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Alanna working hard! Well done Alanna!

Luke learning useful skills!

Grace working away at home! Well done Grace!

Friday 15th January


Good morning boys and girls!  I hope you are all well.  How was your first full week of remote learning?  I know it has been busy in our house but we still found the time to relax by going on (muddy) walks and, when the weather was really miserable, play lots of board games.  Monopoly is the favourite and, yes, I lose all of the time!  What activities, apart from work, have you been getting up to? 


I am pleased to announce the first certificates:

P7 : Sophie Warnock

P6: Will Moorcroft.


Keep up the great work and I will be in touch soon.

Lockdown 2.0 - More Remote Learning!


Hi P6/7. 


Not the best start to our new year.  I would much rather see you and teach you in school.  I miss your stories and your smiles.  However this period at home will not be as long as the first!


There is a big difference between this period of home learning and last period of home learning.  This time - your learning packs should be your priority to complete.  These packs will be collected on Friday 22nd January and another one will be issued. The study ladder tasks are there as a back up in case you want a break from your pack or you have finished your pack.  Please don't worry if you haven't completed your pack.  The worst thing you could do is to stress over it and spend far too much time over the activities.  Also remember to keep up with your reading.  The more you read, the more you know.


Please send your pictures etc... and I will endeavour to post them on the website for us all to see.


Our Friday Certificates of the Week are back!  So login on Friday to find out the first two recipients!!


We will get through this because you have shown how great you all are at keeping up with your learning away from school.


Thinking of you all!!


Mrs Msmiley

Monday 11th January


Just a wee note about your learning packs.  Inside your folder you will find:

 - 2 weeks of spellings and spelling activities ( I think we are up to week 10 and 11)

 - Grammar activities

 - Comprehension activities

- A place value and number booklet.  (If you have 2, it's not a mistake - you pick the one you are most comfortable doing.)

 - Times Tables activities

- Some of you have problem solving questions

- A topic booklet






Aaron having fun in the snow!

Still image for this video

 Grace Johnston wrote a lovely Christmas poem.


It’s Christmas time,

The time when we celebrate Jesus’ birth,

The time we are joyful,

And the time when Santa comes.


I can see the robin sitting on the fence,

To see if you’re being good,

And if you’re not good,

You’ll soon find out,

Because there will be nothing but a bag of coal in your stocking.


I’m so happy Christmas is finally here,

I’ve been waiting all year round,

It’s Christmas time.

By Grace Johnston

The P6 winner of our Christmas tree competition was Faye Wilson. The P7 winner was William McNiece. Well done!!

Our Santa Craft Display
We love to keep healthy by playing sport!

Odd Sock Day!

Autumn Walk 2020


It was a lovely morning and we started off by walking down to the Glenn Road. On the way we saw a baby bat. It flew around above our heads and we couldn't believe that it was out during the day, when it should be sleeping. On the Glenn Road our task was to spot the different leaves from the trees. Then we went for an adventure in the field behind our school. We followed the river and picked some blackberries. There were a few wet feet but memories were made and we will never forget it. Who knew we could have so much fun right on our doorstep! 

Christmas Tree Craft

It's never too early for Christmas craft!

Today we used nature to create some beautiful Christmas art, we went outside and collected some twigs and decorated them back inside the classroom.