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Home Learning Week 4

Monday 25th January

Hello boys and girls welcome to another week of home learning.  I hope you all had a great weekend, wasn't it exciting to see the snow yesterday morning?  We had great fun outside in the snow at my house on Cortamlet Road.  I was wondering what you all would be doing in the snow at your house?  If you have any pictures please send them to me so that we can put them on the website for you all to enjoy.  It's nice to be able to see each other on the website even though we can't be together in school.

Thankyou all for your returned learning packs last week.  I was really impressed by the work in the packs so thankyou to everyone for working really hard.

You now have your new learning packs for the next two weeks.  Keep a look out on the website and on Seesaw for stories and videos to help you work through your pack.  Don't forget if you are stuck or need help with something, please get in touch and I will do my best to help you.

Have a great week!


Mrs Preston and Mrs McBride

The Letter G Song - Learn the Alphabet

This week our new letter sound is g as in guitar. I will put a video on see saw to help you with the formation of g. Can you find some things around your house that begin with g. Remember to look out for words that have g in them in your reading books or in your bedtime story. I wonder how many of the letter g you would find in your reading book this week?

Chicken Licken

Here is an animated version of our story this week. I will try to upload a reading of the story onto Seesaw if I can. It's good to listen to a story a couple of times to get used to the plot in the story. We love to reread favourite stories in our class.

Learn Numbers | 1 to 8 Numbers |

Here is a video which just focuses on the numbers to 8. Remember to concentrate on numbers 6,7,8 as these will be trickier to remember for the children. There is a lot of forward counting in this video but I also want you to practise counting backwards from 8. 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. Have a go at setting out sets of numbers up to 8. You could set out 6 toy cars, 7 apples, 8 spoons or anything that you can find at home to put in your set. Remember to touch them to count and move them when you are checking how many are in your set. Think about what would happen if you add one more to your set, how many would you have? What if someone took one from the set, how many would there be then?

Madison has been up and at it early this morning. She was using her bus and passengers to practise making sets of up to 8. This is a great way to practise what happens with sets when you add another passenger or when one or two passengers get off. You can think about how many there would be after 1 or 2 passengers get on or 1 passenger gets off then check to see if you are right. Great work Madison, you have given us all a great idea for learning.

Madison also had a go at her bird kebab this morning. I would say there are a lot of hungry little birds on this cold and frosty morning. They will be glad of your kebab Madison.

Grace has been making her bird kebabs using Cheerios. Sam looks like he is enjoying it too. I love where you hung your bird feeders Grace, that was a great idea.

Grace enjoyed getting out in the snow on sunday for a frosty, snowy walk. She said she loved hearing the crunch of the snow beneath her feet.

Here is a guide to zoom for everyone. You will need zoom on Friday when we do our P.E. lesson with Chris. Reception, P1 and P2 will have their slot from 1 - 1:30pm. Make sure you are set up and ready to take part in a fun active lesson with Chris. You can do it indoors somewhere where there is a bit of space and dressed in your P.E. kit or something suitable for physical activity. Can't wait, see you there.

Garden Bird Identification Video - UK Garden Birds ID and Names

This is a good wee video to help you to identify some of the birds that might eat from your feeder or visit your garden. Can you identify any birds in your garden?

Chloe sent us some pictures of her fun in the snow at the weekend. This looks like great fun Chloe. The snow was lovely while it lasted.

Chloe also had a go at making a bird kebab for her nanny's birds in the garden. Chloe used Cheerios, cheese and bread for her bird kebab. I think the little birds will enjoy snacking from your bird feeder Chloe.

Grace just wanted to pop on today and say hi to everyone and let us know that she is working hard on her number work. Great work Grace, it's great to see you, we miss you and we are glad to see your smiling face.

Here is Lucas working outside with his daddy. Lucas that is a big pipe!! I wonder how many times you could fit along that pipe? It would be a great thing to use at playtime, you could slide things down the pipe and make a track for your toys. It's lovely to see you Lucas, we miss you!

Lydia has been working on the activities in her new learning pack at home this week. You are doing really well with the block building Lydia. It is great to see you having fun at home. Keep up the good work!

Annie has been busy at home too. She loved making her bird feeder and watching the birds enjoy eating it. She even found some bird tracks in the snow last weekend. I'm sure they were really glad you had put out some food for them Annie. It's lovely to see you Annie, we have missed you!

Alice had great fun in the snow last weekend. She really enjoyed sliding fast down and big hill. That looks like great fun Alice!!

Still image for this video

Alice bird watching.mp4

Still image for this video
Alice also made a bird feeder this week with her daddy. It looks great Alice and it is very exciting that you already had a bird called Sparkles visiting your bird feeder. He is a quiet little bird when he lets you stand so close to him. Brilliant!

Chloe has been keeping her fitness levels up over lockdown and she is registered to do the daily mile. Well done Chloe, it's very important to keep up our fitness while school is closed, it helps us to stay fit and healthy.

Grace wanted to tell us that she really enjoyed the online work on Chicken Licken this week. It was something different and I'm glad you enjoyed it Grace. Chicken Licken is a really good story. Thanks Mrs McBride for reading Chicken LIcken for us this week.

Grace has been keeping up the popular P1 tradition of puzzle Friday. We love puzzle Friday in school and I'm glad to see you are enjoying it at home too Grace.

Well done on another week of home learning. You have all done really well. Here are our certificate winners this week. Super work everyone.