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Thursday 25th June

Good Morning P4/5! We are into our final days of our school year and what a year it has been!  2020 will be marked and remembered in our health, social, political and economical history forevermore.  We are all part of that and will have lasting memories to share with children and grandchildren. In many ways it has been a very positive experience as you have learned new skills and relied on resilience that you didn't know you had!  You have adapted and been supported by your parents who have done an amazing job throughout!  You are all superstars!  We are doing our awards today as P7 have a very special zoom assembly tomorrow morning!  I can't wait to be part of that! I know that you will all want me to wish them well on their school journey as they have been a big part of our school life. 

It was lovely to see a few of you yesterday as you returned books, some of you have grown, your hair has definitely grown and you are all looking a little tanned!! Those are all good signs of healthy outdoor play!! Again thank you all for your support and effort every week in sending photos, completing tasks and emailing me.  This has helped the process of the last 12 weeks and we have achieved a lot from a distance!

I am delighted to be giving out so many certificates this final week!  You have quizzed and completed tasks right to the very end! I am so proud of each and every one of you!  This week would have marked the end of Accelerated Reader and I am pleased that more than half of our class reached their AR target!  This is difficult enough to achieve when we are in school so to continue to quiz and read at home is fantastic!  Not only that but some of you have doubled and almost tripled your scores! Reading is so important to all areas of learning so keep reading a little over the Summer to keep your skills in tip top shape! Many congratulations to-


Cerys, Rhomany, Jamie, Ben, Will, Joseph, Harry, Faye, Evie, Philip, Jack, Alfie, Rebecca, Lily and Josias.

Study ladder certificates:

Gold trophy:                                            Harry and Nathan

Silver ribbon:                                                  Joseph

Bronze medal:                                          Jack and William

Silver medal:                                            Lily, Ben and Will

Elite 2:                                                            Josias


I have special certificates for you all this week as you all deserve one!





Finally I want to say have a great Summer break! It is time to relax and recharge your batteries! You have all worked so hard and really earned your Summer holidays.  I look forward to seeing you all in the new school term. Thank you for everything, keep safe!

Forget high 5s and handshakes! I'm sending you all a hug! Mrs Rice laughheartyes

            ********** There will be a box placed at the back gate for the return of****************

                   reading books and any school library books that you may have.

                                             Wednesday 26th June 10-11am.

   It is really important that these are returned as they are needed for other year groups.  Please return!  Place them in a bag with your name on it so I know who has returned their books. Many thanks!


Jamie says, ' I will miss being in your class but I have loved being at home with Mummy. She has taught me well. she says she can be cross but she never is!' Beautiful pictures and it lovely to see how you have worked so well at home, you are a great team! Well done and thank you!

Rebecca has written a poem about her time in P4 and I thought it was so good that I asked her permision to share it with you all. open it up and read it, it is very good. Super work Rebecca!

Rebecca says her home school teacher was amazing and deserves a big hug! Great work rebecca and Mum you have done a super job! Well done to you all!

Josias has kept working right to the last week, with all of his tasks completed! Great work Josias!

William giving his Mum a very large hug for being the best home school teacher! Great work, both of you! That is a lovely picture!

Leah made her Mummy a cup of tea to say 'thank you for all of her hard work homeschooling me, when all I wanted to do was go outside and play, especially when Mummy had to go to work most days. Although Mummy thinks Mrs Rice is much better and will have her work cut out in September!' I think leah and her Mummy make a great team! They have worked very hard and both have done a really good job! Well done and thank you!

Will has been working away on the Maths Factor. He has completed activities each day and earned the title 'Grand Genius!' That is no surprise to me! Well done Will, great work!

Lily and her home school teacher! Lily says " Thank you Mummy for all your help with home schooling. You are good but Mrs Rice is much better!" You are too kind Lily! Thank you and thank you Mum!

Monday 22nd June

Good Morning P4/5! Good Morning to your home learning teacher too!  This is our last full week before we finish for Summer!  There are some tasks set on Study ladder, just do what you can.  Read, read, read for AR!  You have already worked so hard and this is week 12 of home learning!  A lot has happened in that time!  This week I'd like you to send me a picture of you with your home learning teacher!  They may not want to but it is just a little fun!  I want you to say thank you to them for all of their hard work, it is not an easy job to be a parent and a teacher! I know!  I love this time of year because you would be writing me little notes and leaving home made cards on my desk to say thank you.  It always makes me very happy to do the job that I do.  I have still been doing that job but your home mearning teacher has been doing the hard bit! This year do it for your home learning teacher- send me an email and picture and I'll put it on our class page.  Make them a card or cake or cup of tea just to say thank you for all that they do.  Most of all have a great week, keep in touch! I am sending you all a virtual hug this week, sometimes you just need it! Mrs Rice laughheartyes

Friday 19th June

Good Morning P4/5!  I hope you are all well.  I say this every week but I cannot believe it is Friday again!  I loved getting your pictures and videos this week and being able to share those with our school community is fantastic! I know what a talented and special bunch you all are but it is great to let others see that too.  Thank you and your parents for taking the time to send them to me, I really do appreciate it.  The pupils of P4/5 are what make our class special and that is why you are the most important features on our class page. 

I know in our house it has been a little tricky to keep up the momentum for school work this week. Everyone is feeling a bit tired and the brighter evenings mean it is harder to get to bed early! However, that does not seem to be a problem at Cortamlet and I am delighted to be awarding so many certificates to you all this week, some people are even getting 2!!

Study ladder certificates.


Bronze trophy:                                 Nathan and Alec

Silver trophy:                                  Nathan and Harry

Gold trophy:                                            Jasper

Platinum trophy:                                        Ruby  

Bronze ribbon:                               Joseph, Leah and Ruby 

Gold ribbon:                                        Philip and Faye

Platinum ribbon:               Jack, Rebecca, Will, Alfie, Faye and William

Bronze medal:                           Ben, Lily, Rebecca, Alfie and Will

Silver and gold medal:                             Charlie 

Platinum medal:                                          Evie

Elite 1:                                                       Evie

Elite 2:                                                     Jamie

Well done to you all, these are fantastic achievements and you should be very proud of yourselves! I also know that there are people who are working very steadily on their home packs and still keeping on track, well done to you too!  Bugclub and Rapid Reading are still being accessed at home too. such good work everyone!

Looking at AR there are 3 pupils who are sooo close to reaching their target and it would be fantastic if they could get it by next Friday! Read, read, read! There are also so many of you who have doubled and more than doubled your AR targets!  This is a very special personal achievement, so congratulations!  

Just to say have a lovely weekend, and this week I am sending you all a virtual hug! You deserve it! And pass it on to your home learning teacher, they deserve it too! They have earned it! Mrs Ricelaughheartyes

First certificate of the week goes to Alec! He earned his bronze trophy this week on Study ladder. I have also loved Alec's jokes- he is always trying to make everyone laugh and smile. I love it Alec!

My second certificate is awarded to Ruby! She has completed every task with her endless enthusiasm and always with a smile! i love to get her emails filled with smiling pictures and fun videos. Well done Ruby!

Leah playing her keyboard beautifully! Leah has kept that talent well hidden, but I look forward to hearing her play in school! Excellent playing Leah.

Still image for this video

Jamie has great skill and talent for caring for animals. He has now added 6 mallard ducks to his mini farm! He also has 2 gorgeous cats! Jamie still manages to find time for some fun on the trampoline! You are learning so much Jamie!

Remember all those weeks ago Ben planted all those little peas! Well look how they have grown! They will be ready to enjoy in a few weeks time! You definitely have green fingers Ben!

Alfie playing the guitar! That is fantastic! One of my favourite songs. I love it! Well done!

Still image for this video

How exciting! Nathan's cat had kittens! I can see 5 fluffy kittens in there Nathan! I know you will do a great job looking after them! Thank you Nathan!

Rebecca arranging some foxgloves which they picked near their house. Rebecca then arranged some in a welly boot for outside and a beautiful vase for inside. Lovely work Rebecca!

William warming up for the world's strongest man with some log lifting! You need muscles like that that around the farm William! Great work!

Lily warming up for Wimbledon! I love it! Reserve me a seat when you're playing! Well done Lily!

Still image for this video

Ruby getting ready for the pipe band competitions! Great work Ruby!

Still image for this video

Joseph practising his football skills! Making sure he is ready to go back and play at Tullyvallen! Man of the Match- Joseph!

Libraries NI Summer reading challenge

Clarkesbridge and the Groves are also having a virtual holiday bible club this week at 6.30 each evening on Facebook.  You can access their page via Facebook.

Monday 15th June.

Good morning everyone! We are exactly half way through June and on the countdown to our Summer holidays. I am so pleased with how you are all working and I know it is not easy at this stage of the year. Well done to you all! A special mention to your mums and dads who are doing an amazing job home schooling, working from home and running the house. This week I thought we could show case your wonderful talents- I know some of you play instruments, you could send me a short clip or draw a nice picture, or arrange some flowers. You could skip, do hockey drills or keepie uppies. Maybe you have learned something new in lockdown or grown a vegetable patch! It's up to you. I would love to put them on our class page. Remember to check out the farm safety poster competition for this week. Above all have a great week! Sending you all a virtual hug, handshake or high 5! ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค๐Ÿ–

Friday 12th June.

Good Morning everyone, it's Friday again!  The weeks are flying by!  I'm hoping that some good weather returns for the weekend as we have had a little rain this week which I know you farmers have been crying out for!  I was up at school this week tidying up and trying to think ahead.  School is a strange and quiet place without you all there. 

You amaze me with how hard you have been working and I am so proud of your achievements.

I think we might have to give your Mums and Dads certificates too, for doing such a great job at home- they deserve them! So on with the most important part our certificates!


Firstly 3 boys reached their AR target this week! I cannot stress how fantastic this is! It is difficult even when we are in school to keep reading and quizzing so to achieve this at home is no mean feat!   Congratulations  

Harry, Philip and Joseph!


Study ladder certificates just keep coming!

gold and platinum certificate:             Nathan

silver trophy:                                Faith and Jasper

gold trophy:                                        Rhomany

platinum trophy:                       Cerys, Joseph and Leah

silver ribbon:                                 Faye, Will and Philip

gold ribbon:                      Alfie, Jack, Rebecca and William

platinum ribbon:                               Ben and Lily

bronze medal:                                     Charlie

gold medal:                                            Evie

elite 1:                                                  Jamie


Many congratulations to you all, great work! To you all working on your packs, Bugclub and RM easimaths, well done!

Have a lovely weekend, have some fun and keep safe.  Sending you a virtual hug, handshake or high 5! Mrs Riceyeslaugh




Certificate of the week awarded to Rhomany. She has worked consistently on Study ladder and has reached her AR target, excellent work!

Certificate of the week awarded to Faith. She earned her silver Study ladder trophy and I know this is important to her. Well done!

Rebecca's farm safety poster. What a really important message and great detail Rebecca, well done!

Leah's farm safety poster, with a catchy warning. Well done Leah!

Jamie's family had the great idea of capturing memories of 'lockdown 2020' with some professional pictures. I think you'll agree these are stunning and a wonderful idea. The sunshine, the coordinating colours, the smiles! Beautiful!

Jamie working hard on the computer and out riding his bike. Great pictures! It is good to get a balance of work and play!

Philip has taken time to draw a picture of Liverpool forward Firmino! What a talent, such a good eye for detail! Firmino isn't bad either! Great work, great team! We are all looking forward to Liverpool lifting the premiership title!

There is no end to Lily's talents! Cutting grass, washing out sheds and time to rescue a ladybird from the mower! No bother to you Lily!

Great to see Willliam and Rebecca out and about, inspecting their Granda's work! 5* I'm sure!

Monday 8th June.

Good morning P4/5! I hope that you all had a lovely weekend. Week 10! It is hard to believe we have been learning at home for so long! How are you all doing? Mums and Dads don't forget about our questionnaire. Tasks are set on Studyladder and AR needs to be a big focus this week. Also try out the farm safety poster- there is some information below, there are other competitions but we usually do this one because it means so much to us all. Remember how proud we were of William last year when his entry was included! It would be great to have another winner! This week just send me your picture- I miss you and your classmates miss you- it is just lovely to see you.  Have a great week, keep in touch and take care. Mrs Rice ๐Ÿ–๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค

Alexa up bright and early this morning! Great to see you!

Harry has been busy at home- he created an NHS picture on minecraft, designed a farm safety poster and still had time to mix up some cement! Great work Harry!

Friday 5th June.

Good Morning everyone!  I hope you have had a lovely week!  It is certificate Friday again!  You have all been working very well at home for your Mums and Dads which I know has been tricky this week because of the good weather, so well done!  I really appreciate the pictures and videos and I love to see you all so keep sending me them!  Now let's get on with the certificates...

Silver certificate:                                   Nathan

Platinum certificate:                                  Alec

Bronze trophy:                                   Harry and Jasper

Gold trophy:                           Cerys, Joseph, Leah, Will and Ruby

Bronze ribbon:                               Alfie, Philip and William

Silver ribbon:                                 Ben, Jack and Rebecca

Gold ribbon:                                         Charlie and Lily

Silver medal:                                               Evie

Gold medal:                                                Jamie

Elite 1:                                                       Josias

These are fantastic achievements and I am so proud of each and every one of for working at your packs and online activities with such consistency! 20 Study ladder certificates this week and it is week 9 of home learning.  You all deserve a round of applause! yes  You are still quizzing on AR and I am hopeful that some more of you will reach your target in the coming days. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone, whatever you get up to!  Sending you a high 5, hug or a handshake! laugh

P4 certificate is awarded to Nathan! He has completed an AR quiz, been awarded a Study ladder certificate and sent me some pictures! Good man Nathan, well done!

P5 certificate is awarded to Faye! She has worked consistently on Study ladder, reached her AR target and sends me videos and pictures, which I love! Well done Faye!

Another competition! Ulster Hockey would like you to design a mascot! Get creative!

Ulster teacher's Union annual art competition for schools. Key stage 1-P4. Key stage 2- P5. Please note closing date Friday 12th June 2020. Email entries:

A little message from the Road Safety Education office- DfI

Dear Parent,


During the month of June, there will be a weekly task designed for you to work alongside and complete with your child/children in relation to a key road safety issue:


Road Safety Education - Week 1 Task (Child Cycle Safety)

This week the focus is on cycle helmets – please ensure your child wears a cycle helmet every time they are riding their bicycle and that it is properly fitted and adjusted to reduce the impact of a fall or collision at slow speed.  The attached document has been supplied by Department for Infrastructure ‘Safe and Accessible Travel’ as a guide for you and your child to use.


For further information on cycle safety:

To view the road safety calendars issued to schools:

A new contender for ninja warrior! Ben taking on the challenge of the course! Good for you, top of the leader board!

Still image for this video

Lots of competition at Evie's sports day! A photo finish! I wonder was Mrs Miskelly the judge with the final decision? I would not like to be making that call! Well done Evie and Alfie!

Ruby tackled a few other races- Louis was brave enough to do th 3legged with her, good man! Ruby then reused her blue rope to skip to victory! Always smiling Ruby at the starting line for the spoon and ... spud?! Great girl Ruby!

Ruby and Louis introduced a new event this year- who could burst the most bubbles! A new comer called Dakota stole the show!

Still image for this video

We know how fast Ruby is at running but it looks like she has met her match with Dakota! 1st place Dakota!

Still image for this video

Sports day is definitely well under way at Lily's house! egg and ball race, 3legged, balancing and skipping! Great work Lily! What a good sport Ellen is to take you on Lily, fortunately you have age on you side Lily and it seems like Ellen is feeling her teenage years! 1st place Lily! Wonderful runner up Ellen!

Nathan getting ready for the velodrome! I wonder what his top speed was?! Worthy of a gold medal!

Cooling off in the sunshine! Eactly what is called for in this weather! It looks like great fun and lovely to see everyone! Splish splash! Great idea!

Still image for this video

Leah taking her learning outside! What a great spot in the shade! Enjoy the sunshine!

Monday 1stJune

Good Morning Primary 4 and 5!  Can you believe that we are into our final month in school?! I certainly can't!  This week in school we would be looking forward to our fun night and enjoying some sports day activities. (with thunder and rainstorms in the weather forecast!)  No such problems this week as we are enjoying wonderful weather! This week we thought that all of the classes could recreate a virtual sports day at home.  Use the healthy kidz booklet and website for ideas, it is very child friendly with instructions and video clips.  Keep it simple!  Time yourself running a set number laps of your house, garden or lane, then try to improve on it each day.  Throw your wellie- measure it or leave a marker and try to beat it.  Egg and spoon race or spud and spoon race might be safer!  Time your daily mile and try to improve it.  Set out an obstacle race, count your bounces of the ball or keepie uppies!  Keep it simple, keep it fun!  As always remember to send me pictures or short video clips of you enjoying your activities.  The website Twinkle has great resources for sports day, like banners and certificates. Get outside and have some fun.  I'm sure that lots of you farmers are busy making hay while the sun shines, take care out and about. 

Have a great week, sending you a virtual high 5, hug or handshake! Mrs Rice laughyes

Healthy Kidz Virtual Sports Day Booklet

Friday 29th May

Good Morning Primary 4 and 5!  Can you believe that it is Friday again?! It seems no time from last Friday and Monday will be 1st June!  We have had beautiful weather so I hope you have all been outside at some stage everyday enjoying it.  The good weather along with your jokes have really made me smile this week and thank you for sending them to me.  If you would still like to send me a joke please do. 

A quieter week on AR- it would be lovely to see a few more of us reach our target, well done to those who have already reached their target.  I have been keeping an eye on quizzes and haven't counted words in a while, so this week I checked our word count!  We have 3 word millionaires!!! I am absolutely delighted!  This is an amazing achievement so many congratulations to you! They are:

Cerys- 1, 934, 908 words!

Ben- 1,175, 104 words!

Will- 1,180,335 words!

Another busy week on Study ladder!  It is great to see that you are keeping up with your routine and completing your tasks, thank you and well done!

Platinum certificate:                                   Harry

Bronze trophy:                                            Faith

Silver trophy:                       Joseph, Ruby, Rhomany, Will and Leah

Platinum trophy:                         Philip, Faye, Alfie, and William 

Bronze ribbon:                                 Jack, Ben, and Rebecca

Silver ribbon:                                         Lily and Charlie

Bronze medal:                                        Evie and Jamie

Silver medal:                                                 Josias


Well done to each of you! These are fantastic achievements!

We have some fun ideas for next week, that we will all take part in! But for now, have a lovely weekend! Enjoy the fabulous weather and time spent with family.  Sending you a virtual high 5, hug or a handshake! Mrs Rice laughyes


My P5 certificate this week is going to Joseph! I loved his joke and he had to persevere this week to get it sent to me, so thank you and your Mum! Great work Joseph!

My P4 certificate is going to Jack! he works at home in exactly the same way he does in school, steady, carefully and conscientiously! Well done Jack!

Philip's joke! It's all in the way you tell them! Very well delivered Philip!

Still image for this video

William's joke! Now if that was the case we would all be buying them! Great props William! Thank you!

Still image for this video

Daniel loved this joke from Rebecca! Thank you!

Still image for this video

Joseph I love your joke! I cannot wait to see a waiter in a lovely restaurant! Thank you!

Still image for this video

First joke in from Lily! Thank you!

Still image for this video

A good old 'knock knock' joke from Evie, with a suitably matched picture!

Knock Knock!

Who's there?                                            

Ice cream.

Ice cream who?

Ice cream if you don't let me in now!

Mrs Rice's joke!

Still image for this video
I thought I would start our joke telling this week, now it is over to you! I miss the fun in our class room so let's try and make each other smile this week! I am looking forward to opening my emails this week! ๐Ÿคฃ

William using art to mix up some of his own silage, great idea William!

Cerys has used her time at home to complete a project on the cinnabar moth- it has very striking and she has included pictures and her writing. We all know in our class how much Cerys loves to read- so she has set about writing a story for Puffin Books, Big Dreamers writing competition! Good for you Cerys, I cannot wait to read it!

Cerys has been really busy at home! She has planted out a kids gardening kit as part of 'Grow your own lunch' project, her hens, Mildred, Phyllis and Edna are now happily residing in the hen hotel and she has opened a bug hotel! Her cat as also had kittens!

Rebecca used the Study ladder programme to recreate this stunning floral arrangement- she added the little tealight and it is beautiful! Well done!

Tuesday 26th May

Good morning P4/5! Hopefully you are all feeling refreshed after your day off! Week 8, we've got this! Tasks are set as usual on Studyladder, this week I want to see us quiz, quiz, quiz on AR! We really need to push on now to get our target. I thought I would make this weeks task fun! So I want you to send me a short video of you telling a joke! I will put it on our class page so that we can all see it! I really do miss seeing you all and at least this way I get to see and hear you. Keep the clip short- I think that makes it easier to upload. It may take a little longer to send but it is so worth it! Also try out an activity on raspberry pi and take a look at some of healthy kidz virtual sports day ideas. Have a great week! Mrs Rice ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘

This was take #41!! Take #43 was beautifully edited but too big for the website!!๐Ÿ˜‚ keep your joke short and funny!

There are lots of activities on this site that you might want to look at when you are at home.  It has library of free books that you can access at home.  Books can be searched for by age, book band or interest. Use my class log in tab at  top of the page.

Our class login: Username: cortamlet1

                         Password: owl45


P4 reading band would be finishing lime and work through brown.

P5 reading band would be finishing brown and moving through grey.

If your child has required support with reading you may need to go back a reading band or search by a lower age band.  Likewise if your child is a capable reader they may need to go up.  Or simply they might have just found a book in the reading for pleasure section.  Please don't feel bound by reading bands or age groups as we often move between bands and schemes in school.  Also this is an additional resource and you may feel you have enough with Bugclub, AR and Libraries NI.  This is a worthwhile and useful resource while we are home learning, use it how it suits you.

Friday 22nd May

Good Morning P4/5! Another week of home learning completed and can I say another week of really good work!  I monitor how you are getting on on Study ladder, AR, Bugclub and RM easimaths and you are all working at a very steady pace.  This impresses me as it can be difficult to find a good routine at home and stick at it.  I can see you are doing a great job and I know that so many of you are keeping up with our usual morning routine and your learning packs which were particularly useful this week when technology let us down.  It is about getting a balance of activities that work best for you and everyone else at home.  I know that internet can be slow, your older sister might need the laptop or the baby has sat on the tablet.  These things happen, that's life! It is important that we adapt, find a solution and try again!  This week I have really enjoyed reading your posters and powerpoints on places to visit in Northern Ireland.  You identified fun and beautiful places to visit and really made me appreciate how fortunate we are to live in such a lovely place. (although we may not always think it) I think we will all be holidaying closer to home and you shared some ideas and places to go.  Also this week your eco pictures have been stunning!  These are really very simple but when you take time to put them together they produce a very beautiful piece of art.  It also reminds us that the world we live in is amazing!  Thank you again for embracing these tasks with enthusiasm and of course for taking the time to send them to me.  If you haven't scrolled through our class page please do because I think it is pretty special!  Monday is the 2nd bank holiday in May so I don't expect you to complete school work on Monday however if you do something fun, take a picture and send it to me to share with your friends!  As always have a lovely weekend, take care and have fun! Sending you a virtual high 5, hug or a handshake! Mrs Rice laughyes


Awards this week, wow again another very successful week!

Gold certificate:                                      Faith

Bronze trophy:                        Leah, Rhomany, Will and Ruby

Silver trophy:                               Philip, William and Faye

Gold trophy:                                      Rebecca and Alfie

Platinum trophy:                                Jack, Lily and Ben

Bronze ribbon:                                         Charlie

Gold ribbon:                                     Jamie, Evie and Josias

Well done everyone, very consistent work!

A special mention to those who reached their AR target this week too:

Alfie, Jamie, Ben, Lily, Josias and Faye!

Congratulations and well done to all of you who have taken a quiz in quizzing period 5.

We love this song in assembly so I thought I would share it with you all.

Still image for this video

A lovely picture from Alexa who is missing school, her friends and me! We are missing you too Alexa, happy to see that great smile!

Philip has sent through his poster on Londonderry. We spent a few days there last Summer, we walked the peace bridge and had a tour of the Guildhall. We watched the opening ceremony of the Foyle cup and had a fantastic time. I had big plans to return for their Maritime festival, which looks to be great! Thank you Philip.

Jamie's tourism powerpoint on the North Coast includes some of my most favourite places! It is definitely worth a read as he includes some useful insider tips and recommendations which are always the best kind! Jamie's pictures perfectly match his writing and he has chosen formats and back grounds that complement his writing and pictures. Super work Jamie!

It is getting harder each week to choose pupil of the week! But there is hardly a hair's breadth between these 2 boys- they send pictures and copies of their work each week, they work hard on Study ladder and quiz on AR, Bugclub and Rapid Reading. They have been consistent with their home learning from the beginning and I am very proud of their achievements! Well done Ben Hughes and William Hughes!

Ben's tourism powerpoint includes really fun and beautiful places to visit in NI. I'm sure you would all love them! Great work Ben!

Ruby's powerpoint on visiting Northern Ireland identifies some special features of Northern Ireland- rugged coastline, wildlife and beautiful food! I can't wait to chillax on the beach in Portrush Ruby! Thank you

Alfie has sent in his powerpoint of places he recommends to visit in Northern Ireland. It covers a range of places that he has first hand experience of! Windsor Park on match day, Benone beach when the sun shines and Carrickfergus Castle to battle an invasion! Great work Alfie and great skill, importing pictures and adding titles and backgrounds.

William and Rebecca were not put off by their rocky start on Studyladder and set about working on their posters to advertise places to visit in Northern Ireland! Great memories of our trip to Tayto together in October- really interesting and fun! ( not to mention all of the crisps we sampled!) How many of these places have you been to? You have done great job, I think NITB will be after you 2!

Josias has proved that you don't have to travel far for outstanding views and some local storytelling. He has been finding out about Carrickatuke viewpoint which has stunning views of Armagh and the Mourne Mountains. Josias has also read the story of The Children of Lir which is from this area- Newtownhamilton High school have a swan on their school badge as a symbol of this story. Great information Josias.

Are your kids missing hockey ?
Do you want them getting outside for more activity?
CR HOCKEY can now come to you!!!
Whilst adhering to the NI executive restrictions where 4-6 people can meet outdoors I can offer private family sessions in the comfort of your own outdoor area whilst ensuring social distancing where appropriate.
If you think your kids would LOVE this, get in touch with me for;

๐Ÿ‘Session Duration


Lily completed her tourism poster on Australia, it has a lot going for it. Well done Lily, very creative too! Does that boomerang work?

Ben's eco picture! Very creative Ben, you could have entered this in the show last week too! Great driving!

Philip's eco picture. What beautiful colours you have used. This is lovely Philip, thank you!

Ruby's eco picture! So delicate and pretty, I love it.

Evie's still life drawing of a buttercup which she picked in Gosford. This takes lots of skill and detail. Well done Evie!

Lily's eco picture. I think this is so pretty, very effective! Great job Lily!

I love William and Rebecca's eco picture, they have used lots of natural materials to spell out our school name! Good teamwork!

Leah out for an eco bike ride and a what a great evening for a bike ride! A great way to see the countryside! Beautiful views Leah!

Josias has gone very eco! He has planted peppers, basil, beetroot and radishes! Also a few forget-me-nots! As if we would forget Josias! Great work!

Lily's funky feet! Very cool!

****** There are a few issues on Studyladder this morning.******

This seems to be across the site so just work on your home learning pack for today.  The old fashioned way!

Monday 18th May.

Week 7 of home learning! Last week was a great week and I was really impressed with your Balmoral show entries. I hope that they have helped to motivate and encourage you too as we move into week 7! Tasks are set on Studyladder, you should be quizzing on AR and don't forget about Bugclub.  I know that lots of you also use Libraries ni to access books. Remember RM easimaths and the Maths factor if you have registered.  This week is eco week and I thought we could use our natural surroundings to create a picture- use daisies, twigs, weeds, leaves, sticks or stones- just not your mum's prize roses! I have put a few examples below as always send me pictures, I love to see what you are getting up to! Last week healthy kidz started their virtual sports day but I think we were distracted by the show so it is below too.  The pack has some interesting and fun ideas.  This week give your parents a break- they are doing a great job- give them a hug! You should also give yourself a pat on the back! You are working well in difficult circumstances! Above all have a great week, keep safe and take care! Take your pick- high 5, hug or a handshake! ๐Ÿ–๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค Mrs Rice

Nature pictures

Friday 15th May

Good Morning everyone!  Friday again!  More certificates to award this week!  I love it!  You are all working so well at home and engaging in your tasks with enthusiasm. This week especially I have loved our show pictures, entries and videos!  It has been a great way for us to connect with something that we all really enjoy.  The time that you have taken to make, record, dress up, draw, bake and then send to me has really been very uplifting this week.  If you know someone who has missed the show tell them to go onto our website, it's like the real thing and such a variety of entries!  I also go on and look at the other classes pictures and love to see the fun things that they are getting up to!  Thank you all so much for getting involved!  I would award you all rosettes, ribbons, trophies and cups! You are all champions in my eyes!  Watch this space for next weeks task- I love the videos!

Now onto certificates, there are so many this week, you have worked so hard!

Bronze certificate: 


Gold certificates:  

Alec and Harry

Platinum certificates:

Leah, Rhomany, Will and Jasper

Bronze trophy:

Alfie, Cerys, Jack, Lily, Philip, Rebecca, William, Faye and Joseph!

Silver trophy:

Ben and Charlie

Platinum trophy:


Bronze ribbon:

Evie and Josias

Amazing achievements all of you, that is 21 certificates this week!  Well done to everyone! You have also been quizzing very successfully on AR, Rapid reading and Bugclub.  Great work everyone!  My class certificates have been very difficult to chose and I have a back log of very deserving pupils!  I am so proud of each and everyone of you and how you have adapted to home learning. 

Have a lovely weekend, keep safe.  Sending you a high 5, handshake or hug! laughyes


Letter for parents regarding Safer Schools App

P5 certificate is going to Harry. He has been working hard on decomposition at home and his table facts. He quizzes regularly on AR and this week has been completing his rapid reading online. Great work Harry! I also loved his Balmoral Show entry.

P4 certificate of the week is going to Philip! He has worked consistently at home. Philip has made steady progress on Study ladder and quizzes regularly on AR. I also hear from Philip every week and usually receive a lovely picture! Keep it up Philip, well done!

Just to brighten your day a little video from Alec! The videos take a bit of time to send and come through but it is so worth it to see and hear you! Thank you Alec for thinking of us all!

Still image for this video
Cortamlet does Balmoral Show

Our only entry in the horticulture section- a fine example of seeding a new lawn and getting to grips with the sprinkler! Who says gardening isn't fun! I can't wait to see the lawn grow! Great work Jamie, you have been busy!

Leah's Balmoral poster- a few of her favourite things- arena, Spar stand, and food pavillion. My favourite too!

A couple of fine entries in the animal section- Rosie and Dooley- Jamie's donkeys. Looking good for the show. Charlie accompanied by Jamie in the show dog section. What a beauty!

The first place Jamie would visit at Balmoral Show would be the animal section. We know he loves animals and here he is with a few exotic ones, snakes and an owl! You are braver than me Jamie! There is also a picture of Jamie at the North West! Lovely pictures Jamie, lovely memories!

Ruby's sample for the dairy section- delicious strawberry and raspberry smoothie! No samples this time though! Definitely award winning!

I love this!! William and Rebecca have completely overwhelmed me with their Balmoral show contribution! Turn it up and watch this! Outstanding work! Well done!

Still image for this video

A young judge taking to the ring this time- judge Wilson! She must have some experience, she lifted that cows tail like a pro! I wonder what she would make of our young handlers- she could be a tough cookie!

Still image for this video

Another young handler stepping into the ring! This time it's young Harry from Cortamlet PS. This calf has definitely had a spruce up for today- it wouldn't be that white in Keady fields! I think Harry himself has the look of a professional- has he done this before?! Love it Harry, definitely prize winning!

Harry checking out Deutz 6175 r shift tractor- I'm sure he took 1 home with him- maybe a fleet! Checking out Pottinger mowers, plant stalls, watching the quads and finishing up at the trampoline park! Exhausting, but sure it's a great day out for the boys from the country! They know their stuff! Thank you Harry!

Ben recreated the show in Lego with all of his favourites! The arena with stunt bikes and stands, RAF helicopter, vintage Massey and Not forgetting the Dinky Donut stand! Great work Ben!

We all love to watch a dog show at Balmoral. So Ben has been working hard with Bella, teaching her new tricks. I love it Ben!

Still image for this video

Lily getting the grass ready for baling!

Still image for this video

It is great to see a young handler in the ring! Ben with his prize calves. I wonder have they had a shampoo and blow dry?!

Rebecca has recreated the main arena, where we would sit to watch the show jumping, motor bike stunts and mascots race. She has also included the clothing pavillion where you can purchase all your merchandise! Rebecca has also included the food pavillion where we sample all the lovely produce made right here in NI, Tayto crisps, Dale Farm ice cream and Cookstown sausages, to name just a few! I knew I'd see a Spar hat, we have a few of them in my house too!

William has recreated the machinery pavillion at Balmoral. What a collection! I know that this would be where William heads to first! I wonder which is best- New Holland, John Deere or Massey? You would need your cheque book down that aisle William! Great work, I love it!

Evie heading straight to the WI tent with her banana bread! 1st place I'd say!

Lily's poster to advertise Balmoral Show- the sun is shining! Thank you Lily!

Guess who this is at the Show?! 5 years ago to be precise, 2015. #Good times!

When there isn't a Lely milker in sight, you just have do it the old fashioned way! well done Will getting to grips with the milking!

Leah and Aaron at the show in 2018- look how they have grown! I knew someone would have a picture in the red Spar hats! Philp trying out a New Holland T3 at last years show- I don't think he bought it! Faye and Ruby meeting Sammy Spar at the show in 2017! Aw!

Evie and Alfie at the Show in 2017, exploring all of the plant machinery. Evie looks qite comfortable in the digger! Look at how young they are!

Late notice I know but some information just sent through on National Numeracy Day- some activities may interest you or they might sign post sites to use another time!

Alec's building is impressive! Great work!

Nathan up bright and early this morning completing an AR quiz!

Monday 11th May

Good morning everyone, welcome to week 6 of home school! In many ways it is hard to believe it has been 6weeks as you are all working so hard and doing really well at home.  You, along with your mums and dads are doing an amazing job! So well done and thank you! I appreciate your support in completing activities and forwarding your emails and pictures. Tasks are set on Studyladder as usual and you have your pack to work from.  As always just do your best and do what you can. This week would be a big week in NI with the North West 200 and Balmoral Show. We all love these events and talk endlessly in school about when we are going and what we are going to do when we are there! So this week I would love you to recreate a picture from either event, so it could be you in your red spar hat, sampling food or kicking the tyres of a New Holland or a Ducati super bike! I would love to see what you come up with! Or if you have an old picture from previous years send me one of those! If we can't get to Balmoral/NW200 we will bring them to Cortamlet! Social distancing and health and safety rules apply of course!! ๐Ÿšœ๐Ÿ›ต

Healthy Kidz are the company who Chris works with and who run our after school club on a Monday.  They have come up with a great idea to organise a virtual sports day!  You go onto their website and register your details and the school you attend.  I am sure you have already seen this advertised as they are running it along with Spar, Eurospar, Vivo etc.  They have really fun activities that you could try at home.  My favourite is the welly boot throw!  I have attached the booklet below so you can have a little look.  The weather is great so it is a great time to get and do something different! 

Have a great week everyone! Mrs Rice ๐Ÿ˜

Thursday 7th May

Hello everyone!  I have been so impressed with all of your work this week.  You are working away on Study Ladder and most of us are quizzing on AR.  Your bakes and recipes this week have impressed me most of all!  Thank you again for taking the time to send them to me,  I love to see you all.  Yesterday when I was out for a walk I bumped into Thomas from P3 and it was lovely to see him and his family and have a chat and a catch up!  I really am missing you all!  I am giving out our certificates today as you are all off tomorrow, so enjoy the lie in!

Study Ladder gold certificates awarded to:

Alexa and Jasper!

platinum certificates awarded to:

Alfie, Jack, Ben, Lily, Rebecca, Ruby, Faye, Philip and William!

bronze trophy awarded to:

Ben and Charlie!

gold trophy awarded to:

Evie and Jamie!

platinum trophy awarded to:


Great work everyone and well done!

A special mention to Cerys who reached her Accelerated Reader target this week, congratulations!

P4 certificate of the week is going to Rebecca!  She works quietly and conscientiously in school and she has continued the same at home. Rebecca is working on her tables at home and works steadily on her tasks every week.

My P5 certificate is awarded to Jamie!  He is working so hard at home. Jamie really impressed me with his plan and research for his shard report.  I was really pleased with his hard work and effort. 

Well done to both of you!

I just want to say have a lovely, safe and fun weekend!  Enjoy the Bank Holiday!

Sending you a virtual high 5, handshake or hug!

Mrs Rice laughyesheart 

At the start of school closures I said to you all that this would be a really important part of History when you are older and as you are living through it you should record memories, events, thoughts and feelings. I am delighted that Faye is doing just that and keeping a scrapbook from this time! I can't wait to read it Faye!

I thought that Faye was looking a little older in her pictures and guess what she is! Faye celebrated her 9th birthday with another beautiful looking cake!

I am so excited to share a video on a our page! Grace and Alice sing Happy Birthday to Faye! Love it! Great to see you girls!

Still image for this video

William and Rebecca made an amazing lockdown 2020 chocolate cake! It looks fantastic. Look how they are concentrationg as they measure out their ingredients and their decorations show their own interests. What good teamwork from you both! William also made pancakes using the recipe from his comprehension. They used word to type up their recipe, adding titles, headings and pictures! It looks great and importantly is well structured and easy to follow!

William and Rebecca's chocolate cake recipe.

Faye made apple and raspberry pudding, it looks so good! That would go down a treat in my house, we love anything with custard! Great work Faye!

Evie busy baking! Looks like she is using up her Easter eggs! Evie has also attached her recipe and great to see you washing up the dishes!

Lily made a chocolate cake! It looks delicious! Great work!

Lily's recipe for her chocolate cake, it looks very tasty and she made it look so easy!

Philip uploaded his recipe for flakemeal biscuits, they are my favourites. I might give them a try, thank you Philip and well done!

Ruby has forwarded me her instructional writing for oreo brownies, just open it up if they sound and look good to you!

Ruby's oreo brownies! They look delicious! Great work Ruby!


It is important to have responsibility for a small job at home or several small jobs, it helps everything to run much more smoothly, especially when we are all at home together!  Like in school we all help to keep our classroom right and look after our playground we should also do the same at home.  I cant wait to see what you do at home to help.

William helps at home by bringing in the logs for the fire and Rebecca washes up the dishes! They both help with different jobs around the farm, great work both of you!

Faye is being kept busy looking after her dog and gardening! Great job Faye!

Evie hoovering her bedroom! What a great job!

Alfie helps at home by cutting the lawn! He is doing a fantastic job! And what a beautiful view! Stunning! He thought he deserved a chocolate cake after all that hard work so he got straight to it! Another Barcelona supporter, just like Joseph!

Ruby up making her bed! I am reliably informed that this is set to become a habit! Great work Ruby!

Joseph making the bed, how good is that? I am sure Joseph dreams of playing for Barcelona in that bed! Then onto the dishwasher, great work Joseph!

Leah weeding in the garden and hanging out the washing! What a great way to help!

Lily watering the flowers! She looks very happy to be out in the sunshine!

Ben got a lovely surprise in the post! His mum thought it would keep him busy- 45 minutes later Ben had it finished!

Evie's VE Day artwork. It is very striking Evie, well done!

We often travel to the Navan centre and the Palace stables for school trips.  They are always really good and this is a great resource right on a doorstep. So the Navan centre are showing videos on a variety of different topics on Tuesdays from 2pm, then on a Thursday they will publish a quiz.  If someone from our class or lots of us submitted the answers we could win a prize! They will collate the answers on the following Monday! Just to note this weeks is Egyptians and I know how impressed they were with your knowledge when we attended their workshop on Egypt! Let's do this! enlightenedwinkyes


Online Safety. With so many of us completing activities and working online at home, it is really important to remember to keep ourselves safe whilst online. Think u Know is a reputable site which is recommended in schools to give guidance and support for online safety. Visit this site for useful, age appropriate activities.

Joseph working very hard and concentrating on his work on the laptop. Such a good worker, well done Joseph!

Leah practising her music, you all have so many wonderful talents! Keep it up Leah it is a wonderful skill to have and will stay with you forever!

Lily prepping the biscuits for a snickers cheesecake! Sounds delicious!

Monday 4th May

Good morning everyone!  Just to let you know that your new activities are now set on Study ladder.  They are locked again so that set tasks are completed first, but after 3pm  you are able to access other areas of games and challenges.  Also remember the game zone on our own website which has some really fun links.  I see poor Joe Wicks is out of action this week but don't worry he will be giving instructions to his wife who will lead the PE sessions this week! Poor Mrs Wicks!  Please remember to read and quiz on AR, reading is so important to all areas of learning.  I have asked this week for photographic evidence of you helping out with a household chore! Don't forget to send them in. Also typed or written recipes along with a picture of the finished product to share as part of our Literacy comprehension and writing. Also remember this week Friday 8th May is a bank holiday to commemorate VE day- marking 75 years since the end of WW2.  This is really important and I am quite sure that there will be many things online and on TV to mark this event.  It is a time to reflect and remember those who gave their all to allow us to live the lives that we are free to live today. 

Thank you again for all of your hard work and to your parents for taking the time to send me your work and your pictures.  Remember to check your spam/junk box in case you might have missed a certificate or a message from me. 

Best wishes, take care,

Mrs Rice smiley

Jamie scanned his shark report to me and I was very impressed! He planned his writing, used technical language and carried out some great research! I found out lots of things I didn't know before! Jamie also used the drawing programme on Study ladder to draw a hammer head shark and an elephant, they are very detailed. Well done Jamie!

Friday 1st May

Hello everyone, Friday again! We are now into a new month and hopefully we will see a return of the beautiful weather we have all been enjoying! You will all be disappointed to hear that Balmoral show has been cancelled for this year as I know how much you all love it, me too!  But it is the best decision for everyone.  This week Captain Tom turned 100!  That is amazing!  He celebrated by raising over 30million for the NHS!  This week we normally would have been off on Monday for Bank Holiday but this was moved to Friday this year to commemorate Victory in Europe 75 years after the end of WW2.   I do not expect you to complete any home learning on Friday 8th May.

Everyone has been busy again this week making my job very difficult when I have to choose certificates!  I have loved seeing looking at your pictures and seeing what you are getting up to!  You are all so busy learning lots of new skills and also working on your home learning.  Well done to you all!  This week I thought you could send me a picture of you helping out with a household chore.  Everyone has been at home and I am sure that you have a routine established now and hopefully you are helping out.  So if you are washing dishes, brushing the floor or dusting I would like to see some evidence of it!  Just like in our classroom we should all be helping to keep things right. 

Again this week I have lots of pupils who need a special mention:

Silver certificates this week awarded to:

Alec, Faith and Harry!

Gold certificates awarded to:

Ben, Alfie, Joseph, Faye, Rhomany, Leah, Ruby, Will, Philip and William!

Platinum certificates awarded to:

Charlie and Jamie!

Silver trophy awarded to:

Josias and Evie!

A special mention to Rhomany and Will who have already achieved their AR Target!  Remember to keep quizzing everyone!

Well done to all of you! These are fantastic achievements and I am so very proud of you doing such a good job at home. Sending you all a virtual hug, high 5 or handshake!

Mrs Rice smiley

First Friday certificate is for Josias! He has worked so hard on Studyladder and has been awarded his silver trophy. So I set him a target to complete an AR quiz and since that he has completed 5! Great work Josias, keep it up!

Second certificate is for Evie! She has worked so consistently since she started her home learning. Evie received her bronze trophy this week. But Evie also has found time to complete a range of other activities and keeps me up to date with all she gets up to! Well done!

Ruby has sent in her rainbow picture, it is very creative, well done Ruby!

Evie has sent in pictures of her rainbows- I especially like her little quote. Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud. Thanks Evie.

Leah has put up a poster in her window for all key workers, they are doing a great job and so are you!

Jamie and his family clap for key workers. He is thinking especially of his aunt and uncle who are both doctors in the City Hospital Belfast. They are doing a wonderful job and you are helping by staying at home. Thank you Jamie.

Ben sent through a picture of his rainbow window display, it looks fantastic Ben!

Lily has sent me a lovely email with lots of rainbow pictures, she even has rainbows on her trousers! Her Dad's lorry displays a really good message about keeping safe and her Granda rings the church bell on Thursday evening- what a great job! Lily and Ellen have taken part in the rainbow challenge and clap for key workers on their doorstep, great girls!

Great to see some lovely pictures that Philip has displayed to say thank you to our key workers who are doing an amazing job. Thank you Philip.

Some people were having a few problems with the art programme on study ladder, that it wouldn't open. I mentioned it in our staff meeting and a 'teenage technician' in Mrs Hughes' house was able to come up with a solution. Thank you! You will recognise the voice over and actor in this short clip! Thanks Mrs Hughes!

Still image for this video

Leah out trying to get her balance on her heelies! They are great fun!

Kalvin and his family made the most of the good weather, with games outside, relaxing in the sunshine and firing up the bbq! Look at the beautiful blue sky! I hope those sunny days return!

Harry has a very important job to do every morning before he even starts his school work! He measures out milk powder and mixes it with warm water and whisks until there are no lumps. then he fills bottles and feeds new born calves. For older calves he fills the feeder and makes sure each one has a teet. He is always on the look out for any sick calves or any not sucking. That is a really important job Harry, I'm sure your Dad loves having you around to help out. Great work Harry!

Ruby took advantage of the good weather and got the fence painted, good job Ruby!

Jack and his family have been busy getting in the first cut of silage and power washing the yard! They also enjoyed a picnic in the good weather and Jack enjoying playing with his dog. It is lovely to see you all and you are doing a great job helping out! Well done!

Evie out practising her hockey skills, great work! Mind your toes!

Ben used maths, HE and literacy skills this morning! He weighed out the ingredients, baked his scones and then wrote out his recipe and method! Great work Ben, what a range of skills! They look delicious!

Leah working hard on her spelling activities and completing her Sunday School lesson online. We are all finding different ways to learn while staying at home. Great work Leah!

In school Jamie always tells us about his pets at home, he loves animals and I'm always saying to him he could be a vet or open an animal sanctuary when he is older. He loves animals, here is his dog Charlie and his cat Oscar. I'm not sure if the donkey is Jamie's or if he met it out on a run but he definitely found the frog while searching the stream for river life! It is massive Jamie! You are braver than me!

It was lovely to see some pictures of what Jamie has been getting up to- I don't know if Mum and Dad are keeping him busy or he is keeping them busy! Jamie has been busy indoors and outdoors. He is baking with his mum then running it all off with a 5k jog! Jamie built a tyre swing in his garden with his dad, it looks very relaxing. Both mum and dad have joined Jamie on the trampoline- where do they get the energy?!

Friday 24th April

Well it is Friday again and it has been a funny old week!  I have found it hard to get myself and my 2 children back into routine so I know how all of you are feeling too!  The weather has been beautiful and a real blessing at this time so I hope you have been outside playing a lot.  I know we moved our classroom outside several days this week, just to help the motivation levels!  Your pictures have been a little slow coming in this week and I really do love to see them.  So next week more of what you are getting up to and some of your NHS artwork and key worker celebrations would be lovely!  If any of you tried the Sentinus challenges or Christine's hockey challenges I'd love to know!

It is great to see so many of you have continued quizzing towards your new target, half of the class have already completed at least 1 quiz which is brilliant!  On study ladder I am glad to see that we have really focused on set tasks this week which is best for us all moving forward in our learning.

A special mention to Faith getting her bronze certificate today, well done!

Silver certificates are awarded to Faye, Jasper, Ruby, Alexa, Philip and Joseph! Well done to you all!

Gold certificates are awarded to Charlie, Jack, Jamie, Lily and Rebecca!  Well done to each of you!

Platinum certificates are awarded to Cerys and Evie!  Great work girls!

A special mention to Josias this morning who has earned bronze, silver, gold and platinum certificates!  Not only that but he has moved onto the trophy section and has earned his Bronze trophy!  Amazing Josias, keep up the good work!

Have lovely weekend everyone!

First certificate this week is going to Lily. She has read all of her Bugclub books quizzed on AR and worked on Study ladder. Keep up the good work!

Primary 5 certificate this week is going to Cerys. She has quizzed on AR and has already more than 30points towards her target! Amazing! She has also completed all of her tasks on Study ladder with a 94% pass rate! She has also been sending me lots of pictures of what she has been getting up to! Well done Cerys!

William completed a 500 piece jigsaw, well done, you need great patience for that! He also drew some pictures on the study ladder drawing programme. William is an absolute gentleman and climbed through the thorns to pick the girls some primroses!

What a fun picture! William, Rebecca and Joanna have assured me they weren't in there for long! It looks like they are recreating their own scene from Balmoral Show!

Monday 20th April

Hello to everyone and welcome back to a little bit of routine- it is good for us all.  I hope you had a lovely Easter and made the most of the great weather we have been having.  As you know at Easter I would normally be enjoying the delights of the North Coast and taking in the sea breeze. This year we did our egg hunt in the house and garden, rolled our eggs in the nearest field and listened the Easter message online.  We were making memories and keeping safe and as we move into our Summer term that important message remains the same. I have set new tasks on study ladder and you should continue to complete your daily activities on your learning packs, as well as daily reading! Please read the class message on study ladder, I have highlighted Sentinus STEM activities that you might enjoy and our own hockey coach Christine is posting tasks to help keep our skills up! The BBC is also starting a series of programmes this week so it will be interesting to see how good the are.  AR, Bugclub and RM easimaths are easily accessible through the school website. Above all please don't feel bombarded, stick to the basics.  Please continue to send me your pictures- I'd love to see what you got up to over Easter and if you have any artwork on display to support the NHS I would love to see it. Or pictures as you clap for heroes each Thursday evening- in Tandragee church bells ring, some people play instruments and others just clap. It is a very humbling and worthwhile thing to be part of.  In P4/5 we learn about children in the war being evacuated to stay with families in the country who opened their doors to them.  We dress up and write letters to try and understand how they felt and what it must have been like.  It made me think how fortunate we are in this age of technology that we have so many different ways to be able to keep in touch even when we are removed from one another, remembering of course that we are safe with our families. Our class page is a great way to keep in touch and it is very uplifting to see you all safe and well.  Above all stay safe, especially on busy farms at this time of year, and take care. Mrs Rice yessmileyheart

Evie sent some pictures from her walk, can anyone guess where she was? Great to see Mrs Miskelly as well! Take care.

Leah and Grace out enjoying a walk and a cycle in the beautiful weather. After all their school work and exercise they enjoyed a rest on the bales. Great girls!

Evie has also been taking advantage of The Maths Factor which is free while schools are closed.

Evie has sent through some pictures from Markethill. The usually bustling streets are nearly empty and normally busy shops are closed. Glad to see Evie and her family are sticking to social distancing rules! Thanks for sending those in Evie, lots of us have not been in Markethill for a long time!!

Ruby is keeping up with the Lego challenge, these are fantastic Ruby! Well done! Great skills and imagination Ruby!

Leah is a dab hand at the baking- she even made her Dad a chocolate cake for his birthday along with chocolate chip cookies! They look delicious Leah, well done!

Lots of Dads are celebrating birthdays and getting very special treatment at home- Cerys baked her Dad a farm themed cake, it looks fabulous Cerys, well done! How did you find the time with all that farming to be done?!

I got a wonderful surprise in the post! An Easter card handmade by Rebecca, it is lovely, very creative and with moving parts. I am so impressed Rebecca and touched that you were thinking of me. Such a surprise! Thank you!

Please download the Safer School App.

What a way to squeeze in the outdoor exercise! Lily out helping to move cattle, anyone need a farmhand, just contact Lily!

Joseph and Jack were on the hunt for eggs around their house, funny I don't think they have any hens!! Obviously it was the chocolate variety and it looks like they found them! Great to see you boys!

The Hughes family have been very busy making the most of the great weather, exploring wild life, digging and planting and I love the giant snakes and ladders, what a great idea! Thankfully after all that there were some ice lollies to cool them down! Great pictures, great fun!

These are my pictures of the week! I asked for extreme reading and that is what Rhomany gave me! She would need both hands on the handlebars to ride this! Funny I've never seen her been picked up at 3pm on this! She must save it for the wekkend! Great pictures Rhomany!

Josias is still busy looking after Timmy and the other chicks, and managing to work on his daily spelling activities and mental maths, great work Josias!

It is lovely to see so many of you home baking, it is a really great skill to have! Rhomany has been baking (and tasting!) and the presenation is beautiful, that would be fit for a Queen! Those are beautiful roses, I wonder do you grow those too Rhomany? Rhomany even managed to squeeze in some quizzing on AR. Great work Rhomany!

Cerys has also been busy baking, weighing and measuring are so important to the end result! A lovely lemon drizzle cake, my favourite! Great work Cerys!

Some lovely pictures of Will baking with his sister and brother and working on the laptop, well done Will!

Our Easter Holidays have started!  I won't be setting any work on study ladder until the week commencing 20th April which would be our return to school.  You will be able to go and finish any set tasks or work on challenges and games if you wish.  It should be a time to relax and have fun.

This Easter holiday is going to be like no other, everyone will talk of Easter 2020, and remember what they did when they were a 'wee' boy or girl.  So do special things with your family, take time to appreciate and be grateful for the beautiful world that we live in and share skills and talents with each other.  Roll an egg down the nearest hill, (boil it first), do a scavenger hunt around your garden, play eye spy when you are out for your walk, build a den, paint a picture, bake a cake, turn your dining room into a 5* restaurant, treat you and Mum to an 'at home spa day', help Dad to tidy the garage or paint the fence- the only limit is your imagination!  I would love it if you continued to share your pictures with via email, as I am sure I am not alone when I look at our class page and it brings a smile to my face. 

I would like to wish you all and your families a very happy and safe Easter, look after yourselves and don't eat the chocolate all in one go!!

Mrs Rice

Friday 3rd April

I can hardly believe it is Friday again and time to think about our certificates!  I firstly want to thank you all for sending me your pictures, it is great to see you and well done certificates should be going to everyone at home for providing you with a super balance of school work, outdoor activities and creative fun! The contenders for certificates just gets bigger and bigger!  

Firstly our AR certificates would be given out today so a special mention to all of those who have met their target:

  Rhomany, Faith, Cerys, Alfie, Jack, Josias, Ruby, Jamie, Ben, Rebecca, Lily, Evie, Will, Harry and Faye! 

Well done to you all and remember to keep quizzing at home for your next target!


Study Ladder has proved very successful and 23 out of 25 of us are working away on our tasks. Bronze certificates are awarded for earning 100points and they are going to:

Alec, Josias, Joseph, Philip, Ruby

Silver certificates are awarded when you earn 250points and they are going to:

Alfie, Ben, Charlie, Evie, Jamie, Leah, Lily, Rebecca, Rhomany, Alexa, Will and William

Well done to each of you!

A special mention to Lily and Evie for completing all of their set tasks, well done! and the highest points in P4 in Charlie with 343 and Jamie in P5 with 406 points! Fantastic boys!


Our first Friday certificate is going to Alfie, he is working steadily at his study ladder tasks, quizzing accurately on AR at home and sending me lots of lovely pictures, please keep it up!

Our next Friday certificate is going to Will, he has also worked steadily on study ladder and tried lots of challenges.  He has continued to quiz AR at home, he has a very high pass rate and ZPD which shows accuracy and understanding.  Will also achieved 5times his AR target which is amazing!  Well done!

Extreme Reading Challenge! Delighted to get my first pictures, Harry reading to the cows, I am sure they enjoyed it and escaping up a tree for some peace! I am loooking forward to receiving some more! Lily reading in her Dad's lorry! Well done Lily! I'm not sure how Ben is managing to read upside down, but I love it! Cerys is reading in behind the Christmas tree and on the swing, very relaxing Cerys! Evie is definitely multi tasking- she is social distancing while reading on the trampoline! Alfie is reading The World's Worst Teachers on top of the bales! Love it! Leah is reading in her beautiful garden, lovely back drop! And Ruby relaxing on her swing! Kalvin is also relaxing and reading and Joseph is playing football and reading!

I had a wee joke from Alec so I thought I would share it with you all to give you a laugh!


Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon?


Great food, no atmosphere!

Love it Alec, thank you.

Alec is a man of many talents, now baking cakes and buns! Do you need an expert taster?

Joseph out and about and managing to do some school work, well done!

William made a link box using Knex, what great thinking William and it fits perfectly! The Hughes family planted some cress, it will grow quickly!

Alexa out getting the garden into shape, it is great to make the most of this dry weather! I know she would be a great help! All of this and she has her Friday test done already!

Harry has his Friday test done and is outside playing football! I would watch out for that dog Harry!

Ruby decided to do a litter pick on the Cortamlet Road! What a wonderful idea! She only did a short distance on one side of the road and managed to fill a whole bag! She plans to do the other side on another day. Ruby di make the observation that whoever is littering is also very unhealthy as there were lots of energy drink bottles and cans, sweet and crisp wrappers! Well done Ruby!

Leah working hard on her times tables, great work Leah, they are so important!

Ben has been really busy in the potting shed today! He has planted 100 peas and lots of flowers. After all of that he deserved the cup of tea! I can see Mrs Hughes arrived when the tea was being served! Great work Ben!

Philip has been working on his Monet style and Evie has carried on with further tasks. I am so impressed with the detail in your work and so proud of your mum's for getting the paint pots out. Well done!

Spring has definitely sprung! So much new life and hope all around us, with baby chicks and lambs. No better man than Alfie to help out with the new calves and lambs, great job Alfie! I think they like him too!

Some artwork to brighten everyone's day! The rainbow gives us hope, promise and some sound advice from Evie, thank you!

Cerys working on her spellings and meanings and also very importantly playing with her dog Buzz! I think he will keep you busy Cerys!

Evie and Alfie baking, what fun!! They are measuring and weighing out ingredients, all about the Maths in the Miskelly house! I am sure the end result was tasty!

Another budding Monet, lovely work Ben!

It was lovely to hear from Jack and his family and see the things that they have been getting up to. You don't have to look too closely to see that they support a really great team! One close to my own heart- Liverpool!! Well done! I am sure Elianna is loving having her big brothers at home to play with!

Like lots of the P4/5 class Jack is working his way through the 30day lego challenge and working very hard at his home learning!

Faith has been very busy at home, online learning, baking buns and a marble cake, they look delicious! Not only that but Faith is quzzing away at home on AR and hopes to get her target by Friday! Great work Faith!

Not only has Josias been raising chicks but so has Faith! She is now thinking of moving on to hatching duck eggs! I am so impressed with the varety of skills you are all developing at home and the range of activities you are getting up to! Amazing!