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Home Learning Week 6

Welcome to Week 6 of home learning everyone.  This is the last week of home learning before half term next week so let's have a great week of home learning before we get off for half term.  We don't have a new sound this week as we are revising all the sounds that we have done so far.  You have worked really hard with all your letter sounds and it's good to take a week to revise the ones we already know.  Use your sound cards to revise the sounds so that you can say the sound quickly without having to think hard about it.  If you know your sounds really well you could try to make some cvc (3 letter) words with your cards.  I'll put up a video here about making cvc words.  We watch this one in class and it's good to be able to sound out the words and guess what they might be.  

This will be the end of our topic on birds this week.  Don't forget to have a look at the birds nursery rhyme sheet and think about your favourite nursery rhyme.  I think my favourite is Two Little Dicky Birds.  I love the actions to that one!  Keep looking out and feeding the birds over the next few weeks as it is going to be really cold and the little birds need us to look after them.

I have put some Valentines crafts into your pack this week for some fun activities for you all.  I hope you enjoy them.  Don't forget to tell Mum and Dad how much you love them and thank them for helping you with your school work.  They are doing a great job!

Don't forget to send some pictures of what you have been up to this week, we love to see your happy faces.  Have a great week everyone.

The Reading Machine 1

It's a phonics reading machine to help teach kids to read.You can turn the volume down and let your children make the sounds themselves, You might need to pause the video when the sounds come up to give the children time to blend the sounds as it moves to the answer quite quickly.

Phonics - Learn to Read | Three Letter Words | Alphablocks

Here are the Alphablocks. You might recognise these from TV. They are a fun way to practise blending our sounds.

Puffin Peter

Our story this week is called Puffin Peter and it is about two friends. I really love this story when we do it in P1. We usually have a big painted puffin to go on the wall for a display and we do some art work on puffins. I wonder have any of you been to Rathlin Island to see the Puffins? That is on my bucket list, maybe this will be the year I do that. Enjoy this great story.

Chloe has been thinking about our sound from last week and making b b b buns.

Chloe is excited for Valentines Day and had a go at the valentines wreath craft. It looks really good Chloe, I know someone will really enjoy getting your wreath as a present. I love how you reuse a toilet roll tube to make a heart. Thats a really clever trick, you could make lots of hearts with that.

Grace wanted to make a Valentine card this week and she wanted to make it for a special place. Grace made her card for her old ward in hospital where she spent a lot of time last year. Grace added some photos of her taking part in her home learning and how she has been getting on since leaving the ward. I think the doctors, nurses and patients on the ward will really enjoy your card Grace. This was a lovely way to be kind and think of others.

Grace has been enjoying getting outside and making marks in the ice and snow.

Alice collected some leaves today and had a go at making the letter b with them. She also used her leaves to have a go at subtising. Look at how she has made sets of numbers to make 8.

Alice has been out and about exploring the tomb at Slieve Gullion. Have you ever been in the tomb? I wonder if you could find it when you get to the top. That was a great adventure Alice, there is lots to see from the top of Gullion.

Chloe recites 'Two Little Dicky Birds'

Still image for this video
This week we had to pick a favourite nursery rhyme from our bird topic. Chloe picked 'Two Little Dicky Birds' and she wanted to everyone to see how good she is at saying the rhyme. Well done Chloe, we love seeing you saying your rhyme!

Friday 12th February 

It’s hard to believe we have completed another week of home learning in lockdown. The weeks are flying by even when we aren’t in school. Thanks to everyone for all the work you have put into the learning packs, it’s a pleasure to mark your work.  Thanks also to mums and dads for helping to complete the packs, you have been doing a super job in difficult circumstances. Next week is half term and I really think you all deserve a break form learning at home. Have some fun next week and do something really nice without having to think about home learning or Study Ladder, you deserve it!  Whatever you get up to next week have a great time, stay safe and enjoy the break.  

The next two weeks learning packs will be available to lift at school on Monday 22nd of February from 10-11am. Let me know if that time doesn’t suit and we can arrange another time for you. 

Annie has been having a great week working on her learning pack. She really enjoyed the weight work this week and making valentines cards and presents for her familty. Those jelly sweets look great Annie, I can't believe you made them. I think Granny and Granda will love their presents.

Well done to our certificate winners this week in P1 and Busy Bees. Everyone’s a winner in our class!!