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Day 3

Day 3 began really early. Breakfast was at 7 but the sunshine certainly helped to combat our sleepiness. At 845 am, we left for Blackpool. Our first stop was "Madame Tussards". I loved the musicians section, especially Ed Sheeran. We walked up to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and spent the rest of the day exploring the rides and amusements. When I say 'we', I mean the kids as I was left to look after their bags. After a drenching on the water rides, (our final rides), we casually walked over to McDonalds for our tea.

Meeting Cheryl
I'm from Cortamlet. Get me outa hereeeeeeee!
Bush Tucker Challenge!
Josh with Phil ' the Power' Taylor
Nicole-bot doing the Mo-bot
This is the Ice Blast ride at the Pleasure Beach
And some of the P7 boys went on it!
On the Express Train around the Beach
Nicole and Ruth on the Dodgems
Me! Left with all the bags!