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Just some of the areas in maths we have been learning recently!

Capacity - how much a container can hold, we are learning what is meant by full, empty, half-full, nearly empty and nearly full. P3 are learning about litre measurement, finding containers that are 1 litre, less than 1 litre and more than 1 litre.

Position and Direction - learning left and right, forwards and backwards. We are able to programme Beebot to move from one position to another.

Time - P2 are learning to tell the time in hours and half hours and P3 can tell the time using quarter-past. We recognise analogue and digital time.


We went on a 3D shape hunt around our school, look what we found! Do you know the name of each shape? Which 3D shape did we not find?

We used 2D shapes to create some wonderful pictures.