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Home Learning Week 2

Good morning everyone I hope everyone has been able to get their learning pack and make a start.  I will put up some videos and links that may help with the learning pack this week.  Have a great week and don't forget to get in touch if you need some help or advice.

The Letter D Song - Learn the Alphabet

This is the video we usually use in class to introduce our new letter sound. Bounce Patrol is a lively and fun way to have a go at the sound and think of some words beginning with that sound. The children are very familiar with these videos as you will see.

Numberblocks - Meet Number Seven | Meet the Numberblocks | Learn to Count

This is a video of the number blocks from Cbeebies. This is a good revision of the numbers up to 6 and it introduces the number 7 in a nice way.

Little Robin Red Vest, By Jan Fearnley. Read by Miss McDonald.

This is a video of our story this week. Listen to the story and have a think about the robin in the story.

Grace really enjoyed our story this week about Little Robin Red Vest. She was able to use her new camera that she got for Christmas to take pictures of a little robin outside her house. Isn't he lovely? Great work Grace.

Chloe followed instructions to make an instrument at the end of her reading book. She used a plastic bottle and some rice. That's a great way of reusing an old plastic bottle Chloe. You will have lots of fun with that!

I see Chloe has been working on our story this week. Little Robin Red Vest is a great story about a little robin who is very kind. He reminds me a lot of all our P1's and Busy Bees. They are very kind too! Keep up the good work Chloe.

William has been working on his learning pack at home. He followed the instructions to make a bird feeder. Your bird feeder looks great William. I'm looking forward to some pictures of birds enjoying a snack from the feeder. Be sure to keep a look out, they are great fun to watch.

Chloe decided to make her instrument even better by decorating it. She made it look great and I can just imagine her making great music in the kitchen. I told her maybe Nathan Carter would be looking out for a new shaker for his band when he gets back on the road.

It’s hard to believe that we are at the end of week two of home learning. The weather hasn’t been as nice this week but maybe we’ll get some nice frosty crisp weather back next week. 
I hope you have all had a good week and been doing some work from your learning pack.  Don’t forget to says thanks to your mum and dad for being great teachers this week. Below are our certificate winners this week.

Well done to everyone for a great week.