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Easter Hoildays

Well done everyone for working hard for the first two weeks of home learning.  You have all worked really hard and you deserve a break.  For the next two weeks we would have been on our Easter Holidays from school so try to take a little break from your school work and enjoy being off.  Hopefully the weather will continue to be nice and we will be able to get out on nice walks around our houses.  

We have uploaded some activities to this page to try if you want to.  I know some of you have enjoyed keeping busy with school work and it is a good way for us to keep some routine to our days.  These activities are optional and you can print off what you want to do or try at home.

It would be great to stay in touch and if you do anything exciting over the holidays, please email me your photos and I will put them on the website for you and your family and friends to see.

Our next home learning week will be from Monday 20th April when we will set some new tasks on Study Ladder and a new class task.


Have a lovely Easter break, don't eat all your eggs at once!!



We thought this was a great idea for those people that we cant see at the minute.

You can download and print off these activities to complete at home.  Have Fun!

Try this selection of lovely Easter stories and books.

If you want to try something a little different how about a competition? We love a competition in school, especially if we win.