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18th May Week 7

Friday 22nd May

well done on another great week of home learning boys and girls. You are all doing a great job in really difficult circumstances. Mums and Dads are doing a great job too and Mrs McBride and Mrs Preston are really grateful for you taking the time to keep us updated on your learning via email and sending us lovely pictures to keep the website up to date and fun for you and your friends.  I hope you have enjoyed the Goldilocks and the bears stories this week. These are some of my favourite stories and boys and girls in Busy Bess and Primary 1 always enjoy these stories too. 
Have a look below at our certificate winners this week.
Next week is the 2nd bank holiday in May so enjoy a well earned rest on Monday and take a break from school work.  I’ll see you all again on Tuesday for more home learning. Keep safe and have fun at home.

Well done to week 7 certificate winners.

Well done also to these pupils who achieved their next award on Study Ladder.  You really are working very hard, keep up the good work.

Congratulations to:

Grace - Gold certificate

Louis - Bronze Trophy 

Mina - Silver Trophy

Sam - Gold Trophy

Monday 18th May

Hi everyone.  Welcome back to week 7 of home learning.  It's hard to believe we have been doing home school for 7 weeks.  Mrs McBride and Mrs Preston are so proud of everyone and we think you are doing a great job or learning at home.  Your mums and dads are doing a great job too so don't forget to thank them.  Thank you for sending us so many photos and videos last week- think we all had great fun participating in our virtual Balmoral Show!  Thank you mums and dads for taking the time to send us these!  It's just lovely to see the children and also for the pupils to see each other. Such a wide range of entries! Well done!


This week in school we would have been celebrating Eco week.  This would have been an important week in school where we would have been thinking about what we could make or do to try to be more eco friendly.  I thought that since our boys and girls love junk art, maybe you could make something from your recycling box.  Here's an idea for our bear topic.


You might also try to be eco friendly by working in the garden.  You could plant something in your garden and watch it grow.  I watched a little girl on Gardners World last week who is planting sunflowers, tomatoes and peppers and giving them to her neighbours.  You could try planting some seeds in egg cartons like the picture below and then replant them into bigger pots when they are bigger.


Whatever you get up to this week try to take a picture and email it to Mrs Preston so that everyone in our class can see it too.


Mrs Preston and Mrs McBride

Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Give Us A Story!

Everyone loves Goldilocks and the Three Bears story. Have a listen to it this week. I know that some of you have the story at home. Look at the pictures and try to find some words that you know in the story.

The other day I met a bear Nursery Rhyme

Here is a fun nursery rhyme which is about meeting a bear. Can you imagine meeting a bear?? How would you feel? What would you do? I think I'd run very fast the other way!!

Here is Madison at the fairy house walk in Darkley Forest. It's great to see you Madison, I wonder did you see any little fairies when you were at the forest.

Last week Chloe coloured a page as a keepsake to remind her of the day she would have started school. I see you would like to be princess when you grow up Chloe. That would be a fitting job for you, I think you'd make a great princess.

Chloe has been out cycling on her bicycle at the weekend. When she stopped to pick some flowers she enjoyed seeing Mrs Rice zooming past in her red jeep.

Mina has been busy making her bear from a toilet roll tube which she painted brown. Mina cut out a bear face from an old birthday card and stuck on some arms and legs. She used an old sweet wrapper for his tummy. Well done Mina, he looks great. I wonder what you will call him?

Mr Wolf and the Three Bears

After reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears you might like this story. Mr Wolf and the Three Bears is a great story which shows Mr Wolf can sometimes be good in stories. In this story it's Baby Bear's birthday and Goldilocks comes to the party uninvited. I've always thought Goldilocks might be a bit naughty after she sneaked into the bears house and ate their porridge, broke their furniture and slept in their beds. This is a brilliant story about a naughty Goldilocks. I wonder what Grandma really put in her pie? I hope you enjoy this story as much as I do.

Sam's favourite bear is Paddington Bear so he made Paddington as his eco challenge this week. Sam even likes marmalade sandwiches just like Paddington. I think you'll need a red hat and a blue coat next Sam. He is lovely!

A Chair for Baby Bear

This is another story to read after reading Goldilocks and the three bears. I love this story of 'A chair for Baby Bear' I love looking at all the chairs at the beginning of the book and If we were in school we would all talk about which chair we would like to have. I especially like the ending of the book when there is a surprise for Baby Bear when he gets home from the shop. It makes me think of kindness, that was a really kind thing to do to say sorry.