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Home Learning Week 8

Monday 1st March

Hello boys and girls, welcome to week 8 of home learning. This will be the last week of home learning for a little while as we are able to go back to school next week. I’m so excited to see you all, I can’t wait to catchup and see all the Busy Bees and P1’s.

This week is an exciting one for home learning as it is ‘World Book Day’ on Thursday. You will see on your home learning planner that this week we would like you to show us a picture or short video of you with your favourite book. 

This week we also have an extreme reading competition for you.  The winner of the competition will receive an Amazon book token for showing us a picture of the most interesting and exciting place they have found to read. Get your mum or dad to take a picture of you reading in the most exciting and extreme place you can find.  You can send your photo to me via email by Thursday at the latest. The winner will be announced at the end of the week. I can’t wait to see all the exciting places you find to read.


Everyone will also get a £1 book token which you can use to spend on a book which you can order online. I will email the book tokens to everyone this week. I think that would be a great treat for completing 8 weeks of home learning. A new book would be a lovely treat!


Have a great week everyone! 

The Letter E Song - Learn the Alphabet

This week our new letter sound is e as in elephant. E is an important letter sound as it is a vowel sound. The vowel sounds are used a lot in our language. As with the other vowel sounds the letter has two sounds. One makes an e sound like elephant at the beginning of a word and in the middle of a cvc word. Sometimes it makes an e sound like the sound e when we say the letter like eagle. In P1 we concentrate on the e for elephant sound.

Numberblocks - Meet Number Nine | Learn to Count | Meet the Numberblocks

This week our new number is 9. Have a look at this video to introduce 9. Can you find any number 9's around your house?

Chloe had a great time at the weekend when she visited Gosford Forest Park. It was great to get outdoors and enjoy the good weather while we have it Chloe. Gosford looks great Chloe, I think we should go back here for a school trip soon.

Grace enjoyed a little experiment this weekend. She got some daffodils which were not quite in bloom yet. She snipped at little bit off the bottom so they could drink some water from their stems and hey presto they bloomed into beautiful yellow daffodils.

Wow what a star you are Grace!! Grace won an award from Cancer Research for being very brave throughout her cancer journey last year. This is just brilliant Grace, you really are a star!! We are so proud of how brave you are and we are glad you are well enough to come to school this year. Look at that smile!!

Here is Chloe's entry to our extreme reading competition. Reading is a tree Chloe, that is extreme. It looks like a nice quiet relaxing place in the forest to read a book. Good thinking!

Here is some flyer with some tips for children returning to school.

William has been having fun at home with his playdough. Look at the creations he has made!

Chloe has dressed up for book day to show us her favourite book. Chloe's favourite book is Cinderella. You look lovely dressed as Cinderella, Chloe, a real princess!!

Chloe tells us about her favourite book, Cinderella.

Still image for this video

Grace has been busy making a house for her extreme reading challenge. Wow Grace!! that is a great house of books. You could spend a long time reading in that house!

Lydia turned her washing basket upside down to make the perfect seat for reading her book. Well done Lydia you have used something from your house in another way for your extreme reading, that is very creative!

Well done to the winners of our extreme reading competition. All the entries were brilliant! Also well done to Chloe our certificate winner this week.