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26th May Week 8

Friday 29th May

Well everyone, it's Friday again!  The weeks are just flying by in lockdown and I can't quite believe that next week is June.  Everyone has had a great week on Study ladder and I can see that you have all been working hard.  That is difficult when the weather is so nice so well done everyone for keeping up with the home learning.  I hope you have been able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather we have had this week.  Well done to the following pupils who achieved their latest certificates this week on study ladder.

Grace - Platinum certificate

Louis - silver trophy 

Mina - Gold trophy

Sam - Gold trophy

Zoe - Silver certificate

Thanks for all your lovely pictures that you sent in this week.  I love to see them pop up in my inbox and it makes me smile everytime I see those faces smiling back.  It reminds me that even though I miss all of you, that you are safe and well with your families at home.  Have a lovey weekend in the sunshine everyone and I'll see you on Monday.


Well done to our certificate winners this week. Great work everyone!

Tuesday 26th May

Hi to all our Busy Bees and Primary 1's.  Welcome to week 8 of home learning.  I hope you had a good rest for the bank holiday and are ready for what is our last weeks of this school year.  It's been a funny old year hasn't it!!  Everyone is doing so well with home learning, we are all really proud of how you have adapted and how hard you all have worked over the past 8 weeks.  Here are a few ideas of what you could be doing this week.

This week you will see that we have moved on to a new sound, sh.  This is the first sound that we have looked at with two letters.  We remember this sound by making the shhh sound, the same sound as when we put our finger to our lips to tell someone to be quiet.  Have a look at the 'Geraldine the Giraffe' video to help you with this sound.

 Practise this at home and look out for this sound in any books that you are looking at this week or on any signs or writing around your house.  


Have you had a go at writing some sentences over the past few weeks?  Maybe you could try writing a sentence about a bear.  You could draw a picture of a bear and write a sentence about something that you have found out about the bear.  This is known as report writing.  In a bear report you might write about where the bear lives, what it looks like, what it eats and anything else that you find interesting about the bear.  We usually look at polar bears, grizzly bears and pandas.  These are really interesting bears.  you could find out some information about them on the internet or in some books that you might have at home about bears.


Also this week have a go at learning some doubles.  I always get children to use their fingers to show doubles to 5+5.  Put up 1 finger on one hand and 1 finger on another hand, how many now?  Double 1 is 2.  You can do this for doubles to 5+5.  These are really good to learn for our mental maths so that we can recall them quickly when we need them.  I have added a video below with a rap to help the children to learn their doubles, so get the caps on back to front and have a go at this rap.  Doubles Doubles, I can add doubes, it's no trouble for me to add doubleslaugh

Have a great week everyone.
Mrs McBride and Mrs Preston

DOUBLES! DOUBLES! (*new* 1-10 version)

Primary 1 should concentrate on the first half of the video doubles to 5+5 but if you know these then you can learn all the double to 10+10.

Geraldine the Giraffe learns the /sh/ sound

I hope you like Geraldine the Giraffe, I think she is quite funny. Hopefully you won't fall asleep like Geraldine does at the start lol! This is a good video to watch to get the sh sound and practise some words with sh just like we do in class each time we learn a new sound. Geraldine finds lots of sh words around her house, I wonder how many you will find?

Meet the Animals 5 | Grizzly Bear | Wild Animals | Little Fox | Animated Stories for Kids

Here is a good video about the grizzly bear. Maybe you could draw a picture of grizzly bear and write something that you found out about the grizzly. They are really interesting animals. Imagine going to sleep for the whole winter and not eating until spring!! Why do you think they sleep for the whole winter? There are some great videos on youtube about grizzly bears.

Kristofers has been working really hard around his house helping out with planting and watering. This is a great eco task Kristofers, I wonder do you have green fingers?

Kristofers basketball skills

Still image for this video
Busy Bees and Primary 1's. Remember when Chis comes into school and we do a lot of practise with ball skills. Here is Kristofers practising his ball skills at home. Practising throwing and catching, rolling and bouncing and catching a ball is great work to develop our motor skills and co-ordination. These are the skills we need to be able to sit at our tables, attempt to write and manlipulate books for reading as well as doing everyday tasks like putting on our shoes and coats and being independent. This is great work Kristofers, Keep ti up!

Chloe has been busy making buns. These look great chloe! When I saw this I thought this would also make a great maths activity for Busy Bees and P1's. How could we sort these buns? chocolate and not chocolate, 3 sweets on top and more than 3 sweets. There are lots of ways to sort them. Can you think of some more. We could also use this to help the Primary1's with their adding. How many Chocolate? How many vanilla? How many buns altogether?

Sam has been working hard this morning on his new sound 'sh'. He really recommends that everyone watches the Geraldine the Giraffe video it really made sam laugh. I think it's funny because Geraldine is a bit silly and we all love a bit of silly in Busy Bees and Primary 1, it gives us a good belly laugh.

Mina has been having a go at writing a sentence. She drew a picture of a bear on her chalk board and wrote the sentence 'I like big bears.' I love how you remembered your capital letter and full stop Mina, that was great work.

Harry has been busy today building this week. He is thinking about holidays and he has built the Laxey Wheel from the Isle of Man which he saw last year. Good boy Harry, it's nice to remember our holidays and look forward to another one hopefully sometime soon. He also go a new Grassmen t-shirt in the post this week and a signed photo of 'donkey' Great modelling Harry, Donkey would be proud of you in that t-shirt.

Annie has been super busy this week practising her skills and having fun. She was making flapjacks, I love these Annie, they are one of my favourite and we have made them too many times during lockdown! Annie has also been practising her gross motor skills by balancing on a plank and her fine motor skills by helping mum to peg up the socks. This is a great way to get ready for Primary 1 in September Annie, well done! I also love your bear mask. I love how you gave her a little bow to make her look pretty. I wonder what you will call your bear?