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Home learning Week 2

Well done everyone, week 2 home learning was a great week for everyone.  Wow you have been busy this week both indoors and outdoors.  We had some great photos this week from all of you showing us what you have been getting up to and continuing your learning.  

A special well done to Louis, Mina and Sam who achieved their silver certificates on Study ladder this week and also to Grace and Zoe who have achieved their bronze certificates.


Well done to everyone what a great week it has been! 


I hope you have enjoyed keeping up with what everyone has been doing, I know I have enjoyed seeing all the photos this week and they have made me smile.

Congratulations to our Home Learning Week 2 certificate winners.

Hi to all our Busy Bees and Primary 1's.  Welcome to week 2 of our home learning.  I hope you are enjoying learning at home and keeping busy while you can't be at school.

I am using the website to try to stay in touch with you and to keep you up to date with what your friends are getting up to.

To keep us in touch and for a bit of fun I have set a weekly task for you to have a go at.  Please take a picture of your finished task and email it to me so I can upload your photos.  A reminder of my email is

This weeks task is as follows:


Busy Bee - Can you paint or draw a picture of yourself.  Remember you have a head and body, two arms for hugging and two legs for walking.  I can't wait to see your pictures.smiley


Primary 1 - Can you make me a pattern with something you have found at home.  You could use your toys e.g. lego.  You could use anything you find around the house, like coins, cutlery, buttons or even go outside and use leaves and sticks like the picture.

Tom Hardy | CBeebies Bedtime Stories Preview | There's A Bear On My Chair

Tom Hardy reads There's A Bear On My Chair by Ross Collins on Sunday, March 26th at 6.50pm on the CBeebies TV channel.
Rhyming stories are a great way to teach children how language works and Busy Bees and Primary 1's love a rhyming story. This is one I found today, Ruby and I loved it, I hope you like it too.
This is only a snippet of the whole video. You need to go to CBeebies to watch the whole video but it is worth it!

Mina's frogspawn has hatched into tadpoles!!

Still image for this video
I was so excited to see that the frogspawn that Mina has been keeping an eye on has hatched. She has sent us a video to show us how fast they are moving and how wiggly they are. Look at all the tadpoles!!

Mina has been working with her cubes this morning. She is practicing her counting and working on her numbers. I like how you are using your dice to help you Mina.

Annie has been a Busy Bee at home. She has been practicing writing her name and colouring in some of her workbook. I love the picture of you getting outside playing Annie. Those dirty knees tell me that you are having great fun having adventures outdoors. That's where some of the best learning takes place.

Harry has been using the good weather to get outdoors this week. He is practicing his hockey skills and having fun doing a scavenger hunt. You have found a pile of interesting things Harry. Keep up the good work!

Louis was busy today making chocolate buns. They look yummy Louis, I wish we could try them.

Lucas has been busy practicing writing his name and having a go at colouring in his workbook. That's a great line of colours Lucas. You could make some great pictures with those colours.

Madison has been busy doing some work from her workbook and colouring pictures. You look as if you are really concentrating there Madison, good girl!

Sam has been working hard indoors and outdoors. In the morning he does some school work and in the afternoon he works hard helping daddy outside on the teleporter.

Lucas is going to make some brownies. I bet they will be lovely Lucas. You look like an enthusiastic baker!

Chloe Allen is practicing her colouring by colouring a lion from her book.

Last week Sam read Harry and the Dinosaurs. He decided to make his own dinosaur which he finished today. Doesn't he look great!

For anyone looking for play ideas with your little ones this is a good one. Play.Horray does a play along every day at 10am. Mrs Whyte and Harry have been doing this every day and they love it. You can follow Play.Horray on Facebook or Instagram.

The Letter Q Song - Learn the Alphabet

Every week we use the youtube videos from bounce patrol to give us a sing along for our letter sound. Here is our sound for this week, the letter q.

Here is Alice and her sister Faye outside clapping for the NHS last week. Also Alice getting creative and drawing a picture with her favourite colours.

Mina was thinking about the Elmer stories that we read in school for Book Week and she decided to make her own Elmer. Mina and Jesse used a milk carton to make an Elmer the elephant. Well done you two, you are recycling and keeping busy.

Yesterday Louis decided he missed school so much he would ride his bike down and have a look in from the carpark. It was nice to see our playground and some of the toys we like to play with but it's not the same without friends to play with. We are looking forward to getting back to school when we can all be together again for lots of fun!


Just a reminder to the Primary 1's that you have reading books on you bugclub.  Email me if you have forgotten your login details.  There are only a certain number of books so try to limit the books to about 3 per week.  Don't forget you can reread the books as many times as you like after you have done the quizzes.  Happy Reading!

Saw this outdoor scavenger hunt and thought our Busy Bees or Primary 1's might like to have a go at this when you are out for your daily exercise. Have fun whatever you are doing today.

Jamie has been working hard at home on his learning pack. We miss you Jamie and it's lovely to see your bright smile while we can't be at school. Keep up the good work Jamie

This week Louis walked to the top of Mullyash which we can see from school. Look at the view from the top! Louis thought it felt like he was on top of the world. He could see the school and Mrs Hughes house from there and he could see his own house and Mrs Preston's house too.

Annie has been a busy girl this week, working hard on her learning pack and even having a go at practicing with her scissors. Well done Annie, this is a really important skill to practice before Primary 1. Did you know that we use the same muscles for cutting as we use for writing? Annie also made some rainbow pictures and delivered them to her Great Grandparents. I love this Annie, it keeps us in touch with our Grannies and Grandas even though we can't be with them and gives them a message of hope. I would say it made their day to see these three faces through the window!

Look at this active boy. Markas loves to be outside during school closure and he has even taken up a new sport, boxing! I love how you can jump so high on the trampoline Markas, just like Spiderman.

Sam has been ending off the week doing a bit of gardening. This week he is working hard at learning the difference between a weed and a flower, an important life skill Sam especially if you're helping mum in the garden!