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Benny's Adventures

We have a special friend in our room called Benny.  Benny sits up and watches the boys and girls working hard in class during the week then each Friday Benny goes home with someone. 


We take lots of photographs to show the other boys and girls what we get up to with Benny!

Charlie with Benny
Picture 1 Charlie and Benny got some yummy breakfast.
Picture 2 Charlie read Benny a story.
Picture 3 Charlie and Benny played Buckaroo!
Picture 4
Picture 5 Charlie and Benny played outside.
Picture 6
Picture 7 Benny loved the real tractor!
Picture 8
Picture 9 Charlie, Seth and Benny used the telescope.
Lily with Benny
Picture 1 Benny tried to eat some of Lily's breakfast!
Picture 2 Benny got a new hair cut!
Picture 3 Benny helped Lily to get some groceries.
Picture 4 Benny did some lovely colouring in.
Picture 5 Lily took Benny to get some lunch.
Picture 6 Lily and Benny went to the sweetie shop! Yummy!
Picture 7 Lily and Benny played in the sun.
Picture 8
Picture 9 Benny snored all night in Lily's bed!
Alfie with Benny
Picture 1 Benny helped Alfie to cut the garden.
Picture 2 Benny went with Alfie to feed the calves.
Picture 3 Benny and Alfie went to the park.
Picture 4 Alfie pushed Benny on the swing.
Picture 5 Alfie read Benny a bedtime story.
Philip with Benny
Picture 1 Philip showed Benny all around his house.
Picture 2 Philip read Benny a story about Jonah.
Picture 3 Benny drove Philip's tractor!
Picture 4 Benny is a great driver!
Picture 5 Adam helped Benny on the see-saw.
Picture 6 Philip brought Benny along to church.
Harry with Benny
Picture 1 Benny and Harry went to the park.
Picture 2 They enjoyed playing in the lovely sunshine.
Picture 3 Harry and Benny went through the tunnel together.
Picture 4 Harry took Benny to the swimming pool.
Picture 5 They watched Harry's sister in the pool.

Cerys with Benny

Cerys with Benny 1 Benny went to Cerys's birthday party.
Cerys with Benny 2 Benny helped Cerys to blow out her candles.
Cerys with Benny 3
Cerys with Benny 4
Cerys with Benny 5
Cerys with Benny 6
Cerys with Benny 7 Benny was pretending to be Anna!
Cerys with Benny 8 Benny helped Cerys to look after her pups.
Cerys with Benny 9
Cerys with Benny 10
Cerys with Benny 11 Benny enjoyed getting breakfast at Cerys's house.
Cerys with Benny 12
Cerys with Benny 13
Kalvin with Benny
Picture 1 Kalvin showed Benny all around his house.
Picture 2 Kalvin, Kim and Benny played with Kalvin's dog.
William and Benny
Picture 1 Benny helped William and his sister to make a wall
Picture 2 Benny made a fence for William's farm.
Picture 3 Benny and William painted beautiful pictures.
Picture 4 Benny and William made delicious shortbread.
Picture 5 William read Benny a bedtime story.
Ben and Benny
Picture 1 Benny gave Ben lots of hugs!
Picture 2 Benny helped Ben to draw at the Friday club.
Picture 3 Benny and Ben played beautiful tunes on the piano.
Picture 4 Benny and Ben kept warm by the fire.