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Week 10 Home Learning!


This week I've been amazed at how busy you all have been! You have been working very hard on Study Ladder, reading lots and working on RMeasimaths and I also know you are working on your pack activities too. There have been lots of Study Ladder certificates earned, some children even earned two certificates in one week!

Gold Trophy - Caleb

Bronze Ribbon - Matthew

Silver Ribbon - Isaac J, Isaac A, Jessica, Isaac R and Lois

Gold Ribbon - Lois, Isaac R, Harry and Amelia

Platinum Ribbon - Joanna and Jack

I am so proud of P2 and P3, you have risen to the challenge and so have your mums and dads, you should all be very proud of yourselves.


The P2 Certificate winner this week goes to Isaac Robb for excellent work on study ladder achieving both his Silver and Gold Ribbons! Super work Isaac!


The children in Primary 3 have been extra busy on Study Ladder this week as well!


Emily has achieved her Silver Medal!

Jake has achieved his Platinum Ribbon!

Jenson has achieved his Silver Trophy!

Kris has achieved his Platinum Certificate!

Thomas and Victoria have achieved their Platinum Trophies!

Zoe has achieved her Gold Trophy!

A huge well done to you all!


Jenson, Riley, Jake and Emily have been busy on Bug Club and Thomas Emily, Jake and Sofia have been busy on Accelerated Reader. Emily and Jake have both quadrupled their targets! That is fantastic!


I am very excited today to award the Primary 3 certificate to a boy who had just joined our class before we had to finish school, he had just made some new friends and I know he misses them and they miss him, he has been working on his home learning pack with his mum and he sent us a lovely photo of him out helping his dad on the farm with his beautiful dog Jag! Well done Henry. You are a super little boy! 


Monday 8th June 2020.


Good morning boys and girls,

This week Primary 3, you will be delighted to know is the last unit in your spelling activity book. You should be working on Unit 31. I wonder how many words you can spell correctly? Ask your dad or mum to give you a spelling check on Friday and let me know how well you do?


Primary 3 should continue to work on the number facts for 20- adding and subtracting.


Primary 2 you should continue to the next section of the Prim- ed spelling book, some of the sounds are very tricky. Lots of letter combinations to make the same sound. Ask you mum or dad to do a spelling check with you. How many can you get right?

Primary 2 should continue to work on number facts for 10 - adding and subtracting.


We do so many mental maths and practical activities in P2 and P3 that are very important. We need to make our brains work and memorise spelling patterns and number facts when we are young. This is sometimes more important than doing lots of written work.


Mums and dads, if you haven't completed the online questionnaire about Home Learning then please do so. This is only about 'Home Learning'. Please complete it from your own perspective. If you only have a mobile phone to work from, this is not ideal and school may be able to lend you a device. If you have more than one child and want to be very specific with your answers, you can name the class or send an email to the class teacher. This is to help teachers plan going forward in the Autumn term.

If you need help with something now, please contact the teacher and let them know, we still have 3 weeks of home learning left and if you need support please just ask. This is a difficult time for everyone and we will do all we can to support you.



Keep up the good work boys and girls, mums and dads, you are all doing really well! 


From Mrs Hughes and Mrs McKee



Vinegar + Baking Soda + Balloons = FIZZY FUN! | Kids Science Experiments | Science for Kids

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Rainbow Baking Soda and Vinegar

For our first video, we decided to break out the baking soda and vinegar for some chemical fun, we added a splash of food colouring for excitement!

Farm Safety Competition

To enter children should draw or paint a picture based on the key dangers on the farm from one of the following four categories:

  • 8th June: Dangers from farm animals;
  • 15th June: Dangers from tractors and other farm machinery;
  • 22nd June: Dangers from falls and falling objects.


The theme for the week (Mon 8th - Fri 12th June) for our child safety poster competition is - FARM ANIMALS


To enter our competition all children need to do is draw a poster on a plain A3 or A4 page about the Dangers from Farm Animals.

Parents/Caregivers just need to take a photograph of the completed poster and email to by Friday 12th June at 4pm. Please remember to include the child's name, age, school and a contact number for the parent/caregiver in the covering email. The winner will be notified next week.

This week in school would be Healthy Eating Week, and we would normally be learning about a balanced meal and planning a healthy menu for the week. This is something you could help mum and dad with. Can you plan a healthy snack for each day? Send us some photos please!

Henry out with his dog helping care for the sheep! What a great skill to have. Well done Henry!

Riley up early and working away! A super start to the week Riley, well done!

Sofia and Tilly had a trip to the beach as a treat for finishing all their school work!

Harry sent in his procedure for making a cheese sandwich, well done Harry!

Kris is growing spinach and delicious strawberries in his garden! Well done Kris, you are a great gardener! Those strawberries will be so good with ice cream.

Victoria has been learning all about the honey bee! ! Excellent work Victoria! That is a very well labelled drawing!

Thomas and Chloe have been growing broad beans, they definatley both have green fingers!

Harry and Grace are just about to tuck into this delicious looking chocolate cake! Harry won a colouring competitiion with colin Tinsley, great job Harry!

Joanna has been busy creating a farm safety poster, a very important message Joanna!

Thomas has been very busy working on his spelling activities and he wrote a brilliant report on the importance of sport. Fantastic work Thomas