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Look at our new water tray.

Yeah!!! The snow arrived last week. At last we could get outside and really experience the winter. Have a look at how we got on making footprints, snowballs and memories at Cortmalet Primary School.

We used the snow to experiment melting in play based learning.

In preparation for the Grand Operah House pantomime of Snow White we read the story together and made a story board. The P1's had great fun using Snow White and the seven dwarfs to tell their version of the story with the help of their story boards.

The Busy Bees are dressing each other up for Winter.

Each week on a Tuesday, Chris from C.C. Coaching comes into school to help us with our ball skills. We practise how to control a ball and also how to listen and follow instructions. We always have great fun with Chris and that's why we love Tuesdays!