

Harry has been very busy making rainbows to say thank you to the NHS and he and Grace made some fabulous bunting to commemorate VE Day. He also made the biggest Rainbow fish I've ever seen! Harry has also been having fun in the sun with some of his cousins.

Jenson has learnt to ride his bike without stablisers! Well done Jenson, this is fantastic!

Thomas and Chloe have made a rainbow using their coloured tops!

Emily made a beautiful rainbow tree out of lego!

Joanna has sent us some rainbow jokes!

Matthew thought he would make his own Balmoral show grounds. He has included his milking parlour, judging arena and machinery sales.

Emily made a beautiful Rainbow Fish. I think Emily could be a book illustrator!

Fifteens by Emily! Delicious!

Thomas is very busy getting ready for the show! You are learning so many skills Thomas- well done!

Joanna has been working on her Balmoral Show entry in the sewing and craft section! She helped to pin the pattern and did all the sewing to create this beautiful mermaid! That's a winner for sure!

Jessica had fun setting up her show today, she had a tea tent and won first place for her massey tractor. She also wants to enter the bird house she made. And think it would win another red rosette!

Thomas has set up his Claas machinery stand and I think he has a buyer, I see a cheque book and a big smile!

Jenson has been awarded his Gold Certificate on Study Ladder! A huge well done Jenson!

Jack has been so busy this week with Annie and Sam! He has been working hard on his school work but has also been checking the quality of the silage mowed down and showing off his tractors at 'Balmoral'! They built a den with their toys, walked their Daily Mile around the garden and carried out the skittle experiment and watched a rainbow appear! Phew! What a busy time, I'm sure Mum is tired too!

Victoria, Matthew and Selina made this delicious chocolate cake and decorated it for the NHS- I think it would definately be a show stopper in the cake tent!

Emily and Lauren are putting in lots of practice for Sports Day! Watch out everyone, they have the egg and spoon race perfected!

I wonder would these eggs win any awards in the poultry tent?

Do you think my rooster and hens would win any prizes?

A Victoria Sandwich Cake for the WI Tent!

Lois has been showjumping at Balmoral and won first prize! She has also been helping Dad on the farm with the silage.

Amelia has been watching a beautiful sunset, she noticed all the colours of the rainbow in the sunset and decided to recreate it with her amazing painting! You are a real artist Amelia!

So I didn't want to be outdone by Mrs McKee! I don't have any hens and I didn't bake a delicious cake but I thought these orchids might win a prize in the Horticulture section!

Harry carried out our skittles experiment, look at all those colours! I wonder what they tasted like without the colour? Harry also recreated Balmoral Show with his toys, great job Harry!