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Reception - Primary 7 Prize Winners June 2020

Friday 26th June 2020

Primary 7 Leavers Prize Day

Alfie- ICT Cup
Amy - Positive Attitude Cup
Ieva - KS2 Endeavour Cup
James - Teachers Cup
Sam -  Shield for Overall Sportsperson
Jemimah - KS2 Scripture Cup
Katie - Award for Kindness and Consideration Cup
Lottie - Principals Cup
Olivia - KS2 Sports Girl Shield
Rebecca - Book Token for excellent work
Sam - Technology Cup
Seth - KS2 Sports Boy
Matthew -Impeccable manners, kindness and progress
Lucy W - KS2 Arts

Foundation and Key Stage 1 Prize Winners- June 2020

Foundation Arts - Jessica Whyte
Foundation Endeavour- Isaac Robb
Award for Arts KS1 - Leah Oliver
KS1 Scripture - Rebecca Hughes
KS1 Endeavour - Faith Cornett
KS1 Sports Girl - Lily McBride
KS1 Sports Boy- Alfie Dickson
Busy Bee Annie Marshall
P1 Sam Nicholson
P2 Jack Marshall
P3 Emily McMurdie
P4 Charlie Warmington
P5 Alexa Lynch
P6 Jack Shilliday

 A massive well done to everyone. It has been a very unusual year and I think you have all managed really well. You have shown resilience in ways that are amazing. I look forward to seeing everyone back in the new school year and I wish the Primary 7 children every success in the future. Keep very safe and have a lovely summer break.

From Mrs McKee


 All trophies and awards will be given out in September.