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4th May Week 5

Thursday 7th  May

Well done on completing another week of home learning boys and girls... and all the Mums and Dads too.  This has been a short week but we’ve got a lot packed in.  We made a good start to our bear topic and you have been working away on study ladder completing your tasks each day.  Below are our certificate winners for this week. Well done everyone for working hard at home.  Have a lovely long weekend with your family and take a little break from school work. We would have been off school tomorrow to celebrate 75 years since VE Day.  That was when the Second World War ended and everyone celebrated.  I think it will be a bit like that for us when lockdown is over, we’ll all be celebrating!!  See you on Monday for week 6 of home learning.


Well done to our certificate winners this week.

It's great to see you Kristofers we have missed you and we wish we were able to be at school! Kristofers has some very exciting news... he got a baby sister called Elsa. You look like a very responsible big brother Kristofers who is busy doing school work and looking after your sister. Good boy! I see you're also getting outside on your bicycle and enjoying the good weather. That is a great lockdown activity.

Annie has been a busy girl this week helping out with the cows in the evenings and getting on with her school work during the day. She is excited about our bear topic and has found lots of bear books in the house. She also has a great collection of her own bears which she likes to take to bed and take on a picnic. You look like you've had a great week Annie.

Harry has really been getting into the bear topic. This week he made a bear cave and had a teddy bear's picnic with Jessica and Ella. He also had a go at ordering some towers from biggest to smallest. Well done Harry this is great!

Here is Chloe with her collection of teddies. You definitely won't be lonely with all those teddies Chloe!

Louis has a favourite teddy called 'Dog'. He takes him to bed at night and Dog helps him do lots of jobs around the house. This morning Louis and Dog are making pancakes yummy!! I really love the Mickey Mouse pancake Louis.

Monday 4th May 2020

Hi boys and girls welcome to another week of home learning.  I think the sun has returned and it is lovely to be able to enjoy the sunshine outside in the afternoon after home school has finished for the day.  Our new topic for the next few weeks is 'Bears'  In school we love the topic of bears.  There are lots of great stories about bears and lots of us have a favourite bear at home which we like to take to bed.  Have a look around you and see if you can find any bears in your house.  Which is your favourite bear?  You could count your bears at home or order them in size like Sam did a couple of weeks ago.  Maybe you could read your bear a story or have a teddy bears picnic outside this week.  Whatever you get up to have fun and send us some pictures of what you have been doing.

There are also some activities on study ladder to keep you up to date with your literacy and numeracy.  Everyone has books on Bug Club but stick to reading no more that 3 or 4 books a week on Bug Club as there are only a certain number of books at each level.  You also have the reading books which I sent home in the home learning pack.  Don't forget to read the pink banded books before moving on to the red band.

Have a great week everyone.  

All About Bears for Kids: Bears for Children - FreeSchool

Here is a short 5 minute video about real bears. I enjoyed watching this video, there are some great pictures and videos of bears in their habitat. Hopefully we'll all learn something new about bears. I've already learning something new from watching this video. Did you know an animal that walks on four legs is called a quadraped... who knew!! I love finding out new and interesting informaion. I hope you enjoy this.

Lucas has made a great start to the week by getting some cutting practise. You look as if you are really concentrating on that cutting Lucas, brilliant!!

Here is Sam with his favourite teddy, James. They are tucked in and ready for a bedtime story about a teddy who falls out of the bed. It looks like a good story Sam, we hope you enjoyed it.

Sam is glad that we are learning about the clock. We have all been thinking about time a lot lately. Thinking about what we would be doing in school at this time if we were there or what time school would normally finish and how quickly time passes. The clock is a really interesting piece of equipment in our houses. Can you find lots of different places where we find out the time?

Today Mina and Jesse took their teddy bears down to the river to have a teddy bears picnic. The sun is shining and we wish we were all at that teddy bears picnic it looks lovely. I wonder what happened to Jesse in the second picture? Maybe Minas teddy bear ate all the sandwiches and there were none left for Jesse's bear.

Sam has been working hard before getting off for long bank holiday weekend. I think he is taking Amelia for a victory lap around the yard to celebrate VE day tomorrow.

Mina has also been working hard on her time topic. She likes to use her books to practise the time and have a look at clocks.