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We look forward to Healthy Kidz every Monday in school. We enjoy being fit and having fun.

Outdoor play is the best!!

We had great fun today with our experiment on Humpty Dumpty. We wanted to see what we could wrap Humpty in to keep him safe from breaking. It was great fun predicting what would happen and then finding out if Humpty had cracked when he fell off the table.

8 can be tricky number for our P1’s to write. We had a go at making it with dough before we wrote it.

This week our nursery rhymes is Humpty Dumpty. The Busy Bees have been busy building a wall for Humpty.

We have been looking at the number 7. Look how many shapes we can make with 7 multilink cubes!

This week we are thinking about Hickory Dickory Dock. We looked at the pendulum in the clock and we tried to make our own pendulums.

Today we had a very special treat! We made delicious gingerbread houses and decorated them with yummy sweets. They turned out beautiful! We all want to say thank you to Mrs Herron for supplying the gingerbread and sweets!

On Friday we had a snow day. We loved being in school for the snow day and we had great fun outdoors.