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Home Learning 18th Jan


Well done P2 and P3, you have worked really hard this week and we really enjoyed the photographs you have sent. Keep working!

The P2 certificate this week goes to Louis for working really hard and making a super monster called Gobble!

The P3 certificate goes to Harry who has been working hard and has made a great start with Accelerated Reader.

Good morning boys and girls,

Off we go for another week of home learning. I really appreciate the photos last week. It helped cheer Mrs Hughes and I up, we really do miss all the smiles. If you haven't sent us a photo yet please try to.


Primary 2 remember you are working on number bonds for 7.

Primary 3 you are working on number bonds for 16.

We would like to collect all the week 1 and week 2 packs in on Friday 22nd between 10am and 11am and we will have a new 2 week pack ready to collect. If any parent is not able to collect it then, that is no problem, we can arrange another time, just let us know.
Healthy Kidz have sent us some PE activities that will be good for us all to do. 

High Five Newsletter- 5 steps to Wellbeing - activities that will help families and pupils to physically, emotionally and mentally stay safe at this minute.

Story Time
Since we can’t be in class to read stories together I thought I would read one to you! You won’t be surprised that I have chosen my favourite book from my favourite children’s author, yes it’s ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson. Listen to the story and enjoy. The Gruffalo is written in rhyme, there are lots of rhyming pairs like mouse and house. Can you find any other rhyming pairs? There are lots!

The Gruffalo is an imaginary creature, can you use your imagination to make up a new creature? Maybe you could draw it and describe what it might look like and give it a name!


Still image for this video

Harry has built an amazing lego house and he has written a brilliant description. Harry you have included many facts in your best handwriting. Super work Harry!

Mina has been very creativie and designed an imaginary creature called 'Prickle Pie' for Mrs Hughes Gruffalo story. This is amazing Mina, so many details and features. I love the prickles on his back. I wonder what all those features do? Well done!

Louis has been reading lots of Julia Donaldson stories at home and he really enjoyed Mrs Hughes reading the Gruffalo story. Louis has been working on some taking away activities and he has been building a bird house. The little birds will be very glad of that house when the snow comes Louis! What a lovley milking parlour, it is very important to play as well. Well done Louis!

Joanna has made a house for her teddies using mega blocks. She also has been very busy with her ruler, measuring and drawing an upstairs and downstairs plan of her house. This is very detailed, neat and tidy. Well done Joanna!

Joanna has created a word document with different types of buildings. She did a great job cutting and pasting, re-sizing and labelling images. Brilliant ICT skills Joanna, well done!

The Daily Mile at Home

Looking for a way to stay active at home? Why not try The Daily Mile at Home? The Daily Mile at Home is an easy and fun way to help improve your physical and mental health & wellbeing.


Anyone can take part in The Daily Mile at Home – it’s just 15 minutes of walking, jogging or running per day. The Daily Mile can be done around the garden, in parks or on the street, but please do bear in mind government social distancing regulations. With the help of London Marathon, The Daily Mile have devised weekly challenges to keep you motivated check these out at Send your pictures and stories and if you are on twitter use the #DailyMileAtHome.



The Daily Mile at Home Core Principles



The #DailyMileAtHome



Easy. Head outside for 15 minutes of jogging or running at your own pace. You can do it right where you live – just choose a route that’s safe and mind you don’t trip on those pesky pavements.


If you’re new to The #DailyMileAtHome you might find it difficult the first time. That’s OK. Getting out of breath is good for you and you’ll get fitter and stronger the more you do The #DailyMileAtHome. There’s a ‘Scout’s pace’ challenge below that’s perfect for you – take a look!


Great, just one more thing. Stay safe. Listen to your grown-up when you are out and about. Keep a safe distance from other people. Wash your hands as soon as you get back home.




Scout’s pace is a great way to help you run further. All you need to do is: Run for 50 paces. Walk (or slow jog) for 50 paces and keep going! Change it up if you want – try doing 20 paces, or 30. See what works best for you!




 Can you spot any birds on your #DailyMileAtHome route?
You might see some in the sky. Or maybe resting in a tree. And if you can’t see any –

can you hear any? When you get home, see if you can find out the names of the birds you saw and let us know at #DailyMileAtHome





Imagine your #DailyMileAtHome is a big race in front of thousands of people. Imagine your final sprint to the finish, the crowd cheering loudly. Can you make your own finish line and

have your picture taken as you break through it? You decide what to use: paper, loo roll, cardboard…. Or something else!



Sam really enjoyed Mrs Hughes reading 'The Gruffalo' too! He has created a three eyed monster character. I wonder if he is a friendly character? Sam has been looking at his house plans and he was able to find his bedroom. Good work Sam, finding all the rooms using a birds eye view can be very difficult. Sam has made a brilliant machinery shed with red girders, just like his dad's. Well done Sam you have been very busy!

Kristofers has been working very hard at his desk doing his taking away and Study Ladder activities. He had a lovely walk with his sister and stopped to visit a very friendly donkey! Well done Kristofers.

Zoe and Grace have been out doing their Daily Mile and getting some fresh air! Well done girls, it's very important to get outside and exercise lots!

Harry has drawn an imaginary 'Seaweed Monster' and he has written a brilliant description! Well done Harry!

Isaac has baked this fantastic cake with his mummy. It does look delicious Isaac!

Jamie has been very busy playing in the snow with his brother Matthew, helping his mum bake and look after his little baby brother Joel and driving his new gator! Well done Jamie!

Joanna went for a walk with William and Rebecca, unfortunately they gathered up two bags of rubbish! Isn't it sad that some people don't want to take care of our lovely countryside? Well done the Hughes for doing your bit and being an example of Cortamlet Eco School.

Louis has been very busy using his imagination, he has made a monster called 'Gobble' . He has red lips, different coloured eyebrows, floppy arms and eats everything in sight!! Watch out Louis!

Lois has been busy making a Princess Monster and wrote a fantastic description of her. Lois has also been spending time with her lovely pony.