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Primary 4/5

P4/5 ww2 evacuee day!

We made national identity cards and ww2 biscuits.

We enjoyed our cookies!

We had digital art class today with the Amma centre. We learned about Mandela art and an app called KaleidaCam.

We are all champions!

Working on our Anderson shelters.

We are really enjoying reading The Twits by Roald Dahl.

Miss Henry taught us about rationing in WW2- these rations had to last 1 week! We were not happy to hear that you would only get 7 sweets for 1 month!

Accelerated reader certificates! Well done everyone!

Problem solving with friends!

Feel Good Friday- experiments in P4/5

We were so excited to see the bulbs we planted such a long time ago! Spring has sprung!

Welcome back! We celebrated withsome of Mrs Nicholson's chocolate cakes!

Information for P4-7 return to school.

Friday 19th March.

Good morning everyone!! I hope you have all had a great week! I am sure you have all heard the news this week! Liverpool won! Ireland won! βš½οΈπŸ‰ Now you know that's not all... we are back to school on Monday!! I cannot wait to see you all, to catch up in person and to hear your laughter and stories! It will be a great day! See you there! Today is 'Feel Good Friday!' We are all feeling good already at the prospect of going back to school! You have a gratitude scavenger hunt to complete, just enjoy it! We are grateful for getting back to school to be with each other to learn and play together! I will see you on Monday, bring your pack and yourself! Have an awesome weekend, bed early on Sunday night! Take care, Mrs Rice πŸ˜πŸ‘β€

P4 certificate is awarded to Jenson. I loved your pictures and you had completed great work in your pack! Well done!

This certificate is awarded to Charlie! I was so pleased to hear what a good help you have been at home nursing little lambs. Well done!

12 week Incredible Years programme being run by the Southern Area Trust over zoom, some parents may be interested in this.

Monday 15th March.

Good morning everyone. I hope you are keeping well and had a lovely weekend. I hope you did something kind for your Mummy and thanked her for everything that she does for you.

Thank you so some for sending your 'Feel Good Friday' pictures, it was lovely to hear from so many of you! Keep them coming this week- I also hope that you enjoyed doing it. 

This week I have not set anything new on Studyladder, I feel that you have enough in your pack and that is what I want you to concentrate on. Really focus on AR if you have any spare time. Studyladder is unlocked if you want to go on and compete any games or activities. 

Josias' extreme reading picture made it into the Farming Journal! So keep an eye out for him! 

Just in case anyone has forgotten there is no school on Wednesday- it is St. Patrick's day! That means no home school either! There are lots of online activities to celebrate and I will share any that might interest you. 

Have a great week, keep in touch,

Mrs Rice πŸ˜πŸ‘β€

I received an autograph today from Master Josias Preston, local celebrity who appeared in The Farming Journal at the weekend! It made us all laugh and smile!

Jenson' scavenger hunt. He says trees are useful to climb and his dog George is fluffy. The Beano makes him laugh and he even made his own Beano! Great work Jenson! He is grateful for his bike and loves Snowy his bear! It is lovely to see you Jenson, what a great space you have to play in!

Feel Good Friday


Gratitude Scavenger Hunt.


Alfie loves his cat Dottie- she is soft and Fluffy!

Alfie cannot wait until restaurants open again so that he can tuck into a tasty steak!  I'm with you on that one Alfie!

Alfie is happy when he playing with his friends on the PS4- that is a great, fun way to keep in touch at the minute!  Thank you so much Alfie!


Lily is grateful for her double bed and her fluffy teddy Snuggles!

Lily has found her very useful coat and some nice perfume to smell.

Lily found someone she loves- her MUM!  Perfect!  Especially for this weekend!

Thomas found that his Dad makes him laugh and his Mum is someone that he loves.  

Nathan's kittens getting well looked after!

The P4 certificate is awarded to Riley! Great work in his pack and I loved seeing his Friday tests! Keep it up!

This week’s certificate is awarded to Leah! The work in her pack was so neat and well organised- I was very impressed! I also loved Leah’s shop that she set up to help with money. Well done Leah!

Feel Good Friday- Healthy Snacks!

Jake and Will made banana bread, it looks good boys! I think you have all grown, especially Hannah!

Emily's healthy snack, so colourful!

Friday 12th March.

Good morning everyone! I don't know about you but I can't believe that it is Friday again! This has been an important week as some children have returned to school. In school there were dinners, buses and the noise of children in the playground! It was great! Some of your little brothers and sisters have been in school and you should see how many new busy bees have started with Mrs Preston! Such an exciting time for them starting their school journey. In our house Daniel went back to school and he was glad to see his teacher and his friends. I can't wait until it is our time to return to school. 

I have marked the work in your packs and am so impressed with how you are working.  Each time I go through your packs I am always amazed with the effort and commitment you give to every task. I have been setting less work on Studyladder as I think if you are completing such a high standard of work in your learning pack you cannot have much time for studyladder. Of course it is there for you for extra if you need it. Some of you are really focusing on your AR and have even reached your target already! Well done!

I hope you have found time this week to complete your extra craft activity! πŸ˜‰

Today is our first 'Feel Good Friday!' All you have to do is send me a picture of a healthy snack or lunch that you have prepared! That's your set task for today! I think that it is a great way to end the week and start the weekend! It's a special weekend with Mother's day on Sunday. Make sure you be kind and say thank you. Your mum's are doing an amazing job.

Have a lovely weekend, have fun!

Mrs Rice πŸ˜πŸ‘β€

The EA High 5 newsletter- the theme of this edition is patience!

Free parentline classes

Happy Birthday Rebecca! 9 Today! The cake looks fabulous and was baked and decorated by Rebecca, William and Joanna! It looks great!

Leah with her shop set up! This is great Leah, I think you would get all of those items in Fane Valley Shop! I love it, well done!

Emily taking advantage of a dry day to complete her daily mile on the mall. Keep up the good work!

Monday 8th March.

Good morning everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend! We got lots of wee jobs done at home so we relaxed yesterday and enjoyed the beautiful weather! This is a great day as some pupils return to school and I don't think it will be very long until we are back together again in class! You are doing a remarkable job at home but it will be great to be back in school again. 

Today is international women's day. Some people will think of women from history like Marie Curie or Queen Victoria maybe even our current Queen. She sets an amazing example and is a great ambassador for our country. Many countries throughout the world are now governed by powerful women like New Zealand's prime minister Jacinta Ardern. But this week is also Mother's day and I think you should thank your mum for all of the wonderful things that she does for you. Your mum will always be your biggest cheerleader, your best friend and will always want the best for you. And that's not the only job she does, it's one of many! So in your pack there is a little activity that you might need someone other than mum to help you with. πŸ˜‰ I will put up a PowerPoint on mother's day during the week.

This week we are looking a maths activities to do with money, counting amounts, calculating change etc. I have shared some videos from BBC bitesize and they are really good- short and concise so please take time to watch the. Empty your dad's pockets, mum's purse or your money box to set up a shop and count out your money and change. 

Also Feel Good Friday is new! I have included a task for you to complete on Friday and all I ask is that you send me a picture of it. This can be the only activity that you complete on Friday- you can do your test on Thursday! 

Have a great week and as always if you need anything just send me an email.

Take care, Mrs Rice πŸ˜β€πŸ‘

Friday 5th March.

Good morning everyone! Friday again, another week of home schooling completed! Well done to all of you! Hopefully as some pupils return to school it will not be long until we are back in class together. Until then keep up the good work! Remember to return your completed pack on Monday 8th March between 9-11am and collect your new pack then too. 

The P4 Amazon voucher winner is Thomas and in P5 Rebecca. Well done to both of you. I hope to put your voucher in your folder on Monday. 

Whatever you have planned for this weekend make sure you have fun and relax! Take care, 

Mrs Rice πŸ˜πŸ‘β€

P4 certificate is awarded to Sam! He works so hard on his pack and I am always so impressed. Well done Sam!

P5 certificate is awarded to Jack! The work in his pack is always completed to a very high standard. I love to see the photos that he prints off and sends in. Thank you Jack!

The World Book Day Song by MC Grammar

Check out the official, and first-ever, World Book Day song by MC Grammar. #WorldBookDayClick the link below to download / stream the song: https://MCGramma...

Emily is grateful for her Daddy at home, she still has the flowers that she made for her Mummy in P2! Her care bear is soft and cuddly and she makes others smile by being kind. I love the tasty chocolate bar- it's all about balance! These are lovely Emily, you made me smile!

Josias reading on the job! What a great picture! Thank you

Thomas mixing extreme reading with extreme sport! He is reading in his papa's rally car, keep your eyes on the road!

Emily looks very comfy in her reading spot!

Rebecca's extreme reading! Now that is extreme!! She assures me that it was not a Demon Dentist!

We got a mention on the BBC teach page for taking part in the live lesson! 😁

Emily and Lauren following the CBBC live lesson, great work girls!

Lily busy baking, they look very tasty!

There are fantastic prizes to be won in this competition!  Get someone at home to enter you! 

P3-5 have to design a stain glass window  like you might see in church. You must use the sheet attached to enter.


The Saint Patrick Centre is launching an online art competition to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day this year and to mark our Twentieth Anniversary serving the community at home and abroad.

With public celebrations on hold due to Covid-19 this Saint Patrick’s Day, the Downpatrick-based Centre is offering a chance for children to recreate the Spirit of Patrick through art.

Primary school pupils are invited to take part and win prizes which include Nintendo Switches and an i-PAD mini 

Primary 1-2 will be judged on a Colouring in Competition, whilst P3-P5 are asked to Design a Stained Glass Window. P6-P7 are invited to design and write a cartoon script about the life of Saint Patrick.

“Saint Patrick is a fascinating figure with an amazing life story and an important part of the schools curriculum' said Dr Tim Campbell, Director of Saint Patrick Centre, Downpatrick. 

“This is a great way for children - who have had a challenging year with their education disrupted due to Covid-19 -  to have some fun and learn about our rich heritage and culture at the same time.”

“We hope parents and teachers will encourage children to have some fun and participate and have a chance to win some lovely prizes.”

Children wishing to take part can download the information from Prizes are a Nintendo switch for the two younger age groups and i-Pad mini for P6-P7.

Submissions can be made online to until March 12thand the winners will be announced on St Patrick’s Day. 

Entrants must include contact details such as email or phone number. The winning artwork will be displayed St Patrick’s Website and facebook pages. 

All entrants must work on the sheets provided. Additional material such as glitter and other elements are allowed but the entries will be judged as a 2D art piece.

Thomas having great fun at Gosford! We all love Gosford!

Kris relaxing at the weekend, enjoying the sun! It is great to get out and about! Keep trying Kris that was sooo close!!

Kris basketball.mp4

Still image for this video

I want you to remember the words of this poem! ❀

Monday 1st March

Good morning everyone! It is St. David's day today. St. David is the patron saint of Wales. This week on Thursday 4th March it is World Book Day.  There is a BBC live lesson at 11.30am on Thursday morning on CBBC channel, tune in if you can. The worksheet wasn't available when I got your pack ready so I will share a link if you want to download it at home. We usually celebrate this in some way in school so this year are celebrating at home.  We are having an extreme reading challenge! Send me a picture of you reading in an unusual but safe place! There is a £1 voucher as always for everyone which I will email to you and a £5 Amazon voucher to buy a book for the winning entry! So get reading and snap a few pictures! Email your pictures to me before the end of the day on Thursday! 

This is the 2nd week on this pack which can be returned on Monday 8th March. On this date you can also collect your new pack.  If this doesn't suit then just contact me and we can make other arrangements. I, like you, am disappointed that we are not returning to school just yet, but I know you will continue to work and do your best until we can be together again in school. The powerpoints and videos I shared last week are still available for you this week to support your learning and I am glad so many of you have already used them.

The driver weather is due to stay with us this week so get outside when you can. Take notice of and connect with your surroundings. We live in a beautiful part of the countryside and we should enjoy what we have around us. 

Have a great week,

Mrs Rice πŸ˜πŸ‘β€

World book day activity sheet and BBC programme schedule.

These are 2 fun scavenger hunts that you can use your books at home to complete. They are for 2different ages but you could complete whichever 1 you want.

Fraction PowerPoint. P5 finding a fraction of an amount.

P5 Road Safety Competition. This is a free competition in that it can focus on any aspect of road safety so it could be wearing seat belts, mobile phone use, speeding or parking at schools. The poster gives you guidance and the word document is a template. The closing date is 12th March so get to work! Remember a catchy slogan, good spelling and matching illustrations. Keep it simple, it needs to stand out.

Friday 26th February 

Good morning everyone! Friday again! Not only has this week flown but this month has flown! Monday will be 1st March! It was great to see so much good work being completed in your learning packs- a great standard from a great class! Thank you so much! So many of you back on Studyladder and AR this week which is fantastic! Thank you for sending your pictures, I love to see them! Don't forget about PE with Chris this afternoon it is his last session. It is a great way for us to connect with one another too.  Christine will also post her hockey video. This weekend is to be lovely so get outside safely and enjoy it! Have a lovely weekend! 

Take care, Mrs Rice πŸ‘πŸ˜β€

This week the P4 certificate is awarded to Zoe! She is working so hard at home on her pack, AR and Studyladder! The work in her pack was so neat, organised and well presented! Super work Zoe!

This week the P5 certificate is awarded to Josias! In our last pack we had a mini project on The Wright Brothers- well Josias went ahead and researched lots more information and included pictures, writing and quotes based on the two famous brothers! I was so impressed! Well done!

Signs of spring at Cortamlet! The bulbs that we planted are shooting up! I can't wait to see them in full bloom!

Thomas enjoying his hug in a mug! I have to say he looks as snug as a bug in that comfy chair and blanket!

Leah enjoying her 'hug in a mug!' Just the morning for it Leah!

Josias has got stuck into his fractions already! Great job!

Thomas and Chloe made pancakes on pancake Tuesday! They look great, we had pancakes for breakfas, lunch and dinner that day! Yummy!

Lily out for a bike ride, look at that blue sky! Brighter days ahead!

Thomas used a box to make cube shape blocks to build his igloo! Fabulous, maths is fun!

Rebecca sporting a very fashionable new look!

Monday 22nd February.

Good morning everyone! Welcome back! I hope you had a lovely half term break. We certainly enjoyed it and we were ready for the break from the books.  It has been lovely to see some signs of Spring as snowdrops and daffodils are springing up and the evenings are a little brighter.  This gives me great hope and renewed energy as we look forward to this new half term, whatever it may bring. 

Your new learning pack is ready to collect on Monday 22nd February between 10-11am. If this doesn't suit then just let me know and we can make other arrangements. This pack has work on fractions and if you have never watched any of the videos or powerpoints that I have put up before, I recommend that you do this time.  Fractions can be a tricky topic but these clips should be a good support for everyone at home. We usually cut pizzas into 1/4, 1/2, 1/8 etc so do that at home, divide your toast into equal parts, share your sweets with your mum or brother what fraction did you get, how many was that?  Reading and Spelling activities as usual along with mental maths and English practice.  P4 are looking at commas and plurals.  P5 are looking at plurals, pronouns and suffix endings.  The first 2sections of the activities are the most important so especially focus on those. Again the powerpoints and videos are a good starting point. I have included a link to BBC bitesize topic on mapping skills.  Our last pack had lots of work on coordinates so I think you might enjoy this too. Chris will be back on zoom on Friday and Christine will be posting her hockey lesson!  The weather is to be reasonable this week so get outside! That is a time tabled activity! πŸ˜‰

As I have always said please keep it manageable for you at home. Set a time limit and whatever gets done, that's it. No one should feel under pressure. If I can help please email me.  

This pack contains work for 2weeks.  

If you got up to anything fun over half term send me some pictures- I would love to see them and share them with our class.  It is a great way to keep in touch and keep our spirits high. 

Have a great week, let's smash this! 

Mrs Rice πŸ˜β€πŸ‘



Nathan has worked on our STEM challenge- what a great looking nest Nathan, very inviting! Those eggs look great too!

Friday 12th February.

Good morning everyone! We have had another busy week and it's Friday again! Your next pack will be ready to collect on Monday 22nd February between 10-11am and you can return this week's on that morning too. Chris will be on zoom later for PE and Christine will share her weekly hockey session, so get your PE kit on and enjoy!  There will be no PE next week because it is half term! So put your books away and relax. You have all worked so hard in very difficult circumstances. This is a once in a lifetime event and there is no rule book. You are doing your best every day and I can't ask any more of you than that.  I am extremely proud of each and every one of you. Each home learning pack had something that made me smile or think what a great job you've done at home.  πŸ‘ Not only you, but your parents too. You should be very grateful that they are so committed to you and your learning.  I appreciate your support and do not underestimate how difficult it can be at times, so thank you.  

Big celebrations over half term- Valentine's day on Sunday- tell your parents you love them, say thank you and help out.  Pancake day on Tuesday- you are all fabulous bakers so it will be pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Have a great week and whatever you get up to have fun! 

Mrs Rice πŸ˜πŸ‘β€



Today would mark the end of this quizzing period on AR and we would be celebrating our successes! I am delighted that 6 of us reached our target at home- I know it is especially difficult to achieve at home so well done to Alfie, Philip, Lily, Faith, Emily and Jake! Many congratulations! A special mention to Thomas who has read 9 books and Jack who earned over 10 points! These are fantastic achievements! Well done everyone and keep reading! 

The P4 certificate is awarded to Victoria! I was so impressed with the work in her pack, it was so neat, well presented and accurate! Well done Victoria!

The P5 certificate is awarded to Rebecca. The work in her pack was excellent and she still finds time to quiz on AR and complete all of her activities on Studyladder! Well done Rebecca!

Murmuration of Starlings- must watch!!

Still image for this video
Alfie sent in this video which he captured at his house on Saturday. It shows hundreds if not thousands of starlings coming together to perform stunts in the air. They fly at great speed with many twists and turns without banging into each other. Alfie said he loved how they danced in the sky. It is called a murmuration. Sometimes they do this to protect themselves from predators as it confuses their attacker- it can't pick out 1bird as they move together as 1mass. 'Safety in numbers' or they gather together at dusk before they roost, they wait as other flocks join them. It is am amazing sight and I am so glad Alfie sent it in, thank you.

Josias working hard on his work on the Wright Brothers and working on safer internet activities. Great work!

Emily and Lauren had a go at our STEM challenge- to build a nest using only natural materials- no glue, tape or blue tac. They have done a great job- female engineers of the future!

Lily out get some fresh air and exercise! You definitely need your woolly hat on! Good for you!

Sam and Isaac practising their pancake making skills before next Tuesday- great idea boys! They look yummy, lots of careful measuring going on there too! Well done!

Emily taking part in the CBBC Live Lesson on Safer Internet Day. Some lovely mindfulness colouring too.

Leah hard at work!

Rebecca's amazing art work, such attention to detail. Great work Rebecca!

Thomas toasting marshmallows by the fire! Delicious!

Lily has made her paper airplane already! Imagine the fun we would have in school making these!

Newry and Mourne council are running these courses for free via zoom- some of you may be interested. There is a sign language course and a fitness course.

Monday 8th February 

Good morning everyone! I hope you had relaxing weekend and made the most of the dry weather.  I have been so impressed with the work in your learning packs and I cannot wait for us to get back to school to share our bird reports with each other- they are fantastic! This pack has some activities on The Wright Brothers who were very interested in flight.  I will share a PowerPoint to help you complete your comprehension.  It also has activities on coordinates which we always have great fun completing in school. Again I will share a link to help you before you start.  This week is the last week to reach your target on AR- I know it's not as easy at home but so many of you are quizzing away so keep it up!  Tuesday is safer internet day and as we are all online more for different reasons, I think it is even more important to think about keeping ourselves safe online.  There is a live safer internet lesson on CBBC on Tuesday morning at 11am- I have included the activity sheet in your pack. If you cant watch it live you can watch it on the iplayer.  I have not set any new tasks on Studyladder this week- some of you have pods to finish if you do then work on those, if you have completed everything then I suggest you practise the tables games or mental maths tasks or some of the spelling activities.

You'll be glad to hear that after this week you get a break for half term- it will be a busy week as we celebrate Valentine's day and Pancake Tuesday when we are off!  I hope you all enjoyed the sweet treat in your folder on Friday! πŸ˜‰  As always, keep the work manageable, work in a way that suits you and your family best.  Let's have a great week! Take care, Mrs Rice πŸ‘πŸ˜β€

Coordinates powerpoint

The Wright Brothers PowerPoint- read this before you complete your comprehension.

CBBC schedule for this week.

Daily mile challenge week 4

Nathan busy lambing! It's hard work Nathan!

Emily's robin, it looks fantastic, well done!

Friday 5th February


Good morning everyone! It is Friday again! What a busy week.  I have been so impressed with all of your work and effort.  You will be glad to know that this is the last week before half term, then you will get a rest. (Mum’s and Dad’s too!). It is important to put all of your work away on a Friday and relax with your family! 

This week in P4 I am awarding the certificate to Emily- her work pack was excellent and I loved to see her taking part in the CBBC live lesson.

The P5 certificate is awarded to Nathan! I was so pleased to see how hard you worked on your pack and I was especially pleased with your Winter poem! Great adjectives!

This week is children's mental health week.  So maybe take the opportunity to get out and do some exercise, do your daily mile, hockey with Christine or zoom PE with Chris.  Get active.  Use our bird topic to connect with our environment and take notice of our beautiful surroundings and be grateful for all that have and of course, keep learning! Be kind, we all need to be surrounded with kindness especially at the minute- help mum with dishes, put the toys in the right place or just have a chat and listen.  Sometimes just taking time and giving back can work wonders, when we are kind to others it helps us to feel better about ourselves too. β€

Daily mile at home- week 3 challenge.

Lily has made some fabulous creations with her playdoh and cutters from Santa. They look fabulous, so neat! Super Lily!

Jake has decided after all of his research that the bluetit is his favourite. Your sketch is fantastic, well done! I love the bright colours of the bluetit too!

Victoria working hard researching garden birds- good work Victoria! Everyone seems to be enjoying this topic.

Rebecca made bird feeders at the weekend. She says it was a messy, gooey job but the birds will love them! We are all missing you too Rebecca!

Jake has been helping on the farm- those cows definitely need some silage when the ground is covered in snow- good man Jake!

Thomas and Chloe made a delicious looking pizza! Lots of skills needed to make a pizza as good as that! Yummy!

Sam helping on the farm at home! Great work Sam!

Monday 1st February 

Good morning everyone! 1st day of a new month! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend and got outside to enjoy the cold but dry weather.  I know that some of you signed up to the Big Bird Watch at the weekend- if you took any snaps I'd love to see them! Also I know some of you are doing a socially distanced daily mile- I'd love some pictures of that too! We are continuing with our bird study this week and I look forward to reading your reports.  We are looking at handling data which we always enjoy in school. Remember to watch the power points and videos I've posted.  P4 are thinking about the 3times tables and P5 dividing facts.  

Also this week read, read, read! 2weeks to reach your target- do your best! As with last week I will be setting less on Studyladder as so many of you focus to produce a a very high standard of work in your written pack.  I cannot tell you how proud I am of each of you.  

I know lots of you joined Chris for PE on Friday- I will see you there next week! I hope it's not too hard a workout!

Remember that your pack comes back on Friday 5th February and you can collect your next pack which has work for 1week. As before return you pack whether finished or not. If it doesn't suit to return it on Friday just email me and we can arrange something another time. Keep the mental maths, English practice and Friday test books.

Keep up the good work, let's make this a great week! Mrs Rice πŸ‘πŸ˜β€

Here are 2 powerpoints on garden birds which may help you with your activities and writing this week and next week.

Powerpoint on different charts and graphs

CBBC schedule 1st February

Friday 29th January

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all keeping well.  Firstly this morning I want to say well done to everyone! I have been so impressed with the standard of work in all of the home learning packs.  You are working so hard at home and I know sometimes it's not easy. You are obviously being well guided and supported at home by your parents and I really appreciate all of your effort and commitment to your home learning. Thank you. πŸ‘

You will have noticed that I set less work on Studyladder this week because if you are concentrating and working to that standard on your written pack you wont have much time for Studyladder. I don't want you to feel pressured into having to complete everything. We are into the last 2weeks of trying to reach our AR target- so read, read, read!! So many of you are reading and quizzing at home, keep it up!

Yesterday we stopped work to watch the live lesson on cbbc, we really enjoyed it. It tied in so well with the work in our packs.  I hope you have looked at the videos and powerpoints to help you with the work that is in your pack. 

Friday is definitely PE day, so get your kit on and get ready for action. I have emailed the link to all of your parents for zoom PE with Chris and Christine will post her hockey lesson today too.  What a great way to end the week! 

As always I love to see your pictures and videos and I thank you all for taking the time to send them in.

I want you make sure you and your family relax this weekend- maybe you signed up to the big bird watch or you've planned a long walk. Maybe you could have a games evening, a movie night or build a den. Whatever you get up to send me photos, take care and have fun! Mrs Rice πŸ˜πŸ‘β€

P4 certificate this week is for Kris! I was so impressed with the work in your pack. You and your mummy are working very hard at home. Well done to both of you!

P5 certificate is for Lily! The work in her pack was beautifully neat and well presented. Lily always keeps me up to date with lots of photos which I love to see! Thank you and well done!

Thomas on his quad and completing his daily mile, I think you'd be quick on the quad!

Emily hard at her weekly tests, well done!

Emily taking part in the CBBC Live lesson, completing her activities as she goes! Great work Emily!

Emily and Lauren with their bird feeders, great job girls!

Faith got to work on feeding the birds around Cortamlet! How brave is her mummy?! I have to admit I made the less messy ones! Faith is now watching with her new camera to capture some birds in her garden.

Thomas and Chloe made bird feeders together, then hung them out at Nanny's to watch the birds. The birds will love those tasty treats!

The Hughes Family carrying out a 'Magic Milk' experiment from BBC bitesize

Still image for this video


I have just read on their page that this will be shown on CBBC channel at the same time to make it easier for everyone to access!

The link below is to a live lesson on birds which is being broadcast at 11am.  We have used these in school before and they are always really interesting.  I have included the related worksheets in your pack for this week.  Let me know if you watch it, you can watch it again after the date.

Live lesson on BBC Teach garden birds. Thursday 28th January at 11am. I have included the activities in your pack to go along with the lesson. If you are able to join in, that's great.

BBC bitesize schedule 25/1/21

Daily Mile at home challenge week 2

Lily completing her Daily Mile on the mall! Well done Lily!

Faith enjoying break time pancakes and having fun in the snow with Ava! Good times girls!

Leah, sam and Grace out on a bike ride. What a stunning view! Amazing!

Thomas having fun in the snow at the park! Football in the snow, great fun!

Snowy scenes at Alfie's house, stunning!

Alfie snow boarding on the slopes at Cortamlet

Still image for this video

Snowy days in Tandragee

Sunday sledding!

Still image for this video

Emily fun in the snow!

I really like this- there are so many different ways to learn, remember that!

Monday 25th January

Good morning everyone! I did mention on Friday that we may see some of the white stuff at the weekend! How exciting to wake up on Sunday morning to a winter wonderland! Now you always get a lot more snow than me but we had quite a bit this time, I'll show you some pictures. Everyone was out building snowmen and throwing snowballs- I could hear laughter and squeals of delight, it reminded me of the school playground at break and lunch. I miss that- school is a quiet place, a duller place without you all.  So I can't  believe I am asking again for your snow pictures and videos, I cannot wait to see them!

You are starting this week on your week 2pack.  It has lots activities related to the big bird watch and garden birds- I will post some PowerPoints related to garden birds that might help you as well and the RSPB website is fantastic. Build your bird feeder and attract some birds to your garden, then use your new devices to take some pictures to send for our class page.  Use these to sketch a garden bird.

Your maths activities relate to handling data.  We always enjoy these in school as we find out information, collect it in tables and present it in charts.  Corbett maths primary has great tutorial videos that take you through different topics- I definitely recommend looking it up and I will allocate related activities on Studyladder.  This time you will be able to write on the worksheets there is space to write in tables or draw charts on most of the worksheets.

As before can I please stress thst the work you do at home has to be manageable for you and your family. Set aside time to work at an activity and then leave it, finished or not.  Or choose 3 activities for the day.  It is better to do your work well and understand it. 

Friday is PE day! Christine will post her hockey session on Friday and Chris will lead our school in a PE session.  P3/4 is from 1.40- 2.10pm and P5-7 from 2.15- 2.45pm.  This will be on zoom and will be a great opportunity for you to see your classmates! 

Let's have a great week everyone and as always you contact me via email with any questions or queries.  Mrs Rice πŸ˜πŸ‘β€


Faith has been busy on the farm with her lambs and out for her winter walk with Ava. Great girls, that looks like a lovely hot chocolate!

Emily was busy on Friday! Friday Test, then washing the car! Great work!

CR hockey

Still image for this video
Christine is uploading hockey lessons each Friday, which you can watch any time on her youtube channel. So dust off those hockey sticks and don't forget to send some photos!
Chris is also going to run a PE lesson on zoom on Friday afternoon! More info to follow! How exciting!

Friday 22nd January

Good Morning everyone! It is Friday again! What a week- America has a new president and Liverpool were beaten by Burnley! sad But more importantly we have completed our first 2week home learning pack and it is due to be returned today when you can pick up your new 2week pack. 

It has been lovely to see so many photos of you out and about.  I love to see your work and see how you are doing at home, I am looking forward to seeing your packs.  I really appreciate your Mums and Dads taking the time to contact me with pictures and work, I know it isn't easy work, home school and do all the other jobs at home.  When you can send them in, your pictures really brighten up our class page.

This week more than half of you have completed an AR quiz which is fantastic- I know it can be tricky to source books at home but some of you are taking this opportunity to read books you got for Christmas.  That is great!  I have stressed the importance of our written pack this time around and we are using Studyladder for extension activities.  I am amazed that so many of you have almost finished all of those activities!  Everyone has been on Studyladder at some stage over the 2weeks and I am delighted with your work!  Well done! 

I want you to make sure that today when you finish your work you put it away until Monday morning.  It is important to get a break from home learning and just enjoy your home and family.  It is giving a cold weekend and you might even see some of the white stuff!! (snow)  Enjoy, have a lovely weekend, Mrs Rice laughyesheart

This week I am awarding the P4 certificate to Thomas! He is working so hard at home and always finds time to send through pictures of himself and his work, well done Thomas!

This week in P5 I am awarding the certificate to Alfie, he read The Demon Dentist and earned himself 6 points towards his target! This is a fantastic achievement, especially when he got 100%! Well done Alfie!

Riley's daily work and Friday test. Great work Riley!

Leah out on her scavenger hunt- dry but cold!! Well done Leah!

Rebecca's winter poem- great descriptions and rhyming! Super work! Rebecaa also made some buns they look tasty!

Leah's generation school- keep those girls busy Leah!

Sam's Winter poem, great describing words. I am glad they enjoyed your walk. Well done!

Lily helping the vet to test cattle! There are so many different ways to learn at home! What a great assistant!

Thomas' Winter poem. He likes the mucky puddles, I especially like the hot, blazing fire! Well done Thomas!

Leah's Winter poem. Beautifully presented, lovely adjectives and rhyming! That's not easy, well done Leah!

Josias has forwarded his Christmas writing and Winter poem. I am so glad you enjoyed your Winter walk. I can't believe Santa brought you a Chelsea top! You'll have to get a Liverpool one for your birthday! Well done Josias and thank you! Josias is missing you all P4 and 5!

What a great start to the day! Leah made raspberry pancakes for breakfast before she starts her school work! Delicious!

Thomas and Chloe out on their scavenger hunt, great teamwork! I see you have ticked everything on your list. Well done!

Lily was out early to complete her scavenger hunt and took a few pictures of the things she found! I see something red, holly, ivy, footprints, an evergreen tree and something that looks out of place! Well done Lily! We had great fun doing this too although we didn't finish with a hot chocolate- who needs Starbucks? That looks great!

Lily's Winter poem. Great descibing words, I'm sure your toes were freezing after that dip in the river! Well done Lily, so brave!

Monday 18th January.

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all well! It is Monday again and we are onto the 2nd week of our pack. It has to be handed in on Friday 22nd January when I will have another pack ready for you to collect. Don't panic if it is not finished just return it in the folder and collect your new 1. Reading books must be returned. Please keep your mental maths, English practice and Friday test books as you will need them.

This week I'd like you to go on your Winter walk, looking out for signs of Winter. It would be great if you could take some pictures and send them to me. When you have time then write your Winter adjective poem. If you can send me a picture or copy of your poem, or maybe even record yourself saying it, that would be great!

Healthy kidz have sent through information about their home activities which you can register for online. 

CBBC is also running their primary education schedule. This week there is Spanish, punctuation and continents to look out for. We looked at continents during our first term so I think you'll enjoy it.

Studyladder extension activities have been set and as always remember AR and Bugclub.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or queries and remember to send me your pictures I love to see them! 

Have a good week, take care and be kind. Mrs Rice πŸ˜πŸ‘β€

The EA produce this newsletter to help support emotional health and well being of teachers, pupils and parents. It has some lovely ideas and supportive articles which might help especially at the minute. A useful read.

The HSC has sent through some challenges and ideas to help you complete your daily mile at home. Just have a look at some of the ideas.

CBBC schedule

New healthy Kidz pack which you can register for from Monday

Healthy Kidz home learning pack.

Thomas made sticky buns- they look delicious!

Lily's Christmas Day. Such excitement waiting to go downstairs together!

Friday 15th January 2021


It is hard to believe we are already half way through January and I think that is a good thing! We have completed our first full week of home learning and I hope you are managing well.  Half of our class have completed at least 1 AR quiz and everyone has been on Studyladder at some point in the last week!  That is fantastic, I knew we could do this!  This is in addition to your home learning pack which I know you will be busy working away on.  I hope you have taken my advice to set aside a little time for a task, work hard for that time and then move on.  Please get in touch via email if you have any questions or queries.  Your Mum's and Dad's are doing an amazing job at home, working and helping you with your school work.  Well done and Thank You!

I found our class page really uplifting last time around and I think we should try to do that again by sharing pictures of what we are getting up to at home.  I thought you could send me some pictures of you playing with a gift that you received for Christmas, maybe you got a new device to take it on!  I would love to see them. 

Have a lovely weekend, get outside, weather permitting and have some fun in these crazy times!

Mrs Rice laughyesheart

p5 certificate for Faith, who has quizzed very steadily on AR since we started back, well done! Keep it up! P4 certificate goes to Jake who has also quizzed steadily and accurately on Studyladder. Congratulations!

Happy new year P4/5! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break and I look forward to hearing all about it! We are starting the new term with some home learning and I know we are fit for this challenge! This time I have prepared written packs with work for 2weeks which can be extended with activities on Studyladder. As in school we will all work at different paces and this is perfectly normal. At home you will all have different routines, I suggest you allocate an amount of time for an activity and do your best at that activity for that time. Remember quality over quantity! I will be checking in with you as we go along and am available via email if you have any questions or queries. 

As before the links to our online platforms are on our website in the children section. Use Libraries ni to access ebooks for accelerated reader, they have a huge range of books. Joe Wicks is leading PE and we should keep up our daily mile and improve our 100m sprint! We have really enjoyed online assembly and we even won a prize! You will be able to keep this up at home too.  Our class page was so important last time helping us to keep in touch and see each other without being in school so please contact me with photos of what you are getting up too. 

Don't feel overwhelmed at home, you will be inundated with images of people all over the country doing amazing things at home! Each of you are all amazing, do your best and forget about the rest! 🌟 I can't wait until we are back in our bubble together but for now work hard and keep safe! Mrs Rice πŸ‘πŸ˜β€ 

The BBC have been promoting their schedule to support home learning- I have included it below, you might enjoy some of the programmes.

Leah's Christmas writing. The cheescake sounds delicious! We played a lot of board games this year too!

Emily's Christmas recount! An early start on Christmas morning! Well done Emily.

Victoria sent me her writing about her Christmas holidays, great work with the word processing! I think she is exactly right- Christmas was a little bit different this year but we all still had areally good time!

Lily celebrating her Granda's birthday! Happy Birthday!

Thomas and Chloe made the local press with their fantastic snowman!

Thomas having fun in the snow!

Still image for this video

What a stylish snowman Leah! He is fab! I hope your Dad isn't cold?!

Riley, Alexa and Freddie having fun in the snow! I love the pictures!

Thomas and Chloe enjoying the snow! We all love a snow day!

Snowy scenes from Cortamlet! Thanks Lily!

Great to see that Thomas completed his work before he went out in the snow! It's good to get back in the swing of things!

Welcome to our Primary 4 and 5 class page.  We are so glad to be back at school learning new things and working with our friends.  Keep an eye out for some of the fun activities that we get up to. 

We had a surprise visit from a very special gentleman in red! It was great to see Santa at Cortamlet!

We won a class prize with Hope for Youth Ministeries. We have really enjoyed their morning assemblies, especially their visits to the farm! Each pupil got a lovely puzzle book.

Accelerated Reader certificates were awarded to those who reached their target, congratulations! Missing from the photo are Zoe and Alfie.

Marshmallow snowmen! Delicious!

Learning about the properties of 3D shapes.

PTA Santa decorations!

Christmas dinner, enjoyed by all!

Christmas reindeer craft! cute and tasty!

We took part in a virtual assembly with Andy and his band, The Odd Socks! We loved their music and the message. There were lots of other pop stars and athletes who took part.

Riley made a great effort for odd sock day- he even made himself a sock badge! Good man Riley!

Odd Sock Day!

We had our virtual fire safety talk from the local fire service. They delivered a very important message and we all got our packs and bags to take home.

Accelerated Reader certificates! Well done everyone! Faith is missing from the photo.

We placed a few teeth in coke over half term and then looked at the difference when we returned to school. The biggest difference was the colour. Do you know how many spoonfuls of sugar are in a can of coke? 13!

We used measuring tapes to measure our body parts, great fun!

Ditch the dark day! We all made such a great effort to dress in bright clothes to remind us to keep safe on darker mornings and evenings. Remember 'Be bright, be seen!'

Primary 5 worked together to write an acrostic poem for Harvest.

Looking to spring! We received some free bulbs from the Edina Trust so we have planted them in and look forward to the bright days of Spring.

Autumn walk. What a beautiful morning for an Autumn walk! We do not have to go very far to see nature and wildlife in our beautiful countryside! We all enjoyed a little paddle too!

We were glad to get outside for accelerated reading and thanks to Fane Valley we each have a lovely new bucket to sit on. These will be really useful for our outdoor learning activities and can be used in so many different ways. Thank you again!

Land art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. This style of art uses natural materials in our environment so we headed out into our playground and created our own natural art. Fabulous work!

Outdoor Learning! making the most of our fabulous car park to play hopscotch, who knew there were so many rules?

Number scavenger hunt! Look high, look low!