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Week 4 Home Learning!


Another week over, the time is flying by!

Again P2 and P3 you have all been working away and doing a really super job. You have been busy on Study ladder, Bug Club and some of you have been using RM easimaths too.

We've had a little bit of rain this week but that's ok, farmers and gardeners wanted some!  The good weather is to be back for next week so lots of outdoor activities ahead! Please send us some emails and photos and let us know how you are getting on, what's been fun, any ideas for your class to do or anything you need help with. 


Gold Certificates - Matthew and Caleb. Great job.

Platinum Certificates - Amelia, Harry, Isaac A, Isaac R, Jack, Lois and Jessica. Well done all of yousmiley

Bronze Trophy -Joanna. Amazing!


P2 class certificate winner this week is AMELIA. She has been working steadily and completed all her activities on Studyladder achieving her Platinum certificate and been reading lots on Bug Club too.Well done to youyes

Our P3 Certificate this week goes to a brilliant girl who always gives her best in everything that she does:

Emily McMurdie! 


Emily has gained her Gold Trophy on Study Ladder, she has been outside enjoying the good weather, making posters outside and out cheering on the NHS, she has been busy on Bug Club and read 7 books this week on Accelerated Reader and met her AR target! Emily you have worked so hard, Well Done to you!


This week Jake has been awarded his Platinum certificate.


Riley, Sam, Thomas, Victoria, and Zoe have got their Gold certificates.


Jenson and Kris have been awarded their Silver certificates.

Sofia has been awarded her Bronze certificate.


Thomas, Sam, Emily, Jake and Victoria have all been busy on AR this week.

Sam, Emily and Jake have reached their AR Targets already, that is amazing!


Sam, Emily, Jake and Victoria have been  very busy reading and completing activities on Bug Club. What a hard working group of P3 children.

Well done to you all!


Monday 27th April- Week 4 -Home Learning!


Hello boys and girls,

Well done for all your hard work last week, I know so many of you are working on your pencil and paper activities, learning your spellings and number facts as well as learning lots of life skills. Thomas learnt to ride his bike without stabilisers last week and that is a really important skill to learn. Please let us know what you are getting up to.


This week Primary 3 are working on Unit 25 for their spelling activities and learning number facts for 18.


Number facts about 18

18 + 0 = 18           15 + 3 = 18                 12 + 6 = 18   

17 + 1 = 18           14 + 4 = 18                 11 + 7 = 18

16 + 2 = 18           13 + 5 = 18                 10 + 8 = 18   

  9 + 9 = 18 


                                     P2 Number Facts

This month we are learning facts for 8

     8+0=8    3+5=8

     7+1=8    2+6=8

     6+2=8    1+7=8 

     5+3=8    0+8=8




Some new activities have been loaded onto Study Ladder and you should try to do at least 3 a day. I know many of you love Study Ladder so work away but please do the set activities before you do any other ones.


There are lots of new books on Bug Club and you will need to read each book a number of times to make sure you understand what you are reading and to help you develop your fluency and expression. Keep practising the characters voices!


Primary 3, most of you are busy working towards your next Accelerted Reader target and that is great. Remember myON have loads of AR books and you can choose the level and subject that you want. The links to lots of ebook websites are on the AR /Study Ladder page.


The c2k News desk upload new information for children each week and there are lots of interesting articles on it.


Don't forget PE with Joe each morning, it's a great way to start the day!


We are looking forward to hearing from you,

Mrs Hughes and Mrs McKee



The Book Trust's pyjamarama!

Some information from 'Time to Read'.

For a bit of fun next Friday 1 May, why not join in with Book Trusts #Pyjamarama event as part of a festival of book filled fun.


Early Years and Primary #Pyjamarama activities can be downloaded to help you celebrate wherever you are - from colouring and crafts to puzzles and drawing.


During these uncertain times it would be great if we could get the pupils to share any reading they are doing with us using the hashtags #TimetoRead and #UnitedByBooks


Book finder for #Pyjamarama


We have been asked to forward this survey for ParentKindNI to parents to try and gauge  concerns and get the appropriate support -

A minute silence.

At 11 AM on Tuesday 28th April join in a minute silence to honour workers who have lost their lives from coronavirus.

Look what we have been up to!smiley

Jenson has been very busy learning outside with his dad and brother. They have built a new garden fence, went on an easter egg hunt, did the broad bean experiment, explored nature and helped with the cows and new baby calves. So much learning Jenson. Well done!

Thomas and his family made a lovely hand print picture to have as a memory.

Emily and Lauren have created some lovely pictures saying 'Thank you' to our NHS. Well done girls.

Great to see Isaac having a picnic, playing with his dog, even reading to the dog!! He has also been busy cutting silage and power hosing! Busy man!

Many of you have been learning lots of new skills while we've been at home, it's great to learn some life skills! Isaac has been painting the fence along with Jemimah! Looks like a super job you two!

Matthew got some rhubarb at the farm and decided to make a rhubarb crumble, YUM! You look like you know what you're doing, a real professional but then you are learning from the best! Mum is a great cook!

Wow Jessica! You must have green fingers! You've been growing lettuces in your greenhouse, they look amazing, well done!

Victoria has been busy cooking with her mum. You look like you have done this before lots many times Victoria. You are well on your way to being a brilliant cook! What a super learning experiece.

Thomas has been learning lots of different skills this week, Well done Thomas on getting your Silver certificate!

Jenson has had a very busy week! He had a visit from the Tooth Fairy and he has made some speed restriction signs! Well done Jenson, you are learning about so many things.

Jack has had another visit from the tooth Fairy this week! He has been busy on Study ladder and learning his number facts and for a treat made some pancakes with Annie, they even tried out some new toppings!

Jack has had a really exciting week, he learned to ride his bicycle without stabilizers! Well done Jack!