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1st June Week 9

Friday 5th June

Hi boys and girls it’s hard to believe it’s Friday again! We’ve had a great week this week with our sports day races. It was great to see everyone having fun outside in the sun. I loved seeing the videos and pictures of sports day.  It feels like we’re closer together when I can see you all. Thanks to the Mums and Dads for taking the time and effort to send in the pictures and videos, it means a lot.
We had a great week on Study Ladder this week too and everyone is working very hard. The following pupils have achieved new levels this week.  Well done to:

Jamie - Bronze Certificate

Grace - Up three levels to the Bronze trophy Wow Grace!!

Louis - Up three levels to the Gold trophy Wow Louis!!

Mina - Up two levels to the Gold trophy.

Sam - Up two levels to the Bronze ribbon.

Zoe - Silver certificate

 Bug Club is also being used well too so well done to everyone. Give yourselves a pat on the back for your great work this week. Below are our certificate winners this week, but everyone is a winner in our class. 

Monday 1st June

I can't believe it's June already, the weeks have just flown by!  Ususally in school at this time of year we are practising for sports day and looking out for a good weeks weather to have Sports Day.  This year unfortunately we are not in school to have a sports day so we thought we would have a virtual sports day.

We would like you to have some fun activities this week to celebrate sports day.  I have included some ideas below but you can do whatever activities you wish.  Just don't forget to get someone to take a photo or short video of you and send it into to me.  When we think of sports day in school we usually think about things like, the running race, the egg and soon, the sack race and the throwing.  You can try to recreate these with things you have at home.   Instead of using a sack, maybe you could an old pillowcase to jump in.  You could throw a wellie instead of our little coloured animals.  I know there might not be many others to race with but you could race with your family or time yourself doing a race.  Whatever you do, have fun and stay safe in the sun.  Don't forget to send me in your pictures for the website, I can't wait to see what you get up to.  Have a look at these ideas below, you don't even need anyone to race with for these.  

A little message from the Road Safety Education office- DfI

Dear Parent,


During the month of June, there will be a weekly task designed for you to work alongside and complete with your child/children in relation to a key road safety issue:


Road Safety Education - Week 1 Task (Child Cycle Safety)

This week the focus is on cycle helmets – please ensure your child wears a cycle helmet every time they are riding their bicycle and that it is properly fitted and adjusted to reduce the impact of a fall or collision at slow speed.  The attached document has been supplied by Department for Infrastructure ‘Safe and Accessible Travel’ as a guide for you and your child to use.


For further information on cycle safety:

To view the road safety calendars issued to schools:

Markas wanted to come to say hi to everyone this week. He says he is missing everyone but he is having fun at home and enjoying this good weather. These are great photos Markas, you have lovely flowers at your house and we love your little dog! She is so cute.

Sam's hurdle race

Still image for this video
Sam is busy practising for sports day. He decided that the best race for this weather would be to do the hurdle race by jumping into a pool instead of over hurdles.

Sam's running race with a cool ending

Still image for this video
Sam has also been taking part in some running races. Race you all the way to the pool Sam.... splash!

Mina has been taking part in lots of races at home for our virtual sports day. There are definitely some school sports day favourites there Mina. My favourite is the sack race, it is always really funny.

As well as practising for the virtual sports day Mina has been busy keeping up with her sound work. She has been learning the ch sound. Mina found it funny when the horse says ch as the caterpillar is tickling his nose.

Mina does Ninja Warrior

Still image for this video
Here is Mina doing her version of the obstacle course. Wow Mina I was excited to see what you were going to do next!! Great obstacle course and you made it look so easy.

Mina and Jesse do the three legged race

Still image for this video
Here are Mina and Jesse taking part in the three legged race. It takes Jesse a few tries to get the hang of it but with a great partner like Mina he is soon flying. Everyone will want to be your partner when you come to school Jesse, you are already great at the three legged race.

Here is Chloe and Thomas ready to try the egg and spoon race. I wonder who will win? We always find in school, it's slow and steady wins the race with the egg and spoon.

Chloe has been out enjoying the good weather. That's a great idea to sow some wild flowers Chloe, the bees will love them. You look lovely in your summer hat and with your flowers.

Harry and Jessica do the sack race

Still image for this video
Harry and Jessica have been having a go at the sack race using some pillowcases. It's amazing what you can find at home to improvise when you don't have the resources we have in school. Great thinking Harry and Jessica! This was a great race and a tightly fought battle between these two. Harry you came in first place, well done!

Louis had a go at the three legged race with Ruby. Great team effort you two. He also had a go a throwing his favourite footwear which is his wellie.

Mrs Preston had a go at the wellie boot throw with Ruby. It went a long way but I think Dakota might have caught it and in the end Ruby definitely won!

A new original entry for Cortamlet sports day is the catching bubbles race

Still image for this video
Here we have Dakota, Mrs Preston's dog racing to catch as many bubbles as she can.

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /ch/ sound

I know some of you really enjoyed Geraldine the Giraffe learning the sh sound last week so I thought you might like to see her learning our sound this week which his ch.