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8th June Week 10

Friday 12th June

Friday again boys and girls and the end of another week of home learning.  Well done to everyone who got onto Study Ladder this week and is continuing to work at the tasks. The following pupils achieved these awards on Study Ladder this week:

Louis - Platinum Trophy

Sam - Silver ribbon

Mina - Platinum Trophy

Grace - Bronze Trophy

 You are all working really hard at this stage in June and that is brilliant!  We've had a great week thinking about healthy eating.  I've been so impressed that a lot of you are growing your own healthy food.  Sam and Chloe are on the website showing off their broad beans and peas.  That is a great lockdown activity and I think a lot of people have tried growing some food lately.  

I hear the sun is coming back over the weekend and it is getting warmer so we'll be able to get out and enjoy the lovely weather again.  Have a lovely weekend everyone.

See this weeks certificate winners below.

Well done to this weeks certificate winners.

Monday 8th June

Hi boys and girls welcome back to week 10 of home learning.  10 weeks of home learning!!! can you believe it?  Just a reminder to the mums and dads to complete the questionnaire that I sent through email or you can access it via a link on the class page.  

There are new tasks on Study Ladder and we all still have books on Bug Club that we can read.  Don't forget to send me some pictures of what you get up to this week.  I love to see your smiling faces and what you have been doing.  I miss you all!

We only have a few weeks to go until you get off for your summer holidays so we need to try to keep up the motivation for study ladder for these last weeks.  You have all worked so hard over the past 9 weeks, I am so proud of how you have coped with home learning.

This week we would have celebrated 'healthy eating week' in school.  During this week we usually try some new fruits and fruit recipes and we think about how we can eat healthier.  Let's try to think about healthy eating this week.  Maybe you could try to make a picture out of fruit which you could eat like these.

You might also like to design a healthy eating poster to encourage your classmates to eat more healthy.

Geraldine the Giraffe learns the /th/ sound

Our new sound this week is the 'th' sound. Here is Geraldine the Giraffe telling us about the th sound.

The plural -s

There is an activity on Study Ladder this week on adding 2 to make a word plural. Here Mr Thorne tells us a little bit about writing words which show more than one.

Look who turned 5 over the weekend. I hope you had a great day on your birthday Louis, that cake looks yummy. I love your tractor on top of the cake! Happy Birthday from everyone at Cortamlet.

Mina has been thinking about healthy eating this week and has had a go at making a picture with some fruit. Mina has had fun making and eating a fruit flower with strawberries, raspberries, green apple and a sun from a mango. This looks almost too good to eat Mina.

Mina also had a go at designing and making a poster to encourage us to eat healthy. Mina has used a range of fruits and vegetables to make her rainbow such as apples, carrots, bananas, blueberry, broccoli and aubergines. Wow! What a great range of fruits and vegetables for us to try.

Chloe has been busy planting some healthy food to eat. Thomas and Chloe planted some broad beans a little while ago and look at them now! They are growing really well, you will soon have some yummy broadbeans to have with dinner. Great work you two! Chloe also found some flowers that she liked on her walk. They are lovely Chloe, I wonder what they are, I'd love some for my garden. I think I'll get Mrs Lockhart to do a plant ID on these, she is great with the flowers.

Sam aka Thomas the tank engine today has been busy learning the new sound this week which is th for thumb. He also wanted to show us his healthy peas that he planted. They look great Sam, you will be able to have peas for dinner when they are ready. Great work!