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Ulster Scots Session 1 - The lambeg drum

Willie Hill from the Ulster Scots agency brought in 3 Lambeg drums.  We learnt about the history of the Lambeg drum, the parts which make up the drum and of course, how to play the drum.  It was fair to say that this was a noisy session but very enjoyable.

Session 2 Living History


Today we met a soldier who fought in World War 1.  He showed us his uniform and all of his equipment, including weaponry, various gas masks and binoculars.  He explained what the conditions were like in the trenches, how they slept, what they ate and so on.  We feel thankful to those soldiers who fought for our freedom.

In session 3 P6/7 enjoyed learning about highland dancing.  We found out the difference between Highland dancing and Scottish dancing - in that Highland dancing is much more an individual dance whereas the Scottish variant requires dancing in a group.  We also learnt that many years ago Scottish soldiers used Highland dancing as a form of keeping fit.  We had a great time learning the different steps.