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Show and Tell

Picture 1 Rebecca brought in her teddy bear.
Picture 2 Lily was Poppy the troll!. Love the hair Lily!
Picture 3 Leah had her Generation doll and her little dog.
Picture 4 William was excited to show us his Grassmen dvd.
Picture 5 Harry and Pikachu!
Picture 6 Alexa showed us her Hatchemals.
Picture 7 Kalvin was an awesome elf!
Picture 1 Faith showed us her leotard for gymnastics.
Picture 2 Evie brought in her little drawer set.
Picture 3 Faye talked about her LOL dolls.
Picture 4 Alec had lots of skylander toys to show us.
Picture 5 Rhomany introduced us to Connie the Whale.
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8