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Thankyou for visiting our virtual Balmoral show this week.  Here you will find all our show entries from Reception and Primary 1.  It looks like in true show tradition it's going to be a good week so we are looking forward to seeing all the virtual show pictures.  Have a great week at 'The Show'.

First up is Louis, with his show which is running all week. I see you have some traditional stands there Louis with Fane Valley and Burkes of Cornascriebe. I know that the Burkes stand with the New Holland models will be very popular with everyone. Great advertisement for these two local businesses! Louis also has some prize winning animals. Judy the pony and Steve and Midge the lambs are definitely going to be a big attraction at the show this week.

Next up we have Sam with his prize winning calves. I think there are a few here Sam that could be champion of champions one day after a bit of growing. Those three look like they are your favourites! In fact it looks as though they are talking to you, now that would be a show stopper!!!

Hunters entry to the show is her very own pasta that she made from scratch! Wow Hunter I love the farfalle, it looks great. The lasagne looks yummy too. This is a strong food entry for the virtual show, everyone will be feeling under pressure now.

Today Sam is doing some advertising at the virtual show for Lakeland Dairies. This is the lorry that comes to the farm and takes the milk that Sam's cows provide. They take the milk, process it and package it and then we buy it in cartons from the supermarket. Sam loves visiting Lakeland's stall at the show because he gets a free ice-cream and a milkshake.

Chloe is entering the best dressed competition at the virtual show this year and doesn't she look swell! She is also proud to enter her show stopping lettuce. You'll have a great salad with those Chloe!

This is a very popular item at the Balmoral show, 'the sheep shearing'. I wonder how many sheep this man would get sheared in an hour. He looks very fast. Look at all the wool from the Mina's sheep, you could knit a lot of jumpers with all that wool Mina. I also love the picture of the sheep outside again. I wonder where they cold last night without their wooly fleece? Thanks for showing us the process involved in sheep shearing through your photos Mina. This is turning into a great learning experience for everyone.

Mina thought this would also be a good entry for the machinery part of the show. She saw a big Fendt tractor mowing down her silage and putting it into rows, Jesse was wondering if he would be able to see a real loader like this yellow one.

Mina would like to enter her soda bread and soda farls into the food section of the show. This looks lovely, Mrs Herron might have competition now. Wow Mina you have been busy over the past few days.

Balmoral Show with Mrs McBride

Your photos are great! Lovely to see you all and what you are getting up to😊 You are certainly a busy little bunch!



We started our virtual Balmoral Show by having a look around the machinery. Sophie was investigating each tractor just like her Daddy does when we go to the show!

We headed off on a walk to hunt for some possible prize winning animals and look what we found....a donkey for the children's farm section, some champion cattle- some of them must think they really are at Balmoral Show, posing like this! We also found a not so friendly bull ( unlike Sam's really friendly calves), some sheep which have been sheared just like Mina's and little black and white lambs which would be great friends for Louis's lambs, Steve and Midge.

These are our hens. They would fit right in at the 'Poultry' pavilion of Balmoral Show. They certainly have been very busy!

I had to think of a way to put these eggs to good use so I decided to make 'Banana Bread' and I also made a Strawberry Cheesecake for the food section. Stiff competition in this category as Hunter, Henry and Mina have been busy in the kitchen too!

The floral displays are beautiful at Balmoral Show so I decided to have a go at some flower arranging. Don't we all like to try new things?! I arranged my flowers in a wellington boot of course!

Lucas is entering his show stopper chocolate cake into the home baking part of our show. You have won first prize for your cake Lucas, well done.

Here is Harry with his prize Limousin heifer. Harry is looking like a very professional cattle handler with his white coat on, I love it! This heifer looks like she could go places at the show Harry.

Sam has been busy setting up the Spar shop at the show and a coffee show. I'd love to go to your coffee show at the minute Sam, I miss the coffee shops!! He has also set up a machinery stand to display his farm machinery and he has been teaching his dog some tricks. Don't think he wants to let go of that stick Sam.

Here is Zoe's entry for the arts and crafts section of the show. She has used pasta to recreate a snail. Doesn't he look great? Well done Zoe this is certainly show worthy!

Here are Annie's entries for the show. She is entering her silage making and machinery into the show. Annie is also and keen baker and this is her entry for the home baking section of the show. Finally she looks great as best dressed lady at the show. It's great day for best dressed competition and you look jolly with your hat on Annie.

Here are some quickly snapped pictures of cattle for the livestock section. I love to look out my window and see the cattle in the fields beside my house.

This is my entry for the home baking section. I seem to have spent a lot of time during lockdown baking. I've also been eating a lot of it too!! These are my chocolate orange muffins, a fruit sponge and my very first bannock of soda bread.

Dakota the showjumping Dog

Still image for this video
This is Mrs Preston's dog Dakota, jumping with her handler Ruby.

Horse Jumping Arena

Still image for this video
This is Alice on her pony Uni. She is entering into the show jumping class at the show.

Here is Sam with his last entry for the show. His beautiful blooms for the horticultural section of the show. You certainly seem to have green fingers Sam, these are lovely.

Here is Grace with her show entries. Grace has made some award winning cakes for the home industries section of the show. She has also been busy on the farm over the past few weeks and here she is with her prize cattle. Great pictures Grace!

Here is little Grace 2 years ago at the Balmoral show pictured here with a red squirrel from the Ulster Wildlife. Keep looking out for those red squirrels on your walks Grace and hopefully one day you'll see one.