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Home Learning Week 3

Hi everyone and welcome to week 3 of home learning.  I hope you all had a relaxing weekend and got a rest from school work.  Let's make this a great week!

This week our new sound is h for hat.  I'll put up the h sound video below.  I wonder how many things you could find in your house beginning with the letter h.  Maybe you could make a collection of items beginning with h and send a picture to me.  

Our story this week is 'The Ugly Duckling'.  I love this story and I know you will too.  I'll put up a video so that you can have a look at the pictures and get someone to read it at home with you.  

This week our new number is 8.  Isn't it a funny number!  It can be a tricky one to write so gets lots of practise writing 8 in different ways.  You could use some sand or rice in a large container to practise writing with your finger.  Try to make the shape of 8 using things from home e.g. use pasta, coins or buttons to make 8

 Look at this idea.  You could make a road in the shape of 8 and play with toy cars.  That would be great fun!

Don't forget our topic for this half term is birds.  Have you been looking out for birds in your garden?  Do you feed the birds in your garden?  If we were in school we would be feeding the little birds ourside our classroom window in our sensory garden.  We love to watch them being busy finding food and having the odd disagreement with each other.  They are funny to watch.  Maybe you would have a go at making binoculars this week.  In school we usually use 2 toilet roll tubes to make them.  We use tape to join them together and then decorate them.  If you like, you could add some string so that they can hang around your neck.

Whatever you do this week, have fun.  I really miss you all and I can't wait to get back to school to see everyone.  Have a great week.

The Letter H Song - Learn the Alphabet

Have a look at bounce patrol doing our letter this week. How many words beginning with h can you think of?
Can you make the letter h into a horse? P1's always enjoy seeing the letter h turning into a horse. Have a think about that and I'll show you later in the week on seesaw. I might also be able to show you another surprise beginning with h that came to my house at Christmas. Can you guess what it might be?

Numberblocks - (8) Octoblock to the Rescue! | Learn to Count

This is our new number for this week. Can you see how different shapes octoblock can make with it's 8 blocks. Could you make a shape with 8 blocks at home? How many different shapes could you make with the same 8 blocks?

This is our story for this week. To view the powerpoint on a laptop click on 'slideshow' on the tool bar at the top and then select 'from the beginning'. If you are viewing it on an ipad, you need to download it and then you can view the slides.

Madison has made a great start to week 3 of home learning. She has been working on her number 8. It is great to practise making the shape of 8 before attempting to write it so Madison had a great idea and made the number 8 with her play dough. Great work Madison. You've given us all a great idea of how to practise making the number 8.

Have a look at Seesaw to see the video on how to form and write 8 when you are ready.  

This week our new sound is h as in hat. Chloe has been busy this morning finding some things in her house beginning with the h sound. Well done Chloe you found a lot of things beginning with h. Not forgetting about the house for the dolls beginning with h, it looks like great fun. It looks a bit like the one we have in school for small world play. You could make up lots of stories playing with that house Chloe.

Chloe and Thomas have been busy practising their number and measure skills by baking a cake. This is great home learning you two. It looks lovely, wouldn't it be great if we could taste it!

At Cortamlet we take part in the daily mile. I think that during this lockdown which is in the winter, it is more important than ever to get outside for some time everyday. Here is a little tip on how you could carry on the daily mile challenge at home. Look at challenge 2, it would be a great one for us to do this week as our topic is birds. Have fun!

Madison took on the challenge of making the shape of the number 8 with something in her house. She used her LOL dolls to make the number 8. This is just brilliant Madison, I love it!

After seeing Madison's idea of making the number 8 with something at home, Chloe thought she would have a go. It's great to give each other ideas. Chloe used Cheerios to make her new letter and number this week. Good idea Chloe and you can even use them as a snack when you have finished.

Grace has been busy making binoculars to watch the birds. This binoculars look great Grace, you'll be a fancy birdwatcher out with your binoculars now.

Grace has been busy learning all about 8 and she was amazed to find an 8 at the end of her binoculars! Great find Grace, I'm not sure I noticed that before. She also practised writing 8 in some rice. Well done for working hard at home Grace, we love to see what you have been getting up to in lockdown.

You’re not Ugly Duckling

Still image for this video
This week the P1 story is ‘The Ugly Duckling’. To carry on the theme of kindness from last week, I thought this would be a good story for everyone. This is a different take on the Ugly Duckling story. I hope you enjoy it.

Lydia has been making binoculars for bird watching too. These are brilliant Lydia, you look very professional going out to watch the birds.

Lydia has also been working hard on the games and puzzles in her learning pack. Great to see you having fun at home Lydia. I like how you are also practising your pencil skills, that is an important task for a Busy Bee. Keep up the good work!

Chloe has also made her own binoculars and she is heading to nanny's today to do some bird watching. I hope you see lots of little birds Chloe.

Grace went on the lookout for an ugly duckling outdoors today. She didn't find any ugly ducklings but she was able to feed lots of hungry ducks. This was a great way to take your learning outdoors Grace and thankyou for showing us you trip out to feed the ducks. I see you have found your own 'Ugly Duckling' story at home. Nothing beats having the book in front of you to have a look at in your own time. Great work Grace!

Madison has been practising writing our sound this week. I love your concentrated face Madison, I can tell you are trying really hard. Madison reminds us that we start writing h at the top of the letter and we make it a tall letter. Great tips Madison!

Since we are learning the letter h this week. I found something big beginning with h. Meet our new friend, Poppy the horse. She is very quiet and I know the P1’s and Busy Bees would love Poppy. Her favourite treat is apples. If you’re on the roads keep a look out for Poppy on a hack.

Everyone was working really hard in our class this week. You always make it really difficult to decide who to give the certificate to. This week we have a Busy Bee winner and two P1 winners. Well done to everyone, you are doing great.