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Are your kids missing hockey ?
Do you want them getting outside for more activity?
CR HOCKEY can now come to you!!!
Whilst adhering to the NI executive restrictions where 4-6 people can meet outdoors I can offer private family sessions in the comfort of your own outdoor area whilst ensuring social distancing where appropriate.
If you think your kids would LOVE this, get in touch with me for;

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Congratulations to our Busy Bee and Primary 1 certificate winners this week. Even though we can't be together for our Friday awards assembly it's nice to keep in touch and reward the children's learning.

This is a collection of simple ideas to try at home especially for our Busy Bee class but our Primary 1's could also have a lot of fun with these. There are a lot so just choose the ones you think you'd most enjoy.

Today Mina did a science experiment with an egg. She placed an egg in vinegar for 1 day and today the shell had dissolved and the egg was bouncy. Mina also enjoyed painting on a big piece of card outside with her brother Jesse.

Sam took full advantage of the good weather yesterday and got outside to have some fun. It looks like you had a great time outside Sam. We miss you!

Mina was out yesterday looking for frogspawn and how exciting she found some. They are still little dots in the jelly, no tadpoles yet. Mina also made some doughnuts yummy!! She also wanted to say hello to all her classmates and let you know that she misses you all. We miss you too Mina.

Alice made her own pizza last night for dinner. It's important for our busy bees to keep active and keep learning so that they're ready for P1. Joining in with everyday activities like helping mum with the cooking is a great way for busy bees to work on their skills.

Louis has been working on his fine motor skills this week. He loves junk art during play and he enjoys doing this at home too. Today Louis is working hard on his very own mart. Great thinking Louis! When the marts close you still need somewhere to take your cows so just make your own.

Sam has had a great start to his time at home. He has set up a classroom at home and is enjoying showing his mum how to do his school work. Keep up the good work Sam!

Hi to all the Primary 1 and Busy Bees.  I hope you're having a fun time learning at home and it has been great to see some of the things you have been getting up to.  Don't forget to come to the website to catch up with what the others in your class have been doing.  It's nice to see the others in our class even though we aren't together in school.

We love a snow day at school and we got out to play