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Primary 4/5

Welcome to Primary 4/5.  We are a very hard working class and we are always busy!  On Mondays some of us enjoy piano and woodwind lessons.  Tuesdays are really busy, we develop our football skills with Chris, have toast, library and then music with Gemma!  On Wednesday afternoons we have Art with Mrs Preston.  On Thursdays we learn Spanish with Marie-Anna and in the afternoon we have RE with Mrs Hughes.  On a Friday morning we develop our hockey skills with our coach Christine.  We also celebrate our weekly success with a special assembly.   

As part of our food and farming topic we made farm models.

Our trip to Tayto Castle.

Ieva won the Newry and Mourne Road Safety competition. Her entry has been chosen to appear in the 2018 calendar. We are very proud of her.

Ieva won the Newry and Mourne Road Safety competition.  Her entry has been chosen to appear in the 2018 calendar.  We are very proud of her. 1

Our trip to the Navan Centre. We had a fantastic time learning about egytian life, making head dresses and mummifying a pupil! Can you guess who it is??

Primary 4/5 are also taking part in a project along with James from the Amma Centre.  We are building a computer game.  We are looking at the story telling, characters, graphics, sound and format and structure of interactive games.  As part of this we have also had the opportunity to work with local artist Mary Murphy.  Both James and Mary visited school and we have really enjoyed the experiences.  Through the art project we created our own hieroglyph which we etched onto a copper plate.  This was an interesting and exciting process.  We dipped or copper plate into molten candle wax to create a protective film on it.  Them we used a sharp pencil to draw our design onto the copper.  We then dipped our plate into an acid bath, (salt water) and passed an electrical charge through the solution.  We left this for 5minutes. This allowed the acid to eat through the copper and etch our design onto the plate.  How exciting! Then we heated our plate using a hairdryer, wiped the wax off and polished the plate, ready for the next stage of using it to print with an old printing press.  We learned so much and had so much fun doing it.
Our art and Amma project continued this week and it was fantastic! We used our copper tiles to create prints on printing paper using ink and an old tome printing press.  We put on our old shirts and t-shirts, inked our tile with a roller, then put it through 2 cleaning processes and into the press.  It was a heavy job and required a lot of strength!  We are really pleased with the results.  We also used garage band on the ipad to create music to accompany our game- some had an Egyptian theme, while others preferred rock, pop or techno! We have lots of budding DJs in our class and thankfully headphones for everyone!  It was a really great day and we have developed so many skills over the weeks, it just keeps getting better and better! Again Mary and James led the sessions and we are enjoying working with them so much.