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Copy of Monthly Menu

Good Morning All,

I have attached the menu for April 21. It's a little different than normal in that this will be the menu I will be using from April until the end of June. The dates are down the right hand side off the menu, and we will be starting on week 3. This menu has been devised by Catering Services, and we have been asked to use it, giving feedback on how it works, so I would appreciate any comments you would have after we have completed a few weeks.

It lists salad choices on the left hand side. We plan on the days salad is on offer to have a choice of 2.  With time this will hopefully increase, although where meals are being delivered to classrooms this will remain limited. 

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me, hoping you all have a lovely Easter break, speak to you in April.

 Kind Regards Sharon

New Style Menu April - June 2021